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Definition of Love

Definition of Love

By 哦豁Published 8 months ago 11 min read

Definition of Love

"Love": the Chinese explanation is: "love" and "love" of the combination; love is like, love is to give and give; love is between the two people of mutual attraction and admiration. The " love " between lovers is pure and innocent, the most good and beautiful, embodied in the most sincere admiration for each other formed by the two sides in their respective hearts, and have a strong desire for each other to become their lifelong partner. Love" between husband and wife is more specifically expressed as: love, peace and beauty, mutual loyalty, mutual trust, emotional devotion, mutual dedication, one heart and one mind, in the same boat, suffering together, moisten each other and grow old together. Love is not class, not gender or race, that is from the heart of a kind of attachment, a kind of attachment that is love; love, in different times have different definitions. The modern definition is the most sincere admiration for each other formed by two people based on certain material conditions and common life ideals, and the strongest, most stable, most dedicated feelings that desire each other to be their lifelong partner. Love often has a feeling of wanting to stay together for a long time, and when love is strong, there is even a feeling of not being able to live without him (her) and wanting to die when he (she) dies. But in ancient matriarchal societies, in ancient patriarchal systems, love had another experience, and was not simply monogamous. Love is the desire for life, love is the unrestrained dream of youth.

The scientific meaning of love

The traditional view is that human love and sexual desire reach their peak at the beginning of the establishment of a relationship and then become increasingly indifferent.

The scientific meaning of love The romance between lovers, like a wife, begins to fade within 15 months of their relationship and fades after 10 years.

Modern science explains love: natural love is limited by the biological process of hormonal action.

The dull love

The initial passion of love slowly transitions to calmness and harmony as both parties struggle to "hide" their "problems" and indulge in their respective "vices". The days pass slowly in the passionate devotion of both sides, like a milk of love with the years quietly flowing into both sides of the big bowl of tea.

Two people in the struggle to compromise, in the compromise to accept, in the acceptance of cooperation, in cooperation with the maintenance of love.

Love boils in the midst of busy, life continues in the dull. Responsibilities and obligations increasingly become the topic of lovers' meals.

Travel, buying a house, a car and a puppy are more the visions of lovers on their walks, and they believe that these visions will also slowly become reality, just as confidently as they believe in the prospects of China's economic growth.

We've been reminded of two well-told tales of love.

One is the typical traditional "raising the eyebrows": it is about the love story of Liang Hong, a talented man in the early Eastern Han Dynasty. Liang Hong was very learned, but a poor man. One day, he met with an old and ugly girl named Meng Guang, who had fallen in love with him and would not marry him. Liang Hong, an excellent man equivalent to a provincial post-doctorate, heard about it and took the initiative to propose marriage. After they got married, they lived a happy life in the mountains as a man and a woman. Every day Liang Hong returned from work in the field, Meng Guang has long been the meal ready, the couple are very respectful of each other, a plate held flush with the eyebrows never look up at the husband's face, one will always use both hands to accept the wife handed over the plate very courteous.

Another very typical tradition is "Zhang Kuang painting eyebrows": Zhang Kuang, a native of the Western Han Dynasty, was the mayor of the capital city of Xi'an during the reign of Emperor Xuan, and usually painted his wife's eyebrows for him. One day, someone complained to the emperor and made a big deal about it, saying that Zhang Chang was "frivolous". Emperor Xuan of Han asked about this in front of all the ministers. As a result, Zhang Chang said very calmly: "I heard that within the bedroom, there is more than eyebrow painting in the privacy of a couple". This means that there are more fun things between husband and wife in the bedroom than painting eyebrows, which is a common feeling. Your Majesty, you should be more concerned about national affairs. Once the emperor heard that it made sense, not only did not reprimand him, but also set him and his wife as a model of conjugal love. Later on, people also used the metaphor of "Zhang Chang painting eyebrows" to describe the love of a couple.

These two stories are just two forms of classic Chinese love stories. Many other love stories have been handed down in the form of idioms since ancient times, such as "respect each other as a guest", "love for each other", "love for each other", "love for each other", "love for each other", "love for each other", "love for each other", "love for each other", etc. In the pursuit of love, the ancients have made every effort to perform countless classics. There are both "The West Wing" and "The Wrong Flower Field" in which a beautiful man and his son are finally married, and "The Flight of the Peacock" and "Liang Zhu" in which the earth-shattering emotions are echoed.

In the early years of love, countless people had countless visions of love.

I thought that love was a great love is hot love is full of happiness.

I thought love was suffocating madness love is flowery love is sizzling hot coals.

I thought that love is the inner fever love is the heart surging love is the two of the sky is constant blue.


Please forgive our generation's view of love, mostly influenced by domestic and foreign film and television dramas and romance novels.

