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Great Valentine's Day Gifts for Unromantic People

Yes, it's possible to find great Valentine's Day gifts for unromantic people that don't involve tube socks.

By Sasha KonikovoPublished 6 years ago 5 min read

Valentine's Day is the time when people end up giving flowers, heart-shaped chocolates, and adorable teddy bears to the ones they love. Unfortunately, not everyone out there wants to get a stuffed bear that will collect dust, or worse, a pile of chocolates that will pack on the pounds.

As bad as it can sound to romantics, there are some very, very unromantic people out there. But that doesn't mean that you have to assume they don't want a gift on Valentine's Day. Everyone likes gifts, and the truth is that even the unromantic can enjoy a nice date night once in a while.

Having trouble finding a great gift for that special person who just so happens to have the romanticism of a dead fish? Trust me, I understand that—folks like that are not an easy gift selection to make.

These awesome Valentine's Day gifts for unromantic people are useful, enjoyable, and very wise options when you're looking to get a spark going on date night.

One of the smartest Valentine's Day gifts for unromantic people who still want to feel the warm and fuzzies is a gift to Blue Apron. Blue Apron basically acts as both a cooking lesson and "date night in a box."

This is a useful gift in the sense that it cuts down on food bills and teaches a skill they can use every day. It's also foolproof, since your recipient gets to choose which recipes they get delivered to them. You get food, they get a present—it's a win-win.

Similar food delivery services also might be worth a look-see, if you don't find a good option there.

Yes, jewelry technically falls under romantic gifts, but this isn't the classic "diamond necklace" type thing that you would find on a typical Valentine's Day gift list, is it? Nope—it's just a nice, spiritual necklace that also doubles as a lightly personalized option.

If your partner is the type who would celebrate Valentine's Day with a trip to their yoga studio, you'll understand why this is one of the smarter Valentine's Day gifts for unromantic people out there.

Let's say that you have a friend who's aromantic and asexual, okay? (Feel free to refer to this list article on gender and sexual orientations, if you don't understand what this means.) Believe it or not, aromantics still enjoy getting Valentine's Day gifts. If you want to check out the best Valentine's Day gifts for unromantic people who just so happen to be aromantic in nature, this pride flag would be it.

It shows that you embrace your friend's sexuality in full, and that you support them to be as non-romantic as can be. After all, Valentine's Day is about love—and sometimes love just isn't romantic.

Have a crafty partner who loves a glass of wine? If so, you'll quickly understand why this is one of the most romantic Valentine's Day gifts for unromantic people. It's a great date night wine—and it also goes wonderfully with steak.

This allows you and your partner to make wine together, and also drink it together. Wine is romantic, making it? Well, we're not so sure. Either way, it's a utilitarian gift that will make them happy as a clam.

If you're looking for one of the better date night games that will have both of you (and maybe your friends) laughing in tears, then the uncensored version of the smash hit 5 Second Rule is a good choice to look into.

Much like a great V-Day gift should, this game has a little bit of X-rated humor and a lot of potential for quality bonding time. If your partner has a raunchy sense of humor and hates long, drawn-out speeches, they'll love this game.

Now, with a name like Giant Microbes, you can probably guess what this company is known for making, right? In case you're not sure, they make stuffed animals in the forms of giant disease microbes. Their Tainted Love box gives you an oddly-adorable set of five plushies based on the appearance of STD microbes.

Syphilis never looked cuter, and neither has HPV. Don't you just want to squeeze them? That's why it's one of the best Valentine's Day gifts for unromantic people.

This might also be a good way to start an awkward conversation about sexual health, so depending on how badly your love life has been going, you can kill two birds with one stone.

Nothing quite says "I love you" like snack foods—at least, for the unromantic types. If your partner would roll their eyes at chocolates but start drooling at popcorn, you'll understand what a great idea a subscription box filled with snack foods will be as a Valentine's gift.

It's a gift that keeps on giving in the form of healthy, crunchy treats, and that's what makes this one of the best Valentine's Day gifts for unromantic people and romancers alike.

Are you sick of seeing all those stupid Valentine's Day gifts covered in pink? Does your partner hate the color pink, or just want to show their own unique gender expression?

WildFang created one of the coolest wearable Valentine's Day gifts for unromantic people who want to speak out against the commercialization and gender-stereotyping holiday. It's an embrace of gender fluidity, a way to raise your middle finger to the gender stereotypes that V-Day tends to carry, and an excellent article of clothing.

Speaking as a non-binary person, this is one of the most epic Valentine's Day gifts for unromantic people and romantic folks that dislike gender constructs.

If there's one show that's become known for being unromantic (hint: "LICK FOOT!" "NO LICK FOOT!") but fun regardless, it's Bob's Burgers. Every fan of this show also knows that Bob Belcher makes a burger of the day based on a pun.

This cookbook is filled with great recipes that allow you to bring the fictional world of Bob's Burgers to life. For fans of the show, that's a pretty epic thing to see.

If you're looking for one of the best Valentine's Day gifts for unromantic people in need of a date night, then why not choose to stream a movie on Amazon together? The Girl with All the Giftstakes a surprise twist on standard zombie movies and will keep them guessing every step of the way.

It's chilling, spooky, and has Glenn Close being terrifyingly realistic in it. That makes it a great date night movie for the folks who hate rom-coms with a passion, and it's one of the only date ideas that won't break the bank—even if you are on a super-strict budget.

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