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Deconstructing faith

Explaining it

By Lena BaileyPublished about a month ago 3 min read

This has come up a lot and this conversation has been going on for a long time. The church is dying, and it started with the deconstructing and denouncing of faith people have done. In this post I will be using the word church for a shorter way of saying place of worship.

So let's define deconstructing first. Deconstructing faith is a spectrum, and it includes everything from questioning your faith (it usually starts there) to denouncing your faith (sometimes ends there).

What started this trend? It varies from person to person. Usually, some people usually look at what their church and faith teach and something about it doesn't make sense. Maybe they were abused or hurt by the church. Maybe they were a victim of sexual assault by a church member or staff. It can also start from just not believing. Some people in the LGBT community have gone on this journey.

What ends up happening? There are some people who go from being fundamental to being less fundamental and that's where it ends. There's also some people who change faiths or denomination. It doesn't always have to end in someone denouncing their faith.

When I started to deconstruct and have my crisis of faith it was something that my church was teaching that didn't make sense. Also, there was something that didn't sit right with me when it came to how Christians were acting. If they truly believed what Jesus taught, they would be less judgy and more loving. They would also stop using their faith to take away rights of people and spreading misinformation.

Most people who deconstructing or denouncing their faith are Christians and that's why this post is more focused on the Christian side of things.

What annoys Christians about this is not only are people leaving the church but they are also becoming the church's biggest critics. They get so mad at the things people say when in reality the critics are just telling the truth and holding the church accountable for their words and actions. What sucks is that the critics know the bible sometimes better than the Christians and the Christians are looking at the critics like they're the devil.

The church can be hateful, and they have hurt people. They have also done a disservice to their church members and that's why people are deconstructing or at least starting the process. They see through the hate, hypocrisy and the judgement. Christians are very two faced.

There are also aspects of some religions that seem very anti woman as well. They want to restrict the access to abortion because they think it's murder. A lot of "abortions" that are not being performed are the removal of dead fetuses, so the mom won't go septic and die. If you don't believe me look it up. There are also some religious men who want the 195os housewife and women don't want to depend on a man when it comes to things like money.

When you look at what the church and what they have done (and will continue to do) it makes sense why the church is dying and why people deconstructing. Christians have been trying to brain wash people to be elitest almost.

I don't care if you have a faith or religious belief. The problem comes from when the religion causes you to hate or judge others. There's also a problem when you use your belief to make laws or try to tell everyone else what they can or can't do. Why do you care if a woman who doesn't want kids has an abortion? That is between her, her doctor and her higher power (if she has one). Who cares if a man wants to marry another man? Love is taught most religions.

What if other religions and ways of thinking did what Christians did? What if atheists or the church of Satan outlawed prayer? What if Muslims or other religions made us all pray to their God The list of what ifs are long.

People are denouncing and deconstructing their faith due to lack of proof, fundamental beliefs or hate. But it doesn't make us evil and it doesn't mean we hate God we just believe different now than we did.


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