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First Date, One Last Time

I'll bring the glasses, you bring the wine.

By Fiona Teddy-JimohPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Original Image: Milada Vigerova (Unsplash)

Lia’s Story

The sunset looked especially beautiful that evening. The beach was quiet - peaceful. It was the perfect setting for a first date. I looked at Marcus with a cheesy smile.

“I brought the wine!”

David, our mutual friend had organised the date. He knew that I enjoyed a glass of red wine while reading at the beach, and that Marcus enjoyed a glass of red wine while reading at the beach. We were the only two friends that he knew who enjoyed red wine while reading at the beach, so he assumed we would get on.

“I got this bottle from that Bright Cellars website. Thank you for the gift card, that was really thoughtful of you.”

A couple of weeks before the date David had popped round mine to drop off a gift card. He mentioned that Marcus wanted to be a gentleman and let me pick whatever wine I wanted for our first date at his expense. There was one hundred dollars on it. I thought it was too generous and a splendid tactical move to impress me.

“It’s, erm…”

I held the bottle closer and squinted at the label.

Mojave Rain, Merlot," I pronounced carefully. "The website is super smart. I did this short quiz and it asked me what chocolate I could eat for the rest of my life, what my go-to drink was when I was out of wine, and what kind of activity I enjoyed the most. It matched my answers with their stock and came up with this bottle. I love Merlot. I hope you do too.”

Image courtesy of Bright Cellars

There were two wine glasses beside Marcus.

“If you don’t mind?”

I reached out and grabbed the glasses. I poured the rich, velvety Merlot and placed a full glass down on the sand next to Marcus. I turned towards the sea and sipped my own glass.

“This really is a beautiful-tasting wine, and this really is a beautiful-looking scene. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect first date. So, tell me Marcus, what books do you read?"

There was a long pause. I stretched my arm and touch Marcus by his side. He felt cold.

Marcus’ Story

Dear Lia,

Nurse Winchester has already called you into the hospital as a matter of urgency, but I’m afraid that I would have already died by the time you get here. Luckily, David came this morning to visit me, and he hasn’t left my side since I suddenly deteriorated. He’s a good lad our David. It was actually his idea that I write you this letter. Great friend. He organised our first date and now this.

Lia. There is so much I want to say to you and so much I want to do for you, but I don’t have much time or energy left. I love you so much. I’ve loved you since the first time I met you. You’re everything to me. You made every single day of our lives together so much fun and meaningful. I’m sorry that I’m leaving you so suddenly. Be strong, old gal. Someday we will be reunited again, I promise.

I know you wanted us to recreate our first date again one last time. I wish I had more time to do this properly, but David is going to organise the date, just like he organised the date all those years ago.

I love you Lia. I will always love you. See you on the beach. I’ll bring the glasses, you bring the wine.

Forever yours,


David’s Story

David held the urn of his dead friend close to his heart as he walked to where the sand met the sea. He had known Marcus since university - a bookish individual who loved to bury his nose in a good book over a glass of red wine. Merlot was his favourite.

He noticed Lia from afar as he placed the urn on the ground and steadied it with sand. Poor Lia. Even from a distance, David could see that his childhood best friend and honorary little sister was grieving over the death of her husband. Her hands kept sweeping over her face.

Slowly, David removed his backpack and reached inside for the wine glasses. As he carefully placed them beside the urn, David imagined Marcus sitting on the sand. He chuckled at the idea of a nervous Marcus clutching the wine glasses tightly as he waited for Lia.

David remembered how happy Marcus sounded after his first date had ended.

“I’m going to marry this girl,” Marcus announced over the phone.

And he did. Marcus married Lia a few years later and they recreated their first date on the beach every single wedding anniversary thereafter.

Lia was close when David began to walk away. As he neared the edge of the beach he couldn’t help but smile as he heard Lia’s faint squeal.

“I brought the wine!”

David began to cry as he left the couple to enjoy their first date, one last time.


Full credits of original images in order of appearance:

Milada Vigerova (Unsplash), Emily Hohenrieder (Unsplash), Bright Cellars , Frederic Koberl (Unsplash), Vitaly Taranov.


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