Finding That Special Loved One

by Cheryllyn Pyle 2 years ago in advice

He/she is right around the corner.

Finding That Special Loved One

Ladies, we all know that it's hard to find the right man for us, right? We may find ourselves a boyfriend but is the boyfriend really marriage material? Or is he just someone we can have fun with for a few months or even a few years? Or maybe we can't even find someone. Growing up through middle school and high school, and even a bit in college, I'm the one in my group of friends who always gives relationship advice (even though I'd never been in a relationship until college and that lasted a month). But most times my advice would work. So, with that said, here is some advice on finding that special someone.

First, it is always good to specify what you are looking for. For example: personality, interests, sometimes looks, career interests, etc, whatever you feel is important. What I feel the most important things is, is how he treats his family. You can never be too careful with what you're looking for but you should NEVER be too picky. Once you determine what you're looking for, now is the time to start looking. I don't mean looking as in, look for those specific details and not dating until you find it, I mean to start dating those who you feel are similar to what you looking for, and you never know, you might find someone you're curious about that is not quite what you're looking for. If you see anyone that peaks your interest, go on a date with them, get to know them, and if it doesn't work out, then go date someone else.

Second, after you've dated around, maybe you haven't found anyone that you're interested in. That's okay. You're not going to find him/her right away. These things take time. So, if you haven't found him/her, now it's time to lower your expectations. Date people who contrast you. They say "opposites attract" and it's true. I have two sister-in-laws and they are opposites compared to my brothers. You never know, someone might surprise you. But don't sit and wait for someone to come find you, go out and find them yourself, if you really want something, go get it.

Finally, if you still haven't found someone, it's not the end of the world. There is someone out there for everyone, and if all else fails, don't be afraid to try out dating sites or apps. I still haven't found anyone yet, and I definitely practice what I preach, but I'm still young and healthy and my man will come around eventually. My best piece of advice I can give you is to never lose hope. Never give up. And if your special someone doesn't show up, then maybe it's not the right time yet, but keep looking.

Thanks guys, I hope this helped some of you out there and good luck to all of you! Please keep watching for more of my posts! C.P.

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