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For Her

by Gloria Saenz 5 years ago in love / breakups
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Falling for Her

The Meeting 

I never thought I would do this to myself for a girl I love, but this isn't just any girl. It's a girl I will do anything for; her name is Gia Payne... WHOA...WHOA! I'm getting a head of myself. Let me start from the beginning.

Well, I'm going to tell you about my senior year at Rocky Mountain High School.

My name is Marcel Rodriquez, but everyone just calls me Mars. I'm captain of the football, soccer, and wrestling team. I'm a pretty popular and fit guy; I'm an only child. I never see my parents because they are always working. My father, Jacob Rodriquez, is the CEO of Black Dot industry and my mother, Brittany Rodriquez-Martinez, is the Vice President. They are never home because they are always gone on business. I have a few friends I wouldn't be able to live without. My best friend, Myles Stiles. I tell him everything and do everything with him. When people see us together they act like it's a normal day, but when they see just one of us, they ask "where is your 'pic'?" (partner in crime). We just laugh every time we hear someone say that. Then I have Ricardo Tomlinson, he is the guy that always makes us laugh no matter how bad our day is going. If I'm not with Myles or Ricardo, I'm with my lady Alexia Defoe. Everyone tells me she is cheating on me and every time I confront her she blames me for not spending more time with her. We argue all the time over dumb things; I always think I should break up with her, but it feels like I can't be alone yet. I think, I'm the captain of mostly every sport so what girl wouldn't want to date me? I feel I can make my relationship with Alexia work so we wouldn't have to throw away the two years we spent together, but once I find out she is really cheating it's over for sure, no second thoughts. I'll find out next weekend because today is Monday and she is always right next to me every weekday. As I walk down the hall with my friends we see a couple fighting.

“Just leave it alone, it is none of your business it's not like he hit her.” As Ricardo Tomlinson said that I see from the corner of my eye him throwing her on the ground and slapping her. We all ran over to them to see if she was ok.

I asked her, “are you ok? Ummmm sorry what's your name?”

“My name is Gia Payne.”

“Damn she is beautiful,” I think to myself.

As I was going to speak the guy who hit her interrupted me and said "I'm her boyfriend Mark."

"Mark? Do you think you're tough or a man just because you can beat up a female?” I asked.

Mark pushed me and said, "I would say I could beat you up too, but I would be hitting another Bitch.”

“I would never call a girl a bitch because I was raised to respect women and if I was a female I wouldn't be able to show you who the real bitch is here,” I said.

Mark swung at me and missed; I tackled him to the ground and started pounding his face in with my fist. He punched me and that is when I got mad and hit him one last time before the principal Mr. Smith came and stopped it and sent us to his office.

“Myles watch Gia until I get back.”

As Mark and I sat in the office Mr. Smith yelled, “Mark! You are suspended for two days and as for you, Marcel," he points at me, "You are suspended for three days, because all of Mark’s friends came to my office and told me you are the one who started the fight.” (However, I think I was suspended longer because I was winning.) Since I am at home, I cannot see what is going on at school and I keep getting texts and calls saying Alexia was flirting and kissing different guys.

I called Myles during his lunch break.

(On the phone.)


“Hey man, tell me the truth is Alexia flirting with different guys while I'm not there?”

"Yes, do you want me to record it so you can see it for yourself?"

"Yes please, I just don’t get how she can do that to me. Now I want to know, has she been doing this throughout the whole time we’ve been together?"

“Tell you the truth man I don’t know how long she has been doing this, but I know it’s been going on for a while now.”

“Damn man why didn’t you tell me she has been doing this to me?”

“I did tell you, but you were just blinded by love. I’m sending the video to you now.”

“I guess you are right I may have been blinded by love, but I guess I’m the only one who had love in the relationship. Thanks man for getting me this video. I’ll talk to you later bro.”

“Don’t trip bro you know I always have your back later.”

(Off the phone.)

I get the video and start watching it right away. I see Alexia sitting with a few guys and nothing was happening for a while then all of a sudden Alexia gets up and straddled one of the guys' laps and started kissing him. I turn the video off and text Alexia.

(The text messages)

“Hey Babe can you come to my house after school I miss you.”

“Hi Baby sure I miss you more.”

“Ok see you after school……oh yeah we need to talk about something.”


One hour later.

“Hey Baby I can’t go to your house after school today I have to visit my grandmother sorry.”

“Ok I guess I’ll see you the day I go back to school since I go back Wednesday.”

