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DIY Temple of Love

by Jenny Humble 3 years ago in how to
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How to make your bedroom the most desired place in your life

Center of the universe

It gives each of us a sense of security, comfort, and at the same time protects love from everyday disasters. After all, we are ready to share the bedroom with the closest people only. If a married couple lives with children and older relatives in the apartment, this room becomes the only place where spouses can calmly discuss different issues. So let's try to create family happiness with our own hands!

And of course, if the bedroom is the center of the universe of the family, then the bed is a place where energy focuses—let's start from it! Your actions in the bed can emphasize whether marital love will be strong, trusting relationships or feelings quickly cool, leaving only disappointment. And the first rule of Feng Shui is: the conjugal bed should be permanent, stationary. Even if you sleep on the couch, you should not fold it every day—the harmonious circulation of the life-giving qi energy is disturbed.

It is necessary to arrange the bed itself so while lying on it, you can see everyone who enters the room—otherwise, both spouses will be unable to control their family life. If it is impossible to rearrange the bed because of the furniture—hang a mirror on the wall and you will see everyone who enters, but not against the bed—this is considered a bad sign.

An example is the fate of Hong Kong tycoon Lee Kashin—one of the richest people in the world. He spent his impoverished childhood in a small room where the head of the bed was hidden behind a bulky wardrobe. All attempts to come up in the world were not successful at all. At the age of 18, he moved to another city and... soon he became the owner of a small factory. And after many years he built a real estate empire.

Do not put a bed against the door, or window. If you do so, the flow of passing energy through your body will be too stormy, making the life of the spouses troubled and bringing conflicts. If you can’t put the bed correctly, you can place a curtain or a large plant in a pot between it and the door—they will slow down the energy flow. In this case, it is better to hang the windows with blackout curtains.

It is good if the bed has a back—it symbolizes the protection of the senses from extraneous intrusions. And your sleep and intimate battles that unfold on the bed of love depend on its shape. The most successful are the semicircular and oval backs—they are influenced by the metal element—the intimate life of the spouses will be rich and varied, and the family budget will improve. The triangular headboard (element of fire) brings maximum passion in the relationship. Sex on the bed with fire elements will be bright and unforgettable, but the dream is restless. In addition, fire provokes outbreaks of jealousy. So this bed is suitable for making love, and it’s better to sleep and rest in another place. For example, on a fluffy and soft "water" bed—with a wavy back. It, in contrast to fire, will allow you to get enough sleep, and the intimate life under its influence becomes softer, but... more boring, as if "stagnating," pushing spouses to infidelity.

If inconstancy in a married couple has become a sore subject, change the headboard to the earth option—rectangular. It will call the cheater to fidelity, make you think about your behavior and increase sexual interest in a regular partner. A bed with a rectangular, but high back carries the energy of the "tree," which suits the newlyweds. After all, a tree is a symbol of life, which means that a young family will grow and develop well, improving their well-being and easily conceiving descendants. In an intimate relationship, the Tree element brings a touch of romance, but calls for constant movement—you won’t be resting on such a bed for a long time. Chinese masters agree—choosing a bed, you need to strive for simplicity. Give preference to smooth corners and soft shapes. Then there will be less complaints about problems in personal life.

Need to know places

The location of the bed according to the cardinal points affects not only love and sex enjoyment, but also all the global values of the family—financial well-being, health, parents' careers and the successes of children. Do not forget about it, which means you have to move the furniture! Even better if you can choose the location of the bedroom in the apartment—but this does not happen too often.

The northwest is a classic direction for the bed (or bedroom) of people who are firmly on their feet in life and want to consolidate their position. For young people, whose family experience is very small, the exciting and exciting energy of the East is perfect, so they will quickly achieve benefits. Health improves if you put a bed in the north of the room.

Get rid of loneliness

Those who have not yet found their "soulmate," you must certainly take a closer look at your bedroom and eliminate all the symbols of loneliness from it.

Such malicious signs, first of all, are large unpaired objects—for example, a single-standing floor lamp or one large armchair. They seem to hint at the bachelor life of the owner of the room and... support her. Instead of these "pests" it is better to put a couple of chairs, and hang two nightlights above the bed. Do you need them? It's only for now! You should also do with a single vase, and even with a picture where one person is painted—why not change it to an image of a happy couple with children? But the clock in the bedroom should be alone—an alarm clock. The latter will “crush” and create a forced atmosphere, not to mention the fact that their “ticking” will interfere with restful sleep.

Next, check whether there is free space near you so that someone can take it. If you are used to sleeping, occupying the whole bed, and there are no free drawers in your chest of drawers, then there is simply no place for a new person in your life.

For example, the famous supermodel Claudia Slate for a long time could not find a life partner—it would seem that such a beauty really has little chance of getting married well? At the same time, Claudia said in an interview that she loves soft toys and only shares her bed with them... Together with her, about 100 toys donated by fans were constantly “sleeping” on the bed. Maybe that's why her alliance with the brilliant David Copperfield did not take place? And after the repair at her residence, Claudia “moved” to a new bedroom—already without furry friends—and she soon married film producer Matthew Vaughn. Now with her mother’s toys her little son is having fun.

Remember—it is important to "share" the space with a non-existing partner. Buy a large double bed or just free the other half of your regular bed. Leave empty one to two drawers in the cabinets, part of the shelf. And "drive" from your bedroom a substitute for your loved one—a TV. His place should be taken by personal photographs and souvenirs that are close to your heart.

Another rule of the “fight against loneliness” sounds like this: no matter how you are passionate about your work, do not keep work papers or symbols of your profession next to the bed or on it, they have no place in the bedroom.

And finally, the wisdom of Feng Shui teaches us that after breaking up close relationships, the situation in the bedroom must be changed. Fresh linens, bedspreads, a new bed can restore the energy atmosphere after the collapse of the union. It is easy to guess that objects reminiscent of former love may be destructive for new feelings. After all, after parting with a loved one, it is so important to clear your way to revival.

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I'm an aspiring and english essays writer and a self-published author! Erotica and sex topic comes easy to me I find it satisfying to create a story for others. I have published several articles and will continue to do so. I would enjoy contributing to your next project.

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