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Desire to put something

By FxtehPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

There we go, as far as our journey goes. But man is not satisfied with what he has. The desire for more, more always arises. Note that the more impossible the goal, the greater the tension. The mind is not satisfied with whatever I have. The position is small, need a big one. Money is little, more money is needed. The house is small, we need a bigger one. If the shop is small, it should be bigger. Father died leaving ten lakhs, I want to die leaving twenty lakhs. Whatever wealth, position, honor I have is less. I want to get it tomorrow if not today, have tried less will try a little more. Life ends in this effort. I will get it tomorrow. Similar greed brings stress, whether worldly or spiritual.

The greater the distance between you and your target, the greater the tension. The shorter the distance, the lower the tension. You will be surprised to know that a materialistic person who wants money, position, prestige will not be as stressed as a spiritual person. why Because his ideal is so high, the target is low. There is no limit to desire and no destination in sight, it is a journey without identity.

If we have a desire, we have to work hard to fulfill it. Due to which the work load on us will increase, time will be less and information will also have to be collected for that. All three, the workload, time constraints and the brain burden of information gathered, will all add to stress.

I want to be something. Doctor, Engineer or Prime Minister! I tried a lot but could not become what I wanted to become. A son was born in your house, now you want, what happened if I could not be, my son should be. But the son has his own habits, his own wishes, his own dreams. He will fulfill them. If the son goes according to his choice, there will be tension between father and son. If you look back at your life, did you fulfill your father's wish? If you did, are you happy now? are you happy no? Why did you continue to fulfill your father's dreams, then what happened to your dreams? Don't you want to fulfill your unfulfilled dreams with the help of your son?

It happened like this, a child started asking his father that grandfather used to beat you too, he said, yes, a lot. Then he asked if your grandfather used to beat his father and his father replied yes. So the son started saying that how long will this family hooliganism

The main thing is to give the child the freedom to be what he wants to be, to do, to do. Do not try to fulfill your unfulfilled dreams through children. Let the children follow their own dreams. If they are on the wrong path, warn them, tell them about its benefits and harms. I know many friends who could not become a doctor or an engineer, but remained a compounder or a mason, and were trying hard to make their child a doctor or an engineer. But the son wanted to be an artist. There used to be tension in their house regarding this matter. You must have seen such incidents in your family, neighborhood.

Osho says that if you look carefully, you will find happiness in the world. But people have neither happiness nor love. There is a mistake in begging because you go out to beg, you don't even remember that the one you are asking for is your nature. Religion is the name of this revolution, the day you remember to stop asking, look inside yourself, see completely who I am, maybe what is not found outside is there.

my dear reading friends, lovers of reading books, I request you to give your suggestions on these ideas.


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  • Test4 months ago

    Awesome story!!! Loved it!!!❤️

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