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Easy Tips to Set Up Your Dating Profile

by Mike Parsons 5 months ago in dating

Setting Up Your Dating Profile, some easy tips!

Easy Tips to Set Up Your Dating Profile

Setting an online dating profile seems hard for a lot of people. After all, it requires a dose of honesty and opening up to other users you don’t know. However, it’s actually all about introducing yourself in a way that will make you interesting to start communication with others.

No matter what type of online dating you are applying to, there are core features which stay the same. So to help you, here are easy tips to set up your dating profile that will have you bonding with other users in no time.

1. Choose the right photos

Firstly, don’t put fake photos on your profile or use too many filters to make yourself look unrealistic. The whole point of online dating is not to be someone you are not, but to meet other people in an environment you feel comfortable in. So, choose the maximum number of photos allowed to upload where you present yourself in various situations.

Don’t use only selfies or photos that highlight your looks, but also that will tell a story about you. Have one head-shot and one full-body photo, and the others can show you in different settings and doing things you like. Remember, these photos paint a picture of you and will increase your chances to get messages from other users.

2. Be to the point in your info

There was a time when online dating profiles required long lines of information in order to work. But today, it’s just the opposite. So, instead of writing a novel about yourself, be to the point in your info and don’t give everything away at once.

Usually, this means that you will have to be concise like “Writer. Dog lover. A geek.” Online dating is all about the first impression and creating a veil of mystery so people would want to contact you.

3. Take advantage of all the tools

Don’t leave anything blank! This is one of the biggest mistakes people make when filling in their online dating profiles. All the available tools are intended to increase your chances of meeting the right person, so use them.

Details about yourself will interest people to contact you and also save you the time of being incorrectly matched to other users. You can also be a little romantic and point out the things that make you – YOU. This will help you create a more authentic profile and therefore attract people who would really like to get to know you better.

4. Help people start a conversation with you

The first thing to remember about online adult arrangements is that they're based on starting a conversation. And for that reason, you should use an approach that will make it easy for people to talk to you. The thing is that even when you are matched with someone, they will look for something on your profile that will help them break the ice.

So, put in your info something that will inspire them to ask you questions. For example, don’t just say “I like movies”, but “Tell me your top 10 movies, and I’ll tell you mine.” This will make you more approachable and open to communicate with other users so you can get to know each other better.

5. Don’t mention dating

Although online dating is something you have in common with others, it's better to not talk about it. Usually, people say some cliché like "This is the first dating app that I like" or "Everyone said I should try online dating, so here I am." This may seem like a cute opener, but it does have a negative connotation as though you are there as the last resort.

That kills the fun of the whole dating process and puts the focus on how miserable you are. Instead, say something like "I'd like to meet someone who likes karaoke" or "Chatting is a great start but I'd like to talk in person." This is more inviting and brings a lighter mood to the conversation and the whole getting-to-know each other process.

All in all

Online dating is about being as authentic as possible in order to connect with people and find a person you want to date offline as well. These easy tips to set up your dating profile will help you make the first step and put yourself out there. From then on, everything else is easier.

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