Discover Yourself First

by Moranda Breaux 6 months ago in advice

Then You Can Discover Who Others Are

Discover Yourself First

Have you ever found yourself question things about yourself, due to another person's actions or words? When you know the facts about yourself, worries and wonders should not run across your mind. If you think you need to acquire truth about you, throw yourself into the world, surround yourself with different people, try unusual things, and broaden your horizons.

I am a people person, conversing and laughing with people is what I love to do. Carrying on conversations has helped me discover uncountable things about myself, and others. I made the discovery years ago that I am different, I don’t think nor act like the world. I figured that out simply from a disagreement I had with a friend. It didn’t have to be anything for either of us to agree or disagree on, but I realized when one person thinks one way, and the other thinks another way, there will be controversy.

My friend got upset, because I didn’t feel the same way she felt about something. The conversation was about her husband's infidelity; she found out through social media that her husband was cheating on her, and that wasn’t the only time. He had cheated numerous times throughout the sixteen years of their marriage. I am not the one to tell a person to leave their significant other or spouse, but I did tell her that he is only doing what she allows him to do, and instead of her complaining about it, she should do something about it. I was married, and now I am divorced, and that’s because I finally realized that people are who they are, and I am who I am. I can’t expect anyone to be something other to me that they are to themselves. Clearly, if one woman wasn’t good enough for him, and he wanted to cheat,” who am I to stop him?” He didn’t need me to tell him that he is married, I am his wife, and he shouldn’t be involved with any other woman. Therefore, I left the situation, leaving him available to continue doing what he wanted to do.

On the other hand, my friend sees the situation different, she believes that the problem is he’s not satisfied with her. She beats herself up daily wondering and questioning herself, and him about, ‘What’s wrong with her? What does she need to do for him to stop cheating on her?’ I tried explaining that she should never question herself about something someone else chooses to do. Furthermore, I tried making it clear to her that people do not do anything bad or wrong to others without the other person consent. We have a choice to accept what people say and do to us. Most certainly we can't control what they say or do, but we don't have to welcome it, and stand for it.

What people need to know is how to determine the difference between themselves and others. Once you discover who you are, it's easier to know who, and what, you can or cannot handle, like or dislike, etc. Knowing who you truly are will keep you from getting jammed in dreary situations, because we know who, and/or what, we choose to deal with, without a doubt. We won’t, and don’t, have to worry nor wonder about anything or anyone. When you find yourself associated with someone or something, and you fathom the truth about them, don’t complain if you are going to continue to be present with the source. People who are well within themselves realize that the problem isn’t them, it’s whomever or whatever, and instead of them complaining and trying to change the person, place, or thing, they leave it alone, and move on. The world is huge with lots of people to meet, many places to go, and plenty of things to grasp. Get out and discover who and what is truly in it for you.

Moranda Breaux


Photo by McGregor, C. Know yourself, to know others.

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