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Emily Jendrisak : Wiki, Early life, Education, career, personal life and Husband

wife of the English comedian, actor and writer Gavin McInnes

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Emily Jendrisak : Wiki, Early life, Education, career, personal life and Husband
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Emily Jendrisak is an American activist and former publicist based in New York. Jendrisak is known as the wife of the English comedian, actor and writer Gavin McInnes , Emily's partner is a well-known celebrity and co-founder of the Canadian-American magazine 'Vice'.

Emily is a direct descendant of the Native American tribe and worked with her mother to support and preserve the Ho-Chunk. Moreover, she is also known for her commendable literary works. Let's get to know a little more about her now, shall we?


Emily Jendrisak was born in the United States of America in 1974. She was born to her father, Jerry, who was a construction worker, and to her mother, Christina, who was an active advocate of Native American rights. Emily learned a lot about her heritage from her mother and had a passion for preserving the tribe. Although Emily is of Native American descent, she is a holder of American nationality.

For her education, Emily went to the prestigious University of San Francisco. She later graduated in communication and journalism. After college, Jendrisak began a career as a professional publicist.


Although she dreamed of becoming a professional publicist in New York, Emily had to start low to make ends meet. Sooner than later, Emily landed a top job as both a publicist and consultant. It was a very well paid job and something that Jendrisak enjoyed doing for a living.

In addition to working as a publicist and consultant, Emily helps her mother support and preserve the Ho-Chunk tribe of the Siouan group. For years, this tribe has been in a legal battle with the US government over land ownership.


Now looking at the personal aspects of Jendrisak's life, she is married to the co-founder of Vice magazine, 'Gavin McInnes'. The two first met at the Max Fist bar in New York. It didn't take long for them to fall for each other. Next, as you might have guessed, Emily and Gavin started dating. Their relationship worked very well and soon the two started living together.

Afterwards, on September 17, 2005, Emily and Gavin said their vows. The wedding was held at Sunset View Farm in Bovina, New York. As of today, things are wonderful for this couple. They are blessed with three amazing children and live a life of luxury.

She works with her mother in activism

Emily was inspired by her mother, who always fought for justice for the oppressed and less privileged. Her mother is known for fighting for the rights of the native American Ho-Chunk tribe. After quitting her career as a publicist, she opted to join her mother in activism.

Through her mother, Emily is a Native American who traces her ancestry back to the Ho-Chunk tribe. She is more aggressive in fighting for her people. The Ho-Chunk people from the Siouan group are natives of the present-day states Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois and Iowa. The Ho-Chunk tribe has been in a long-standing battle with the United States government and other states' organisations. The major cause of this beef has been their land which was stripped away from them in 2017. For more than 30 years now, Emily's mother has been at the forefront of fighting for her people. She once held the position of director for the Ho-Chunk Tribe of Wisconsin's Research Committee. Luckily, her daughter has also joined to fight for their land and preserve their Siouan language.

Who is Emily Jendrisak's husband?

Emily is the wife of Gavin Miles Mclnnes. Gavin was born in the United Kingdom, but his family relocated to Canada while he was four years, thus giving him Canadian citizenship. He studied at Earl March Secondary School in Ottawa.

Later on, he obtained a first Degree in English Literature from Carleton University. He got his second degree in Business Administration from Concordia University. In 1994, Miles co-founded the Vice empire, which owns the Vice Media and Vice Magazine. He served as an editor where he earned the nickname, The Godfather of Hipsterdom at Vine Empire. Afterwards, he tried his luck in the film industry while still nurturing his career as a television personality. He once appeared as a judge on Kenny vs Spenny and several short films and animated cartoons.


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