Dear You,

by Connor Christine about a year ago in advice

A Love Letter to My Future Self

Dear You,

Dear You,

Wherever you are and whoever you have become.

The first thing you need to know is that I am so unbelievably proud of you.

I don't care what you are doing or where you are doing it, I am so beyond proud. This is because I know that you weren't afraid to take risks, pursue your passions, and follow your heart in order to get to where you are. I'm very hopeful that you feel like you made the right choice and have no regrets.

But most importantly...

That you made that choice for yourself.

I know you have had to deal with what seemed like every single person around you telling you what you should do or who you should be. They told you that they know what's best for you and what you should do. They tried to sway you and make the decision for you. But no one deserves to make your choices and create your path except for you.

You are worthy and deserve to create yourself.

No one else.

I know it has been far from easy. And that's why I am writing this. I'm struggling right now, and have been because I have been wondering and worrying about you and how my decisions will impact you. But I am also writing this because I know you will be okay, but there may come a time that you will need this, maybe even more than I do right now.

And I know that when that time comes you will need to know that I love you unconditionally.

We've both spent a lot of time, whether it was days, nights, or hell, even years thinking that no one could possibly ever feel that way about us or be able to say that they were proud of us. And even if a few of them did along the way, you and I both know that they didn't actually know the true person they were saying those things to.

But I do.

I know you. The real you.

I know what makes you smile. I know what makes you cry. I know what drives you crazy. I know what you think about when you wake up. I know what you dream about when you go to sleep. I know what makes your heart skip a beat. I know what makes your heart break.

I know what you've gone through.

Every obstacle. Every challenge. Everything that was thrown at the both of us, we overcame. We grew. We learned. It changed us. And it has shaped you into the person that you are today. The person that I love.

I know who you've been at your best, your happiest.

The people. The places. The experiences. The love. All of the late nights with countless adventures, laughs, and memories. Some of the best moments of your life.

And I know who you've been at your worst.

The 3 A.M. tears. The drawings. The ripped pictures. The thoughts. The green notebook. The arguments. The anger. The sadness. The broken trust. The broken heart.

Everything. I've been there for and have seen everything.

And I still love you. All of you.

I always have and I always will.

More than anyone.

I am also so beyond proud of you.

I always have been and I always will be.

I am proud to know who you've been, and now I am proud to know who you've become.

And no matter where you are or what you're doing, just know and believe that you are right where you need to be.



Connor Christine
Connor Christine
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