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by Brianna Mota 2 years ago in divorce
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Leaving the virtual world behind is impossible for some.

Real life has no meaning

Obadiah and Lana dated each other for many years online until one day they met face to face and both of them felt that the love they had for each other was real. For a time, they were inseparable, and they married.

Slowly over time, Obadiah started to change, started to spend less time with her and increased the amount of time he spent online in a virtual world game where things in there looked very real. The Avatars looked flawless in every way physically.

One day out of the blue she walked into the room that he was using to play the virtual world game, but this time she didn’t stay at the door she entered and stood right beside him and watched what was on his screen before he could do anything to change the screen or stop her. She saw two Avatars being very loving and sensual and having virtual physically descriptive sex right there on the screen in front of her. It looked like a cartoon porn movie and it was his Avatar named Frost as he had shown her before and he was with a female Avatar. In this virtual world game, every Avatar had a real human behind it, it wasn’t playing with the computer like some other games, and Lana knew this. This was the beginning of the end for Obadiah and Lana.

He logged off and said that he wouldn’t do it again and promised he wouldn’t go back on, so she gave him another chance, as she loved him very deeply. For a while, he spent a little more time with her, but not as much as at the very beginning.

After work one day Lana and Obadiah were talking in their bedroom, and all of a sudden he got a phone call. He looked at the number and asked her to say nothing and that he would explain after, so she agreed as she was curious of who was calling and why. He had moved from another state, had no friends here, and didn’t seem like he wanted to make any. He answered the phone call, Lana could hear a woman’s voice, and he was friendly, maybe too friendly. Alarm bells started to ring in her head. She looked at her watch and since she wanted to see how far he would go with this. He was on that call for an hour and not once did he say he was with his wife together in their bedroom at the time. When Lana was about to say she was his wife loud enough so that the woman on the cell could hear he hung up abruptly, and all hell broke loose. She realized that he was still in contact with the women from the virtual world, but now they chatted on his cell with him. As we all know there are a multitude of sites that they could hook up on without being in that virtual world, but Lana was no longer sure she could trust him as he broke his word to her and kept sexting with these women.

She was heartbroken, and in her mind, many things started to make sense and the realization that both the virtual world and these women that called him on his cell phone were the reason that he no longer spends time with her or does anything at all to help around the house. Over time Lana had become his slave, good only to clean and make food. Intimacy and sex was reserved for the women in the virtual world or sexting on his cell phone. All he could see was the perfect Avatars from the virtual world and no human alive could compete with that no matter how perfect physically they were as everyone has flaws of some kind. The fact that they shared the same bedroom only to sleep but never touched now was explained. The name of Frost in his virtual world now made perfect sense. He was ice cold to the core, and she realized that he was incapable of feeling real love as all he wanted was to acquire and after that when the novelty wore out it was all over and he would move onto the next one. She cried herself to sleep every night with that realization and she couldn’t remember the last time he had touched her, even holding hands felt like holding a roommate’s hand and not a lover’s.

Lana tried to fix her marriage in the hope that he still had some feelings for her, and tried to have him agree to seek help for his obsession or their marriage, but he would have none of it as he said: “if you make me go talk to them I will only tell them what they want to hear and I’ll do whatever I wish later”. She got help books so that they could read them together or he could read them. For a while, it seemed that he was changing, and one day she was cleaning and his cell phone slipped and opened to a chat he had with another woman. Lana saw a chat of him and a slut. Lana couldn’t help scrolling up to see what they had written to each other and she saw the interaction of that slut wanting him to "take her" in a dirty bathroom stall at his work because he was a janitor for a local post office. The text went on to describe what he would do to her in very vivid details. Lana came to find out that the slut was married and she played the sexual slave that wanted to be taken by force, and it seemed that they had been at it for a long time in the virtual world game with Frost, even before Lana met Obadiah, they knew each other, and he had moved the relationship from the virtual game to real life.

When this came to light, Obadiah told Lana that the slut was a married woman and that she would never leave her husband due to how wealthy he was and she wouldn’t leave the lap of luxury for anyone, not even Obadiah, but then again this is what Obadiah told Lana. He also told Lana that the slut knew that he was married now, but it was obvious that this fact didn’t stop them. He wouldn’t allow Lana to call the other woman a slut in his presence because of how he felt for her. There was no excuse for his behaviour towards Lana, as she had never betrayed him in any way nor did she ever even look at another man since she had met Obadiah. They talked for a while and time passed and things started to look like he would change, again.

Valentine’s day came, Obadiah took Lana out to a restaurant and they both had a wonderful time, and when she suggested that they go see a movie or just walk on the beach or do anything together he said “I want to get home” he had said this with a sense of urgency, and Lana could do nothing but agree to go home. It was like she was keeping him from something more important than she was. Later Lana went into the game and with the time stamp, she saw pictures taken of both Avatars him and a slut having sex dressed in sexy Valentine’s clothes taken that very night after the restaurant where it had seemed that he was enjoying himself with Lana. Lana’s hopes were crushed once more.

Since the beginning of their relationship he had given her gifts mostly for all the main Holidays and main events, and sometimes for no reason, but this meant nothing to Lana as all she wanted was real love from the man that she loved, which he kept from her, and he knew she loved him. He kept all tenderness and love out and away from her, and when any words of love came out of his mouth, she knew that it meant nothing. When she looked into his eyes, she could tell that she was nothing to him now.

Over time she had also gone into his virtual world game and kept tabs on him and who he was with. During the time they were married, he had married several women in the game and had many sex slaves as well. It occurred to Lana that Obadiah had so many because when he would get tired of one, he would say he lost internet connection and go back online with a different Avatar or Alt as it was referenced in that virtual world game, and he had many Alts in this game. She saw firsthand how he cheated on her in the virtual world with all these women, and sadly she could see that he had most probably lied to all of them. He was addicted to this virtual world and if he could, he would rather live in that virtual world than in real life with her or anyone else.

Once Lana even spoke to one of his slut in the virtual world that knew who Lana was and that Obadiah was married to her in real life, and she went out of her way to tell and show proof to Lana of how Obadiah’s Avatar and hers had sex every day and she was very explicit, malicious even.

Once Lana’s mother overheard Obadiah speak to his best man about how he was only waiting for Lana’s father to die so he could take control of everything, and something about rat poison in the food. Then he stopped eating with Lana and her parents. At some point, after he stopped touching her, he even stopped bathing. He would get mad at her if she asked him to bathe. His personal hygiene went seriously downhill. Once she took his pants to wash and she found what looked like tiny worms crawling on his pants. This prompted her to move him into another room since he wouldn’t bathe.

Lana realized that it was all over and there was nothing more that she could do to save her marriage, not that it really mattered at this point as she was convinced that he wished her ill as well as her parents. It was clear that Obadiah didn’t love her at this point and all that he wanted was Lana’s inheritance.

Soon after that, he was served with divorce papers and he ran back to his state and his best man. He knew he was guilty. Lana was surprised in court during the divorce proceeding when the judge cleared the room of all non-court personal and heard Lana recount her story. Obadiah was a "no show" and Lana was awarded her divorce that very same day. Finally free from Frost, who was so obsessed with his virtual world game that he destroyed the love and married only because all he saw was the perfect avatars in the virtual world and not the people behind the avatars and so ended Lana’s relationship with Frost. It was then that Lana realized that Frost suited him perfectly as he was a heartless and shallow man.


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