The years make people grow. After all, life is not a suspenseful, tightly plotted, exaggerated and concentrated conflict composed of people weeping, deeply involved in the idol drama. In reality, everyone has to spend a long life, is a lot of people feel bored, bored, distressed, long, unwilling, angry, painful, sad ...... all kinds of trivial things bothering.

As lovers spend more time together, life becomes more and more mundane, and those anniversaries that once began to be celebrated months before they arrived, slowly become almost like any other ordinary day. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a couple of days to get a lot more than just a couple of days.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things. Two people's love, the same can not always stay in love when passionate burning under the fire, when the novelty, excitement, passion ...... gradually recede, and keep the never-ending warm fire slowly simmering, gradually penetrate, mingle, only sublimated to eternal.

The couple in life will have these scenarios: the husband playing crazy time will receive the wife such as "hurry up and get me back!" , "I'm breaking up with you!" Such explosive text messages, can also receive "watermelon in the refrigerator, there are washed cherries. The "I went shopping today and bought you some clothes, don't say you don't like it!" This kind of love and affection SMS.

This "two-faced", occasionally make the husband feel that his wife is not enough womanly, reckless when doing things, often greasy people have more, not enough gentle.

Of course, the husband also has many shortcomings, such as lazy. Lazy when the husband will do a little trick, saying: "Ohhhhh, dizzy, and can not move the neck, can not do housework today, you do it!" The wife at this time will often show a motherly love complex higher than the mountain than the sea, and proudly said: "I'm all wrapped up!"

Every time the husband's cervical spine and shoulder soreness, greeted, the wife will brush the sleeves on the hands, the task of helping her husband rub up.

This is a lot of ordinary, silent, in order to life and toil of ordinary people have the same simple love.

The general theory of love

Love is a strong attachment, closeness, longing, selflessness and devotion between people. In Chinese culture, love is the ability to capture the heart of the other person, to have the attributes of intimacy, lust, and commitment, and to have confidence in the longevity of the relationship and to share the private life of the other person. Love is an integral part of human nature, narrowly defined as love between lovers, and broadly defined to include love between friends and love between relatives. On the basis of the emotion of love, love has developed in different cultures with different characteristics.

The times have given our generation more opportunities and a bigger stage than our parents' generation, and they have also provided many possibilities for life. Perhaps we do not have unattainable aspirations, no unattainable desires, no great ups and downs, and not too many difficulties, but we have the most real life.

If this is the case, then, in my eyes, the raised case, is in the ordinary as one life, each other understand their power in each other's hearts, as well as have and enjoy this unshakeable respect, and love. After experiencing the past, always wondering what love is and what marriage is like. Unfortunately, in the books we have been reading for 18 years or more, there is no homework on this subject, except for a few words. Each person will have his own concept of love, and when two people's concepts overlap, those who know how to be plain will go farther together. Love can be love at first sight as in a previous life, and marriage, two people in the food and oil to get along, life in mutual adaptation, coordination, understanding, humility, tolerance, really not simply can be interpreted with love.

I think friendship can be a simple give and take, while love has to be tolerated and understood a lot. The wisdom and philosophy is often born in the ordinary life, two people who did not know each other like two parallel lines can come together, and then influence each other, implicitly.

Two people with different hobbies, to learn to adapt and tolerate each other is a very important thing, compromise is sometimes a kind of understanding and care. The habits developed by two people in the first twenty years can slowly become harmonious from the confrontation in the day-to-day interactions. A person in love is originally not allowed to change, but what to change for each other and what to change for each other. It turns out that in those bland life quarrels, friction is just reconciliation, get along is not easy, know how to operate bland people are love and life in the wise man.

But all love with an ending is dull, and beautiful love is poignant and even tragic. After the sweet hot love, the transition from the perfect image period to ordinary, from strange to familiar, even a few moles on the body, are said to be long-lasting, but can not understand its meaning, love precious is not hot love, but can accept the dull life.

Perhaps some people think that marriage kills love, this is only a one-sided understanding of individuals. An ordinary and uneventful marriage only dilutes the romance of love to some extent rather than burying and killing it. It is just a further expression of the romance of love in the form of marriage.

The actual love doesn't need to be how gorgeous, then romantic love, there will be flowers bloom when, in fact, the ordinary life is the best weapon to sharpen the love, this love, if it can last, that is the happiest time in life.

Sometimes, some people, like the snowflakes in front of your eyes, very beautiful, very light, but after you reach out, he ( she ) as if falling in the palm of your hand, but the beauty but no reason to disappear, only a trace of bland water droplets. Love, lover is sometimes like this, you forget your body heat when you accept him ( her ) with your hand, it is you who will melt him ( her ), change him ( her ), sublimate him ( her ), so accept this blandness, always remember that beauty, this is love.


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