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Hard Pills to Swallow

Truths that are Hard to Hear

By Niecee MayPublished 2 years ago 9 min read
Interesting point of view.

I can guarantee this is all unpopular information. However you cannot make changes if you don't rub someone the wrong way and stir the pot a bit to get things moving and people thinking. I know without a shadow of a doubt that people do not want to see or hear that they have been led astray. However, there is ample proof of this throughout history; people are told to look at things a set way and, "we're doing this for the good of ____" and lied to about the reasonings behind their truly terrible idea, but made to believe it is the best thing for them. Always these lead to the failing of an empire. Several examples of this in current history even; Time-change for example, I promise to elaborate later.

I have a hard time with this belief of, "All these ways of governing ourselves are all different, they are not the same...." This goes for religious views as well as political ones. No matter what you call the person in charge; President, King/Queen, Dictator, Pope, Chief; it is the same thing. You have one person "in power" to make decisions for the entirety of the "Village," no matter the size of the "Village." No mater what you call the person in charge, or how they have to go about making rules, they are still in charge making rules and often making rules about things they have no legitimate reason to make rules about. Rulers of countries and of religions will say in their own way and wording, "Our way is right and your way is wrong, I'm good and you're bad if you do not agree with me, I say this on _____ authority based on ____ reasonings." No mater how they word it, it is still the same meaning. Yet we follow blindly and never step back and look at the whole picture.

We all use some sort of form of payment, such as "Money", Gems, Gold, Precious Metals, animals, produce, blankets, etc. The list is never ending because no matter the system used, there is some form of exchange of goods in one "payment form" or another. For anyone to say this system is better or worse than another is wholly a matter of personal opinion. There are ways for several of these systems to work in parts and pieces; however as a whole we are no where near ready for that discussion. I'm noticing a theme here already.

For those of us in the United States, we need to look to our neighbors and learn from them about our selfish ways. For those of us in countries where we've looked down on the United States and those living there, shame on you, we should be one people united to heal our planet not making fun of each other. I understand we all have misconceptions about many things, including what we call ourselves. For those of us in power, Shame on you! Power is something that should be used lightly. People abusing that power should be ashamed of themselves. Being in charge of other peoples well being should not be something to say, "oh you cannot do ____ for whatever reason, oh well, too bad, figure out how to do it anyways you don't deserve help, you have to be special enough for that and well you just aren't."

Some places have it right in some things and some places are doing better than others in some respects. However we should be working together. Have you ever stopped to just pay attention to other animals? [News flash for those of you who haven't accepted the fact that we are animals, mammals specifically, well guess what, we are. We are covered in fur (that we just so happen to call hair) we give live birth, have lungs for breathing, and biological females produce milk for their newborns. WE ARE MAMMALS BY DEFINITION. However, I will not be getting into the biology vs phycology of genders and gender identities because we need more compassion in this world and NO ONE has time for that discussion.] We are the only species of animal that continues to do things that no other species does. We purposefully eat outside of our natural diet, causing digestive issues and weight/health problems, because we've been fooled into thinking it is normal. Yet when presented with proof that this is the case, we have decided it's too difficult to change so screw it we're going to complain about it but not do the thing that would fix it. We drink another mammals milk after the age of weaning, and no one knows why but still does it knowing it isn't natural or healthy, yet this is still supposed to make sense somehow....?

I said I promised to move forward with the time change bit. I'll keep my word. They said it was for the Farmers, but when you ask a farmer they have laughed, rolled their eyes and some have gotten mad. Time change DOES NOT help farmers. They still get up at the same time (with the sun extra early) but then the time has changed and now five o'clock clock out time is an extra hour of paid labor, Oh just end your day earlier then, are you kidding? The rest of the world decided to change what they are calling the time, s0 I now have to pay more out because of it? This is not helping them; Oh but it's an extra hour of productivity that is help. Nope still not true, they went from working 9-10 hour days to working 10-11 hour days. They are now even more tired. Well pay by the day then, but we decided that wasn't allowed, we have to pay by the hour. Well then make it be a salaried position, we cannot do that its basically summer work for Farmers, so I'd have to pay a salaried person all year because that's how that works. If as a farmer I'm making the bulk money in the summer and autumn months only how and why would I be paying someone in the winter and spring? There is no FAIR solution here. Take away time-change which is pointless anyways and then we all win again.