“Ok bye.”


(End of messages.)

The next day I get a call from Myles.

(On the phone.)


"Mars, Mark is back in school and as soon as he saw Gia he pushed her down and got on top of her and started to beat her right away."

"Oh shit did you go stop it?"

"Yes, and I have the black eye to prove it."

"Dang for real? Did Mark get in trouble for it?"

"Na...No one saw it but Mark, Gia, and me, and you know me I'm not going to say anything and of course neither will Mark."

"Why don’t you ask Gia?"

"I did and she doesn’t want to, because she loves him too much. She is even mad at you for fighting with Mark."

"Well I guess she has to learn by herself huh Myles? Well, I'll talk to you at school tomorrow after I finish talking to Alexia about what she has been doing."

"Alright I’ll see you later man."

The next day as I walk into school the first person I see is Alexia. She sees me, turns around, and starts to walk further away from me. I know she knows what I’m going to say, I finally I got close enough to get her by the hand and pull her to me and say these three words.

"It is over."

I turn and walk away. As soon as Myles saw me he knew right away that I needed to talk because he knows I get over most of my break ups by talking to family and friends. Myles also knows when I need to stop talking about them. As the day went on it felt like I was a free man, I guess others could see how free I was. Some girls even came up and flirted with me, but I kept having feelings for Gia and I knew she was in love with Mark. Then all day I kept seeing her crying so I decided to go ask her what was the matter with her.

“Gia are you ok? You seem upset.”

“Mark got sent to court for breaking his probation, when he fought with you so now he is in a cell until he turns 18 then he will go to jail and I won't see him for two years and all it’s your fault.”

She ran away from me. I ran outside after her, to see if I could do anything to help her. I just saw a big guy holding her.

"Brother that’s the guy who got Mark sent to jail."

Her brother let her go as she got in the car he came up to me and grabbed my shirt and acted like he was going to hit me, but then he whispered "thanks. It's about time my baby sister got away from that jerk. By the way, my name is Tre Payne. I’m Gia's big and only brother. I heard you helped Gia when Mark was hitting her in the hall."

"My name is Marcel, but everyone calls me Mars. Yeah my boy Myles and I both helped her, but now she is mad at both of us because we got him in more trouble."

"Don't worry about it. She will eventually forget about it within a week or so."

As I walk away from him.

Tre yelled "Hey Mars."

I turned to face him

"Thanks and tell your boy thanks for me too and I'm happy you got Mark sent away."


"Because if I would have heard one more time that Mark hit Gia I was going to kill him and if I killed him I would have gone to jail for murder and I didn't want Gia to go through two different losses."

"Why didn't you do anything the first time you heard it?"

"She never told me he was hitting her. I heard it from my lady who is her best friend, Keke Martinez, but I didn't believe her when she told me because Mark was always good to her around me.”

"Well, most girls wouldn't tell their brother or father that her husband or boyfriend is hitting them because they love them too much. They'd rather be abused and loved than be single and happy."

"Well I got to go I have to take Gia to work, later Mars."

I walked back into the school, I saw Alexia walking towards me, and before I could say anything, she slapped me.

"Take me back I will never cheat on you again. I don't want to end our relationship like that."

"If it wouldn't have ended badly, it wouldn't have ended at all."

Then I just walked away and went straight to Myles to talk about Gia and Tre.

"Myles, Tre said thank you for helping Gia, when Mark was hitting her."

"Who is Tre?"

I was about to explain everything to him when we saw Mark walking between two cops handcuffed and Mr. Smith was following them and as he passed Myles asked, “Mr. Smith what they are doing here with Mark?”

"It isn't any of our business," Mr. Smith replied.

A few days later I saw Gia sitting with who I’m guessing was Keke but dang Gia looked good in her baby blue well fitted top and her matching skirt. Focus Mars Focus.

“Gia I wanted to let you know that Mark was here a few days ago.”

"WHAT! When was he there?"

"The day you told Tre I was the one who got Mark sent away."

Gia just walked away with Keke. After we told Gia about Mark being at the school, she started to miss school a few weeks later. She still didn't come to school after another week passed. One day I went to my first class she was there sitting by herself, so I went to go sit by her.

I was just sitting there staring at her then I thought I better ask her something.

“Ummmm, Gia, ummmm why didn't you come to school all those weeks? I know we don’t know each other that well or at all but I want you to know if you ever need anything or just want to talk you can call me.”

"Yeah I might take you up on that offer."


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