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F*ck Your Future

by Amanda Nicole about a month ago in humor
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It'll come soon enough

F*ck Your Future
Photo by Pars Sahin on Unsplash

Everyday people are always telling us "Plan for the future, make sure you have your future set in stone" And while that's wise advice to some degree, we also need to focus on the present. See if we keep worrying about the future we won't have time to enjoy the present. Yes it's wise to plan for the future and keep doing so! But also enjoy the present. Make mistakes, be an idiot, have regrets, be silly. Do it all. You're only young once and someday when you get older you'll regret the things you didn't do while you had the chance. So go travel, start the business, learn the lessons, fall in love with the wrong people. Get your heart fucking stomped on so you can come back stronger then before. Do all the things.

See we only get one life and we need to live it. We need to have experiences. We need to meet people and go through shit. We can't just worry about the future. Have the fun, dance on a table. We only live once. See everyday we work hard to support ourselves but when we aren't working what are we doing? Planning for the future, worrying and not enjoying life. So go eat pizza, dance in your driveway do it all. I honestly feel like if you didn't do it you'd regret it more then if you did.

Post the stupid picture on social media, do it all. Don't worry about what other people are doing. We all have our own journeys. Worry about yourselves. Do it all while you got the chances. Enjoy life. I'm not saying don't work hard. Work hard but also play hard. Remember to play hard. Remember to laugh and dance. Apply for the job you don't think you'll get, ask the guy out whose probably out of your league. Try the new food. Go for it. Enjoy yourself.

I think we all forget to live, we're so busy making a living that we forget to actually live. We spend so much time working and worrying that we forget to relax. We need to balance our lives out. Can anyone relate? I've learned this lesson over the course of my life. I've spent to much time working and too much time having fun. (Read my first book for that story) But either way I'm learning to balance. But we have to figure out how to do that for ourselves. You should still plan for your future but don't get so consumed in planning that you forget to live. I'll be the first to say that maybe we should spend more time living and less time working? But that's not realistic is it.

How can we achieve F**king balance? Well It's simple and difficult at the same time because time gets away from you and all of a sudden it's to late. But one thing we can do is learn to sit still and worry about the present. Just enjoy the present. Just learn to let go of the future for now. The universe will guide you and help you. This doesn't mean you don't put effort in. It means that you work hard but also understand that there is a greater plan for you as well and let that take control as well. We need to be silly at times and also serious. I think that's part of growing up. Which by the way is a trap. It's a damn trap. But we still have to do it so I guess we should make the best of it huh?


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Amanda Nicole

Hey I'm Amanda! I'm a writer, Podcaster and a pet sitter. I'm much more then that! Read my stories to find out :)

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