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Farewell to fear, Hello to love

by Alfiya Laxmidhar 8 months ago in love
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Some simple truths about the power of love

Farewell to fear, Hello to love
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Different teachings try to express the fear vs love dilemma as best they can but sometimes it is the perceiver who mistakenly uses the ego to integrate this truth into their own life. Therefore, knowledge now becomes a spiritual weapon rather than something which can be used to attain peace and joy. This has happened in my own life on many occasions when I have sought knowledge yet I have not fully accepted the truth of who I am. Many times when I have been displeased with someone I have thought, 'Gee, what an ego!' Yet the actual perception of the ego is the indication that something is amiss here.

The most practical spiritual teachings and material I have come across which has helped me to enhance my awareness, be more genuine and authentic, be at peace with my external world and introduce more and more miracles is the book A Course in Miracles (ACIM).

This is no way a preaching article. I have learnt to appreciate all facets of belief systems and the different paths people take. I have experienced being a Muslim, a Sufi, a Christan and a Yogi. From my experience, ACIM has demonstrated to me that all of these past learnings have mattered and taught me the same thing ACIM concludes at. However, I appreciated the way ACIM gave more explanations, reassurance of the process and it helped promote a sense of trust as the ACIM community I discovered online offered nothing but love and kindness.

Miracles are something you see which happens everyday if you are open enough to see them. They are expressions of love and come at a time when you might be feeling down or you might be already blissed out and every moment seems like a miracle. My life is a miracle. My miracles are all born out of love and I am transformed by them and then there is no way but to go through life without having an immense amount of appreciation for what is happening around me and within me. I am lost in a moment and time is non existent, I feel eternal, I don't want to think about anything else but what I'm doing now and how I'm feeling now. This moment feels so perfect and I feel held in love's secure embrace. My presence extends and expands and so it doesn't matter what the external world is doing. I know I am here and where I'm supposed to be. I would not want to be anywhere else. Love tells me to embrace and love what is given. I deserve the love, I am the love and love is surrounding me all the time.

Sometimes I may lapse and forget that love has my back, that it extends out to comfort me. My awareness is sometimes fully in a perceived problem rather than seeing the greater picture and purpose which is to receive and offer what is being gifted.

This might sound too woo woo or out of reach for some. I feel love has so much to offer and answer for that this world denies us. As a loving being on earth in human form, love is actually the only answer to escape suffering and pain. To the human mind it seems so foreign and so beyond anything the humans that rule the world have inquired about. Money and wealth can get you things but love offers experiences which you cannot describe or articulate without sounding like you belong in an asylum or woo woo. It's ok. I don't mind the raised eyebrows or the eye rolls. It is all a process. However, when you die, and the body is rotting away and smelling foul. The soul in you will soar and guide you to the love that you are and will be for your eternal existence. So start loving/living your life of love and be open to all the wonderful miraculous experiences that await you. Trust in the process of love and just see where it takes you. Farewell to fear. Say hello to love.


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Love words and their origin. Like poetry. Rumi is my favorite.

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