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by LeAnn Murch 11 months ago in dating
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The Joys of Dating in This Era

Oh how exciting it is to date in 2018 you don't even have to know a guys name to get a picture of his junk! Go on a date? Heck no, instead we Netflix and chill and by "chill" they mean go straight to sex while a movie plays in the background to cover up the awkward noises your body makes during intercourse.

Yes dating is so much fun! I especially like the part where you meet a guy online and then when you finally meet in person he looks nothing like the pictures he sent you. Or how exciting is it to be hooking up with a really hot dude and his wife shows up, now that's the kind of guy I want, SCORE!

Flowers, gifts, being picked up at your front door? Thing of the past my friends! You wanna be committed to someone? Just send nudes and you can claim that person for a good 24 hours.

I've signed up for every free dating site there is (I would never pay to find a boyfriend that's just ridiculous)—they're all pretty much the same. Mostly horny guys trying to get laid or really sad lonely guys also trying to get laid. No one is looking for a genuine connection, they might say they are but then once they get it they freak the fuck out and say "Oh no, too soon, I'm not ready for this kind of commitment."

I'm not quite sure what its like to actually date someone, to be fully committed to just one man. Yes I was married but we never dated, we met in high school fell in love (or what we thought was love) had a lot of sex and got pregnant so we did the right thing and got married. Once I got to know him I didn't like him, he wasn't my type at all. we never went on dates or did anything like these so called couples do. So I can't really say what its like to be in a fun, loving healthy relationship.

Now being an adult and single I have no clue what I want from a man. I want sex obviously, I want to be able to talk to them without feeling like I'm superior to them. Someone who can laugh at the same boring bullshit I find funny. Someone I can go play basketball with and go watch a baseball game with and pig out like total fatties without being judged. I just have this problem with staying faithful once I do find a good one. I lose interest fast, if I'm not getting the amount of attention I think I deserve I go elsewhere to find it. Which is what's wrong with the newer generation. We all have ADD and can't stay focused on one person long enough to see if we could make a relationship work.

Wrong, yes I know but I'm not gonna sit around like a lost puppy waiting for my man to come entertain me. This is probably why the dating world has gone to shit because of men and women just like me, not knowing how to stay committed and keep a relationship alive. Dating is like being at a casino: There's so much going on that you want to do it all and play all the games. In the end you leave broke and depressed just like dating. You had fun but go home alone and empty handed.

One part of me does want to find that one special someone to spend the rest of my life with and then the other part of me is like fuck no, only one dick for the rest of my damn life, are you kidding me?! So for now I shall remain unattached scrolling through my dick pics as I finish this off. Here's to another long year of drinking and online dating. Cheers!


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