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FWB Tinder - The First Tinder Alternative for Friends With Benefits

by Car W. 3 years ago in dating
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Let’s take a look into FWB Tinder, and why it is the tinder alternative that you have been waiting for.

Friends with benefits (FWB) relationships have been around since the beginning of time. Many people have just been nervous to talk about these casual relationships over fear of being judged. This is why so many traditional dating websites popped up on the internet before any FWB dating sites appeared.

Now that society has time to adjust, there has been a great advancement in dating websites. FWB Tinder was released. This website is the first Tinder alternative for those who are seeking friends with benefits relationships. Before you consider joining the website though, it is important that you understand a bit about it.

Let’s take a look into FWB Tinder, and why it is the tinder alternative that you have been waiting for.


FWB Tinder comes jam-packed with features. One of the first features that you will see is the traditional user browsing section where you can determine whether or not you find someone attractive. Just like with Tinder, other users won’t be able to get ahold of you until you both match with each other. In a world where people are constantly looking for sex, this can help you to avoid messages that you don’t want to receive.

Hot or Not

A fairly unique feature for the website is the Hot or Not section. In this section you help to vote users for whether they are not or not to you. This section adds a whole new dynamic to the site.

Chatrooms and Live Cams

Chatrooms and member webcams have also made interacting with those who are looking for a friends with benefits relationship even easier. Users are able to interact anywhere in the app in multiple different methods. For those that want more, they can use video. For those that want to be able to start slow, chatrooms are a great option.

FWB Blog

The FWB Tinder Blog is a great place to turn. A lot of helpful information is available to users around the world. Taking the time to read the blog won’t just help you to improve your skills, but help you to thoroughly understand the world of FWB relationships.

A most importantly, the whole website is mobile friendly. You can login from any device to check your messages or interact with users in any other way.


Before joining any dating website, it is important to understand how many users you are going to encounter, and what kind of user you are going to encounter. FWB Tinder is meant for both men and women from around the world to join the app and find at least one friend with benefits. Users on the website are all looking for the same thing, this simplifies the process, but also makes the user base friendlier with each other.

The exact number of users on FWB Tinder isn’t published. What we do know is that the website has plenty of users. More people are joining every day, giving you a better chance of finding someone who is a good match for you.


Signing up for an account of FWB Tinder is completely free. You can make your account and start filling out information without having to pay a cent. Most people expect this to be where we say that you have to pay a certain amount of money in order to be able to use key features. No, FWB Tinder is also great, because it is a free platform. You can join for free and use the various features without paying.

User Reviews

You can find FWB Tinder mentioned across the internet. It is a great alternative to an app that was never designed to be so versatile. The creators wanted to make a place for those who desire alternative relationships to could come together. Since then, it has exploded. People have yet to complete comprehensive reviews, but from what we have seen, the website is much loved.

Finding a friend with benefits relationship used to be incredibly hard. Now that FWB Tinder is out there, more and more people have been able to find the partner they are looking for. Some have been able to find more than one. Being free to sign up for FWB Tinder means that there is no harm in trying.


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