Good Guys

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In the form of Heroes and Love

Good Guys
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I've never enjoyed the idea that superhero's usually end up alone because the people they love are always caught in the cross fire. It supports the idea that nice guys finish last. I also don't understand or fully support the idea of a villain finding a partner in crime that may also be a love interest, being a good woman with an ill minded man and the same vise versa. The way the world works they expect us to be following this unrealistic guideline that we can’t be loved and do whats best for everyone at the same time, but, apparently you can be loved while selfishly fighting for your own glory and power. It makes no sense, but it could be that humanity shaped it in this sick minded manner. I don't know if i'd like to think of myself as this unbalanced yet balanced yin and yang representation. So I feel very undeserving of love even though I find myself giving love more often than not often.

I feel as though the world is just not ready to understand the concept that the good guy deserves more and that the good guy could actually be better off with having and maintaining a love interest while taking on the job of saving the world. It just seems unfeasible and incapable of doing when you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. Being a good guy comes with many different suits, many different shapes and forms, obviously, so some good guys dabble a little more in how to respect women and so it’s about more than the money he spends on her. Unfortunately, some good guys know how to take care of her, respecting her boundaries and all of the sorts of respect that is taken for granted when its literally the basics to loving and caring for a woman. Being a good guy varies but in some rare cases you find the good guys that can do it all. They usually don't look twice at a female because they stored all of their hunting energy into nesting and developing themselves. Good guys and good girls are usually the easiest to find but the hardest to hold one's attention. So in some weird way it still follows the concept that we get in the way of our own love story just like superheroes because we feel it's better for everyone involved. Lost is one of those pains that don't heal with nothing but time, and the amount of time varies for everyone, some people never heal from it at all.

The one thing that I think everyone needs to be aware of is that the last place is not the worse place to be in competitions or even in life, you're most likely to be the underdog and always have and maintain room to grow and to learn from the people's mistakes ahead of you. Everyone says to save the best for last or even last but certainly not least when introducing someone in the runner up position or just last place, and they do it for a reason. You don't get the boost in life by jumping into things when you're not ready, so in a way if you're a good guy and you think you're going to finish last than that's okay, you're going to get somethings better than you could ever imagine. Patience is a virtue and unfortunately we all know how it feels to rush a decision or a trip or anything in life. If you're not a hundred percent certain or ready the results will show. People rush into marriages and relationships all the time and then regret it, because they found out something about their partner that they didn't know before, which could have been avoided if you moved in a year before the wedding date, or if you became friends first and then lovers, if you made him wait for the cookie out of the cookie jar a few more dates after the first date. these situations seem very evil and toxic to us, our partners seem to be controlling because we were unaware of the evil we laid next to at night. It's not about testing the other persons genuine nature, but more so about pacing one's self. So if good guys finish last and thats the price I'd have to pay to be a superhero then "jet you betcha" I'll take it. You always save the best for last which means you'll have time to prepare and cycle through other ways to manage your sexual energy to prosper in more important areas of your life, so that you don't have to choose between the weight of the world and love. Like salmon on a plate with potato salad and corn, your probably going to eat the salmon to savor its flavor longer even after you're done eating.

I guess i'm glad to be a good girl because now I have nothing but time on my hands to recompose myself to acquire greatness and to become a better eligible bachelorette. I wouldn't want a rushed relationship or marriage, just to feel better about having someone when I don't even feel good about myself because then I would feel like the bad guy, putting down a lover because they are putting me down for not being better and then we'd be toxic by cause and effect. As a good girl, I say to you finish last, it's all right and take your time, you're the treasure and you deserve a fitting chest to hold you at night. Stay good and stay bright, good guys and girls, all superheroes unite. Don't dim your light for what's missing and just focus on what you still have.

- JadedAge

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