Friends For Life

This Guy

Friends For Life

This guy. Right here. Where do I even attempt to begin?

He’s without a doubt, hands down, the most consistently reliable and longest friend I ever had.

It’s crazy when I really sit back and think about I am at 46 years old, just happen to be in BFE Texas and when the shit hit the fan, I gathered intelligence to find out I just happen to have a savior near by and its none other than one of my longest lasting friends from back in middle school, someone I just clicked with since the first time we met at a party long ago at the bbq pit where the food was at, lol! We both had the munchies and we went to town on a pig roast and all the fixings.... I’ve called him my friend ever since.

We’ve grown through the years. Wiser. More mature... (wait! No we’re not) and I found out only a day or two ago in listening him reminisce that we both have entirely different memories from all our adventures throughout the years. LOL😂

The sweetest, most thoughtful, reasonable, approachable, responsible person I’ve ever had the pleasure to be graced with his regal presence in my life, Chris (refrigerator aka Tator) Aguirre.

I got myself in a situation down yonder in Texas and when I finally made the call, he didn’t hesitate even for a minute to commit to my rescue.

Did I mention for reasons I’ll never fully comprehend, we lost contact with each for about 12 years and all it took was a phone call. That’s it, even after not seeing/speaking to each other and not being on the best of terms since that last pivotal moment so long ago and he still answered my SOS.

His cue to jump in action, in typical Fridge (aka tater tot) spirit.

I can’t even begin to formulate proper sentence in which to articulate the words in which would do diligence (and I’m a writer, a natural wizard of words, so that’s saying a lot) in a way that really conveys how absolutely blessed and beyond thankful I am to know this great man.

He’s the real folks.

He’s my tried and true, my ride or die, Mr. Down for Whatever, he didn’t hesitate to jump into ninja mode and swoop me up like a Mexican Bruce Lee😘😜

‘‘Tis a lucky girl I am indeed to be able to call him my brother from another mother.”

Bless his pure heart. I am fixing up his house and making it a home for him while I’m here.. and tonight after we drank beer and ate pizza on the back patio, he was supposed to be going inside to get some laundry so we could take it to his complexes wash room and get it done... he went in and I waited... and waited... and smoked while waiting... until I finally got up to see what in the heck the hold up was.. and there he is, all worn out from the Daily Bump -N- Grind.

I woke him and told him to get to bed!

As I’m washing his laundry, the thought occurs to me how I just saved his ass and I wonder how he’s made it this far, all this time without me? (snicker, snicker) lawd knows I’m aware of what’s entailed when you’re like family to this guy, after all I’m the one who nursed him back to health and became his housekeeper when he was in his roll over accident way back in the Summerfield Road days of Michigan.

Anyways, I just wanted to give ole

Mr. Snores A LOT a SHOUT OUT!

He’s one of a kind and my REAL LIFE IN LIVING COLOR HERO😘

He needs a girlfriend <hint,hint>

I washed the laundry he needed done for tomorrow, put everything away, organized his living room and bedroom and moved the furniture around, chalk painted the patio furniture, cleaned the kitchen, counters and cupboards, unpacked boxes, mopped the floors, swept the carpet, the bathroom is white once again👌

He comes home at night since I’ve been here and cooks for me. That’s one thing about this Mexican, he’s knows good food! And he can bbq with his lil grill like a BOSS!

And god when we get together we are some funny fuckers. We laugh sometimes so hard it makes my belly muscles hurt; like for instance yesterday we were in his mini van (yes a mini van SMH.. he loves it because it’s roomy kinda like the suburban and it fits him, lol.) well, anyway, he was barking orders at me and I just looked over at him from the passenger seat and said “DUDE. STOP or your new nickname is gonna be DickTATOR”😘😂😘😂 we shared a good ole knee slapper with that one!

If you have a friend that is tried and true blue like this, you should make it a point to tell them how much you appreciate them. Let them know they’re valued and loved, needed and adored because this life is so fragile and in these chaotic and uncertain times, it can all be gone (we can be gone) in the blink of an eye. Nothing in this life is guarantee. Some people never get the chance to share such a special bond with another person on such a completely soulful (NOT SEXUAL) level and if you’re blessed like me to have something so rare, don’t take them for granted.

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Annelouise Morgan
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