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Don't be too nice to your employees, it's not worth it for a 7 year old employee to quit.

Employees and bosses are supposed to be in the same boat

By Clemmens CroftonPublished 3 months ago 7 min read
Don't be too nice to your employees, it's not worth it for a 7 year old employee to quit.
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The staff and the boss should have been in the same boat, the staff's ability to excel, to bring the boss a lot of profits, the boss to earn money, to give the staff reasonable pay, the two relationships are intertwined, rain or shine with the road.

As the saying goes: there are always a thousand horses, but not always a bole. It is a happy thing to meet a good boss, and employees should cherish it. Especially when the boss is willing to teach you and bring you into the industry, you should treasure this valuable person in front of you.

However, in our reality, there is also a heartbreaking phenomenon: no master is the apprentice of the church, the boss cultivates the staff with all his heart, but raises a white wolf that bites you back, which makes people very cold.

Last weekend, my good friend Jane just returned from a business trip, she brought me back the local specialties, in gratitude, I sincerely invited her to dinner, we have not been too long toty, this party, Jane told me an unpleasant thing.

Jen is 42 years old and is a divorced strong woman. Since her divorce, she has been living alone with her daughter, and her strong character did not want her daughter to follow her through the hardships, so she started her own business 10 years ago. At first, she picked up goods from the wholesale market and then set up stalls in the major night market streets.

With the rise of e-commerce, she slowly learned to open an online shop to sell goods, from online shop decoration and layout, planning, operation, stocking, and other aspects are responsible for one person, powerful she can live a team alone.


Later, the business slowly took off, she had to grow and develop, so she recruited some employees to help take care of it. Particularly hard work in the early stages, coupled with the fact that the newly-emerged e-commerce platform was not yet perfect, many employees saw no hope and left, leaving only a girl called Mei who was willing to follow her development.

In this way, the two women resisted all the pressure and gradually made the online shop up. Mei was obedient and well-behaved, she started in customer service, and after a period of practice, she then moved to general sales and then to sales supervisor, following Sister Jane step by step.

Sister Jane also cherishes this old staff, the two years of the age difference of 8 years, Sister Jane to Ah Mei is their sister, and all things are willing to teach her, what problems arise will go ahead to help her carry down. It is a very important thing to keep an old employee who has been with you for many years, and Jen is grateful for Mei's unfailing commitment and never treats her badly.

Later, a change occurred within Mei, who seemed to have mastered the art of opening an online shop to do business and had other ideas. One day, when Mei had just finished talking business with Jen and was drinking in a bar for pleasure, she was so preoccupied that she suddenly lied to Jen, claiming that her brother was getting married and that she had to go back home to help and that her parents were old and wanted to go back to the countryside to take care of them.

In fact, in the shopping mall for many years, Jane knew at a glance that Mei was lying, she said calmly: Mei, you have been with me for seven years, we are like sisters, you may want to say something straight, if you feel that the salary is not enough, I can increase the salary, if you feel hard, I can put you on annual leave.

A Mei a glass of wine to the end, through the strength of the wine, to say: you are right, these years I have been suffering very hard. I've been working with you for 7 years, and every time I go out to talk business with you, people only call you "Sister Zhen", or "Sister Zhen", but I? I was just a dependable person by your side. But I've done a lot of work for the company to get to where it is today, but I'm living in your shadow and you're in charge of everything. I want to go out on my own, and I believe I can do better without you!

After hearing this, Sister Jane fell silent, shook the wine in her glass, and drank it all.

Sure enough, the next day, Mei, an old employee who had followed Sister Jane for seven years, resigned. She had tried to start her own business over the years, but lacked the experience and contacts to fail in the end, and had gone round and round in circles over the years, still returning to her peers as a salesperson.

This incident gave Jane and the team great inspiration, she also reflected on their practices, and finally also came to these conclusions.

First, there should be a sense of boundary between the boss and the staff

Sister Jane has always treated Mei as her sister and brought her into the industry by hand. In the toughest times, the two slept in the same bed and shared a face wash. Sister Jane's car was at the disposal of Ah Mei, and she was given a set of keys for her home. Is this the role of the boss and employee? Sister Jane's approach goes beyond the employment layer of the relationship, blurring the sense of boundary between the two.

The more you treat someone well, the more they will take it for granted. Once your kindness becomes habitual, it is easy to be overwhelmed, and when you fail to satisfy them slightly, they will bite you back and accuse you of wrongdoing.

A Mei subconsciously and Jane is like a sister, in her perception, Jane everything is their credit, and Jane should not lead the way, this is the performance of the human heart is not enough to swallow the elephant.

Second, when necessary, let the staff alone bear the pressure

People who have experienced setbacks will only be stronger if they stand up again. In the early days of the business, Sister Jane had to carry all the pressure to preserve the company and not let her staff suffer half-heartedly. When Mei encountered difficulties, Jen was the first one to stand up for her. Over time, Mei would think that business was smooth and profitable and that being the boss meant sitting back and enjoying the benefits, while the staff just worked hard for her.

The boss takes more risks and is under more pressure than the employees, and opens her eyes to a room full of employees who depend on her for support.

However, if Jane knows how to let her staff bear the pressure alone, I'm sure Mei won't find it easy to come out and work for herself, or at least think it through before making a decision, or even leave with a grudge before she leaves.

Third, money must be given to enough

Some bosses only care about their own money to eat meat, but deprive employees of welfare, so that employees can not even have a mouthful of broth. Such companies do not last long, and will not go far. There are only two possibilities for employees to resign: one is that the money is not available, and the other is that they have been wronged.

Everyone who comes out to work wants to earn money, and when the money is there, they are willing to work for their boss. Therefore, when the boss must give enough money to the employees, must not default on their wages and deprive them of their benefits. If you can't even guarantee a basic material base, your employees will not work for you willingly.

Jane's words are enlightening, it's not easy to start a business boss, and it's a low chance to meet employees who have been following you for years, so please cherish them if you meet them, and employees should also understand the difficulties of the boss, after all, we are all aiming to make money.

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