There is one way I can see "time-change" as helpful. IF and only IF it is considered "Winter Business Time". Meaning we get the extra hour for Winter driving safety time. Biggest reasoning, children and animal DO NOT adjust well to time change, they do not understand this made up concept of time in general, and especially not time changing. If I feed my dog every day at 08:00 and again at 17:00, they will be hungry at those times, now thanks to time changing if I follow the change that my dog doesn't understand, then I have now confused the poor thing; I'm not hungry yet or you're late feeding me so I'm starving and mad at you now. Neither of these makes sense.

Now I know by now you are probably begging me to elaborate on my choice of picture. I HATE the U.S. Electoral collage. This is another LIE they have made people believe. IT DOESN'T HELP ANYONE. This is the worst system I have ever watched fail. Yet USians LOVE and trust it because it makes voting "fair".... Excuse me? How? As the picture shows it is clearly flawed, but so is the lie that USians ONLY HAVE 2 candidates to choose from. The flawed belief that, "If I vote for someone who isn't one of 'THE BIG TWO' then it's a wasted vote" I wish I had even just a Nickle for every time I have heard that! With SSSSOOOOOO many of us feeling that way, if we all just voted how we wanted rather than the better of the two BOUGHT AND PAID FOR TWATS, we could actually vote in a worthy candidate. If OTHER candidates were allowed at the "Presidential Debates" instead of just the "BIG TWO" we wouldn't believe the BS that there's only these two. We have all this information (and sadly misinformation) literally at our finger tips and yet we chose to believe that truths are lies and lies are truths. The biggest problem I have here is these companies paying Politicians to say what they want them to and in return help them win. The money problem and the lies and deceit.

To go on further from these misinformation and failed understandings of truths; media resources. We want to believe that the media isn't bought and paid for. We should be able to trust the people claiming to report the news. We are told all the time that censoring the news and the like is wrong, and that journalists are supposed to be trustworthy. But then you hear/see/read things that are clearly false on some supposed "News" channel/site. Just like the Politicians you have "News" stations that are bought and paid for. They publish things that they are approved to publish because this company just gave them a huge donation and told them in order to keep this money you have to post this false information, which they just do. The right thing to do in this situation, look into the false information, finding out it is false return their money and tell them you refuse to do something so un-ethical and therefore cannot accept such a donation with such a condition attached to it. Oh but you shouldn't refuse money especially in times like we are living now. But at the cost of your integrity and good name? When people believe the lie you have spread because of money, then find out you lied to them for money, you lose. People stop trusting you and stop watching or reading your lies, because lie once and you might be forgiven, but often if you're willing to lie once you'll do it again, and if you'll lie for money then you aren't reputable news.

This brings a different point to light as well, bare with me a second while the connection isn't exactly *clear* initially. USians have been lied to for a long time about a lot of things. Work is one of the biggest. USians have the WORST labor laws. MOST are just suggestions (unless you're talking minors because we just cannot make a baby do this their just babies) once you hit adulthood, but wait who decided what age that is and how does that make sense? Did you know your brain isn't fully developed until you are 25? So hold on my rational thinking specifically isn't fully developed until I'm 25 years old and yet at 16 I can drive, 18 I can vote, 21 I can drink, but I cannot decide for myself much of anything according to government. Rules like a woman cutting her own hair, what time something can be sold, how long I'm allowed to be home with my brand new child, how many sick days I'm allowed to have. This is ridiculous. The fact that in the States there is a 40 hour work week while the rest of the world is at 30-35 hour work week. The fact that USians have a basically non-existent maternity and paternity leave, and are considered "lucky" to be paid for it, should be extremely concerning. Children require a lot of care and time. Leaving your brand new baby in the care of someone else is stressful and counter productive. The best point in all of this, it takes a full 9 months to fully potty-train a child from birth, and yet USians are expected to be back to work as early as immediately and as late as 12 weeks after birthing, without pay, otherwise they lose their position. Corporations punish women for doing what their biological bodies are designed for and meant to do, yet if a woman doesn't have children she hasn't fulfilled her biological duty as a woman? Where are these wires crossed and how is it we are supposed to find this in any manner fair?

I will bring this all to an end with this final thought, as USians we have the right laid out in our all prized, old age laws, "The Constitution" to rise against injustice. We have the right to fight these wrong doings ad wrong doers, but have been led to believe that we cannot do anything "because I'm just one voice." Yet if you look through history there is plenty of proof that IT ONLY TAKES ONE VOICE to start a revolution. It take ONE voice to start something HUGE! One person CAN and WILL make a difference. The real question is will it be YOU? Will you stand up and be the change you want to see in this place?


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Niecee May

I'm a Mom of two boys, and I have a love of literature. I'm an open book and love reading and writing. I started writing around age 10. I like the term Dragon Mom as I hoard Books.

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