Fair Weather Friend - How to Avoid Being Dumped

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Unfortunately, fair weather friends can turn even the best moments of our reality into the most terrible life experiences.

Fair Weather Friend - How to Avoid Being Dumped

Sincere friendship is one of the best things that can happen in life. Sometimes it even happens that there is much more in common between kindred souls, accidentally joined by fate, than between people with the closest family ties. First, let's figure out what real comradery is. There are many definitions, but a number of standard features unite all of them:

  • Friendship is always based on mutual respect and attraction.
  • It contains sincerity, trust and empathy.
  • It is an altruistic feeling.
  • It is the ability to accept a person as he is, without trying to make him different.
  • Finally, it is a support in stressful situations.

Unfortunately, fair weather friends can turn even the best moments of our reality into the most terrible life experiences. After all, fakers are parasites. They take all the energy from others because of selfish intentions. Therefore, it is advisable to limit communication with fair weather exploiters in every person's surrounding.

They bring too much drama.

Everyone has painful periods in life. But if a person appears on the horizon just to "rinse" his or her friend's ears talking about lousy fate, then it is better to run away from such people. Such persons simply force others to perform heavy emotional work for them, turning every communication into some kind of torture.

Meanwhile, they continuously ask for an opinion about their choice or situation, but never accept advice. Instead, they often do the opposite, tending to repeat the same horrible and self-destructive patterns of behavior, never learning from their mistakes. And in the end, they pour out all their disappointments and negativities on their neighbors.

They are never delighted of their friend's success.

There is a long way between indifference and envy, but it does not make any of these two qualities better. If we look at a true friend, then he can not only share the joy with his or her close ones, but also is ready to supplement it with actions. However, fakers are different. After all, they simply see their close fellows as tools of self-gratification.

Therefore, all that they are capable of is either complete indifference or colossal envy. None of these features will bring other people any joy since they will be used only for the fair weather’s purposes or interests. Such fakers will easily forget about their mate's birthday, but they will quickly remember him or her if they need to borrow money.

They are selfish.

One of the most noticeable signs of fake friends is for them to appear only when they need something. Of course, sometimes our world is mercantile. Nevertheless, people should not dare to solve their affairs at their mate's expense and then hide behind this shaky veil of gratuitous relations.

It is unrealistic to communicate with someone just because they can help them without any questions. Therefore, it is essential to learn to say "no" to those who appear in life only with a request for support.

They give too many reasons for doubts.

Friendship is all about trust. The ties which someone doubts can hardly be called normal. Therefore, the more reasons there are for skepticism, the more motives there should be to end the relationship. After all, all these doubts may well result in an insult, humiliation, etc.

Many works of literature show different situations related to doubtful relationships. For instance, Tara Isabella Burton, the author of the Social Creature novel, presented examples of associations that capture the attention and reveal the worst in people. It shows how uncomfortable it feels not to be sure about the surrounding circle. Moreover, such a genre of literature as the essay may give many different life lessons. Therefore, informative essay examples should be studied.

Fair weather friend's dishonesty sooner or later will hurt the people around them. Therefore, it is vital to expel such humans from your circle. They figuratively eat others alive. It is better to go through life with one true pal, than with those for whom insincerity, needs and envy are much more important than the brightest feeling in our world.

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