Get the Right Man with Color Psychology

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Color Psychology can help you attract the man of your dreams... And here's how!

Get the Right Man with Color Psychology

Have you ever wondered why red roses are so popular in the world of love? Or why it seems so important to get your outfit or your makeup just right? Well, it all comes down to color psychology. Whether you're new to dating, just getting back out there, or experienced, this is a great read for anyone trying to attract the perfect man!

What is Color Psychology?

Color psychology is the art of combining colors to enhance or invoke certain emotions. By using it, you can persuade people to buy products or approach you. You can change the way that others perceive you, and even the way you perceive yourself! In this article, you'll find how to attract the type of man that you think only reside's in dreams.

If you're tired of attracting the wrong men or are having too many unsuccessful dates, I strongly suggest you continue reading. Because we're about to go into how colors, as ridiculous as it sounds, can help.

How can color psychology help me find love?

First, you need to determine if you are exuding self-confidence and independence. I know, I know, this isn't about attracting anyone, this is about you. But it all comes down to you. If you're attracting the wrong men, it could very well be that you aren't exuding confidence and independence. You don't have to live on your own and be completely self-sufficient to exude this or feel this way.

Men who are, for lack of better words, douche-wads, normally are attracted to meek-looking women. Women who look like they've been in other relationships with douche-wads and let them get away with acting like that. This doesn't mean you look haggard or unattractive, but in order to attract a decent and secure man, you need to feel confident. You need to know what you deserve, and demand it! No decent man wants a woman who walks around with her head down acting like a dog (I would know, because this was me).

Ok, Enough. I get it. What colors exude these things then?

Ok, we've gone over all the Why's. Now it's time for the How's.

First, the most obvious color is red. Dark red, bright red; they both exude a daring, sensual side of you that you may have a hard time showing. This is a color that almost screams that you have a bright personality and are self-confident.

Another color that's great to attract a good man is purple. Dark purple (almost mauve or brown) lips, or light or dark eye's and clothes are a great way to invoke the assumption that you have a bit of mystery about you. This is also a powerful color to show self-sufficiency and confidence. Use darker purple to show more self-confidence, and light purple to exude a more feminine side.

(All men love a good mystery, and the right man will enjoy solving it; piece by piece. Once you feel good and mysterious, you will be less likely to divulge a lot of information all at once if this was a problem for you before, like it was for me.)

Pink is a great color as well. Light pink and bright pink both give out that sensual and feminine touch to you. Aside from this, it also creates the assumption that you are sensitive and nurturing, which decent men appreciate.

Gold is a great color, especially for those of us with dark eyes. With gold eye shadow or clothing, it lightens our eyes which make them seem more mysterious and wondrous. It also promotes the idea that we are loyal and caring.

I don't suggest the color yellow for those with fair to light/medium skin, because it can wash out your color, but if you are of darker skin this is a great color to use! It shows others that you are optimistic and bright. However, it can also be known to sometimes invoke the sense that you are a bit unrealistic, so be careful. Stay away from excessively bright yellows and the dark yellows.

The last color I will give you is orange. Orange demands attention, shows a warm personality, and promotes the idea that you are both courageous and social. Be careful to stay away from neon oranges and go for more muted oranges, such as light or dark.

Using these colors in your routine, and taking into account the type of man you want to attract and what he's looking for, can get you out of the same routine if you date jerks, or into the arms of the right man. We all deserve to be treated as beautiful people and with respect. Don't settle for less. Start feeling better about yourself. With color psychology, it's as natural as your daily routine.

How does it work?
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