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Don’t Go Looking If You Don’t Want To Know

by Taryn Thomas 2 years ago in breakups
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Cheating happens.

Cheating happens. Photo credit @wordswagg

Cheating happens. Point blank it happens. Do not be one of those people with there head in clouds thinking it’ll never happen to you. The moment you do that is the moment it happens sad but true. So cheating happens and it sucks that we even have to think like this, but it does. The fact of the matter is that eventually, so many of us find ourselves in a relationship with someone who is unfortunately unfaithful. Boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, it doesn’t matter, nor does it matter what stage of you relationship your in. People cheat, and good people get hurt because of it. Which flat out sucks. It’s something that impacts a lot of us, and every single time it is an absolute hectic vicious whirlwind of wretched emotions. The suspicion, betrayal, and more so thoughts of, what do you do?

Assessing The Situation

When you first start to process what exactly is going on, you will realize very quickly that you are suspicious. Suspicion is a really shady emotion and it is one that will slowly eat you alive. It is one thing that if allowed to, it will build up in you, growing over time, and it will devour your mind and any relationship.

I’m not going to say that no one has ever been suspicious and ultimately felt silly over it. I’m just going to say that a lot of the times, when you find yourself suspicious, there’s a reason for it. You’ll notice that some people are simply suspicious. Sometimes we pick up on things that we don’t realize, and sometimes our gut instinct is right. I am a firm believer in trust your gut instinct because the more it makes itself known and you ignore it, it’ll be sick of being ignored then poof like nothing no more gut instinct. Still, sometimes it’s wrong, but you’d rather have it around then not. Take a note of what is making you suspicious and consider the potential problems that might arise.

Consider Your Options

Some people like to investigate and some people like to communicate. I do both. Though I shouldn’t have to do either, ever. I’ve done both methods. I’m not going to say which one is wrong or which one is right, but I am going to say that the outcomes can be problematic either way. If you flat out ask the person, you run the risk of them lying completely. Which lying happens about 90% weather it’s true or not, you can guarantee that it will start a fight, so be prepared. Whether you’re being jealous or you actually are correct, your partner probably won’t be happy when you bring it up.

Going behind someone’s back to figure out the truth is something that a lot of people advise against, but to be honest, I’ve done my fair share of investigating when it comes to unfaithful partners. Whether it’s seeing a questionable message on his phone or an unusual comment on his social media, sometimes when you go looking for answers, you find them. It can be pretty crushing to actually see the evidence of infidelity, so prepare yourself for what you might learn. I can definitely say one of the most hurtful things I’ve ever had the audacity to read came straight from a loved ones cell phone messenger. And boy oh boy I’m still in pain from it.

Consider How To Handle It

Say you know that the other person is cheating or you have found evidence to suggest it, what do you do? Once again, you can always confront the person. If you know for a fact that they’re cheating, knowing for a fact would technically consist of catching them in the act. Then they won’t be able to lie, but they might start apologizing and try to convince you to forgive them. Remember the fact that you absolutely deserve more. A person who is cheating on you is not a person worthy of your love.

On the other hand, you can always confront the individual. I’m guilty of having done this and I’ll be quite honest, it can go horribly. You have no way of knowing how that person will react, so stay safe and make sure that you play it cool if you do address them at all. It’s important to remember that your partner is still the one who is personally wronging you. Don’t end up in a fight over a person who isn’t worth it, especially when he’s cheating with someone who isn’t on your level.


When someone cheats on you, it can feel like your world is breaking open. Whether it’s a long-term man or a spouse, the fact is that cheating will break your heart because it is an act of betrayal. He’s already proven that he isn’t worth it, so don’t even bother fighting for him.


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Taryn Thomas

From the bedroom to the art room I create :) 1st Ever Dirtiest Girl in Porn Retired Adult Film Star on her journey through life.

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