Going Out

by Maria Ayala 3 months ago in dating

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Going Out

This happened to me a while ago: being set up and then let down. Being asked out and then dropped like boiling oil. She seemed innocent enough. She told me she liked going to church on Wednesdays. She told me she had two older sisters. She seemed normal. I was wrong.

It was sometime after I finished massage school that I met her. I graduated from Mueller College of Holistic Studies in October of 2008. I am a certified HHP and Reiki Practitioner. Six months later, however, I injured my back, and gained weight. But that will be another story for another blog in the near future.

So, at the time, I had a crush on a girl who refused to give me the time of day. What I didn't know was that one of her friends, Miranda, set up a blind date with me. She secretly kept the fact that she was friends’ with Cynthia, from me. So I was gonna meet Miranda, on a blind date, and when I was ready to go, all of a sudden, she said, she had to help a friend move.

Sure, yeah, right. Unless she was helping her friends' ex-wife move out, she wasn't helping anybody move out. At the time, however I didn't know that the girl I had a crush on, Cynthia, was getting divorced. Everyone kept that a secret from me. I was the last one to find out. I insisted she pick me up. She was not gonna make me wait, and wait, with nowhere to go.

So by the time we got to the restaurant, I was starving. She was trying to trick me into going somewhere else. She wanted to go to Joe's Crab Shack. I saw the look on her face. I saw the satisfied smile on her face. I said no. I had a bad feeling about it. It was as if I knew she was setting me up. Since I suspected we had acquaintances in common, I refused to go there. I didn't want to give her the satisfaction of putting me in an embarrassing situation. What if she was friends with the girl I had a crush on? What if Cynthia was there at that place with a date? What if Cynthia had convinced Miranda to play along, and help her make me jealous? Cynthia must have thought I would make a scene. Maybe she thought I would run out. Cynthia never got to find out what I would do.

I never went. I could smell the stench of a set up. It was written all over Miranda’s face. I still can’t believe that Miranda was stupid enough to think that I would not figure it out. Talk about insulting my intelligence. I guess Cynthia must have convinced Miranda that I would never be the wiser. Neither of them have any common sense. That’s what they get for underestimating me.

I knew something was up. I was reading Miranda's energy, and it was bad. All bad.

I told her I wanted to go to the Japanese place. Miranda proceeded to tell me, that she borrowed her sister's car, a black Mercedes, to take me out. Interesting. My friend Benny's girlfriend, also drove a black Mercedes. Coincidence? No way. She was also friends with that couple, a detail that Miranda had kept to herself. Why was it such a big secret?

Needless to say, I had been so hungry, that when I got home, I was still hungry. I suspected she kept all of her friends a secret from me. What she didn't expect was that I already knew what she was up to. Why do people always underestimate me? It must be because I'm fat. They think I am a push over. They don't learn, until it's too late.

How does it work?
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