Finding Her (Pt. 3)

by Liliana Moreno 10 months ago in lgbtq

I promise to always come back to you

Finding Her (Pt. 3)
I’m deeply in love with you

I know I’ll come back. I made a promise. After I left her once, we didn’t text right? Well I decided to text her. Everything was good. Since that moment we texted, I knew everything was going to be okay with her. Catching up on our lives was beautiful, since we wasted three months not knowing what we are doing with our lives. Then I ask her:

“Umm would you mind if we FaceTime?”

“Not at all,” she responded.

At first it was awkward, but after one hour of FaceTiming, she was so confident with me. We were laughing most of the time. Some part of me wanted to say:

“I always loved you and I’ll keep fighting for you. I don’t care what happens, I’ll find a way to see you because I love you so much!”

You think it’s easy to say I love you to a person that you left because your mom didn’t let you be with her? Yes, trust me, it’s harder than it looks. So I waited to tell her in a few months. Some parts were going great. But of course, not everything is good. Later that night she cried desperately.

"What’s the matter?" I said.

“It’s just that I let you go and gave up on us and you came back but why??”

I responded, “You know why I came back, because those three months not talking to you made me realize that my life is to be with you and only you.”

I couldn’t help myself so I told her those three words. “I can't keep it inside anymore. I love you so much, even if we lost three months I don’t care. My life belongs with you. I can’t spend another minute without you.”

"Wait you really mean it. But I’m scared you’re going to break my heart and leave," she said.

My response to her was, “I made a promise to you to always be with you right? Yes, I broke the promise, but I guarantee I won't break it a second time. I promise to never leave you. I promise to love you for the rest of our lives. Yes, I know I left you, but I will never leave again. That is my promise to you."

At that moment she didn't say anything. She was speechless of the words I said. Yes, I was pretty impressed of what I said, but it's okay. After that she didn't speak to me for days. Probably because nobody has said those words to her in her life, or maybe she was just shocked of what I said? So I kept my distance; I didn't want her to feel that I been stalking her, so I didn't text her.

It was sometime in April. She texted me that she would give me another chance to be with her. I was so happy that she would give me another chance. I honestly love this girl and I will show my love to her. I will spoil her with so many gifts. I'll give her lots of hugs and kisses. My favorite thing that I will give her is love letters. I know I wasn't dating her yet, but it seemed like we are.

The day after that, we talked about if I was going to see her or not. Yes, it was going to be hard because she goes to a different school than I do, but that won't stop me from loving her. We both had an idea of where to see each other. The place would be at my sister's house because she was part of my 15.

I was absolutely excited to see her. The day came closer and closer until that day finally came...

Liliana Moreno
Liliana Moreno
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