Maria Ayala

I started writing poetry at age 12.  I am from San Diego, California.  My birthday is on May 30th. Please contribute to my blog.  I also create videos for the Tom Ellis Fan Page on facebook.  Looking forward to watching Lucifer on Netflix!!

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Don't Let
17 hours ago
3 PM, Thursday, 04/18/19 Your eyes were the blue drink Surprise cupid gave me to taste. The blue cloud, haze, Golden glitter dust, from your hair to land on my Vast lesbian dessert past. A Heaven sent...
19 hours ago
10:30 AM, Sunday 07/14/19 I didn't expect to meet you. I wasn't looking for someone new. I was attracted to you, immediately. You were too. You said you hope it works out for me. I hope so too. Locati...
Lazaro Bride
7 days ago
Lazaro is one of my favorite designers. His style is unique. It is a classic, romantic style. If you prefer a less-is-more style for your wedding, Lazaro is the designer for you.
11 days ago
Thank you for thinking of me. I didn't expect it. Thank you for the tasty gifts. They are really big. Spicy gifts, wrapped in ancient sauce. Thank you for trying to come close to me. Thank you for und...
Going Out
15 days ago
This happened to me a while ago: being set up and then let down. Being asked out and then dropped like boiling oil. She seemed innocent enough. She told me she liked going to church on Wednesdays. She...
Mrs. Big
18 days ago
You are made of fire. Your flames inspire me. When I saw you leave, I felt so lonely without you. The red and silver hold your coffee. I can see your soul when I look into blue pools of water you call...