Cute Relationship Goals for Every Couple

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Nothing beats a lazy Sunday binge watching with your lover. These are the adorable relationship goals for every couple.

Cute Relationship Goals for Every Couple

Being in love is truly the best feeling in the world. There's someone who understands you from the inside and out, loves all of your flaws, finds you to be hilarious, compliments you every five minutes, and overall enjoys being around and loving you. Even though the two of you are a couple, it feels like you're one being. From the emotions you two share to the same shows you guys are constantly watching together, nearly doing everything together binds the souls together into one emotion.

Alright, that's getting way too deep. But being in love is something that many of us are addicted to. There are even little, adorable things that us couples do that expands our love even more. From holding hands everywhere we go to resting our heads on their lap, some of us take advantage of these moments, because we know that little things like these comes with being in love. So, here are the other relationship goals for every couple.

Exploring the World with the One You Love

Nothing beats exploring places across the globe with the one you love. Sharing the experience, visiting historic landmarks, dining on fine cuisines, and simply sightseeing beautiful areas with someone you cherish life with. Sure, seeing the world and taking it all in alone is great, but cherishing it all with someone you love is a totally different experience.

Rome, Paris, New York City, Sydney, Istanbul, all of the diverse destinations and cultures are meant to create memories with someone you feel deserves to experience it all with you. Couples who travel together, are true relationship goals for every couple, like @doyoutravel on Instagram.

Kissing Him and Purposely Leaving a Lipstick Stain on His Cheek

You can't tell me that you don't do this by accident. We love to leave lipstick kiss marks on our significant other. It's just one of those goofy, cute things that we do to show our love. Plus, not everyone is worth putting our lipstick kiss marks on.

On their cheek, lips, forehead, and literally anywhere else, it's like we're marking our love on them. There are even times when we purposely put on lipstick for a date...

When They Don't Care About the Amount We Eat

This is easily one of the relationship goals for every couple. For us big eaters who have a massive appetite, there's nothing more attractive than your partner never... ever caring by how much you eat. You can order the world and they'll just gaze at your stuffing your face.

What's better is when the two of you are big eaters. And do you know what that means? Ordering a lot of food during dates or simply lounging around the house. Ordering pies and pies of pizza, extra wings with blue cheese on the side. And we can't forget about dessert; God forbid one of us forgets the chocolate lava cake. But for someone who appreciates and actually doesn't care with the amount you eat, that's true love right there.

When They're Mad at You, but Are Still Willing to Hug and Forgive You

In a relationship, also depending on the incident, it's important to forgive and forget. Many of us do minor mistakes without really meaning it, and this can cause our significant other to be a bit furious with us. But from the really cute relationship goals for every couple, when they're still willing to hug you even when they're mad at you, this tops it all.

This shows that they still love you no matter what stupid mistake you caused. And the idea of immediately forgiving is what makes a couple even stronger.

When They Rest Their Head on Your Lap

We all know that our partner's lap is the best pillow to lay your head on. And casually laying on their lap brings the ultimate comfort. Like you feel at peace, especially when you were dealing with the most stressful day.

Wait, but the best part is when they play with your hair while you lay on their lap. That instantly brings in the Z's and we'll somehow drift into a sweet slumber.

When They Tell You How Cute You Are

So many of us are suckers when our partner, out of the blue, compliments us. We'll be eating like slobs and out of no where your lover will tell you how adorable you look. We'll be sleeping and they'll mention to us how much of a cute sleeper we are.

But when we really try to look good for a party, a date, or whatever event, the compliments just keep going. Basically blowing up your head, and it's the best feeling ever. Even if you can't see it, someone truly recognizes your true beauty and we can use that to love ourselves, as well! But you certainly don't need a lover to love yourself, because building a loving relationship with yourself and identifying your worth can be done solo, too!

Watching Netflix and Being Lazy Together on a Sunday

From the relationship goals for every couple, lounging around lazy on a Sunday and binge watching Netflix beats a night of going out to a club or anything else related to putting on pants and leaving the house. The two of you pick a show or a film, back to back, and cuddle while crying from laughter or crying from... crying.

Sweats, no makeup, messy hair, or actually no pants at all, and just spending the day on the couch watching Netflix. Spending time with each other, even moments like these, definitely expands the love. This is definitely among dates where you don't have to spend lots of money, too.

Holding Hands During Quiet Moments

Quiet moments together aren't awkward anymore compared to how it was in the earlier days of dating. In fact, these quiet times are more comforting than awkward, because you can still feel comfortable even when no one's saying a word. Just enjoying the presence of someone you love says it all.

But then they hold your hand and it gets better from there. Quiet moments and physical contact can still show the love you two have for each other. They'll caress the top of your hand with their thumb and the silence between you two actually says more than words.

Hugging Tightly When It's Pouring Rain Outside

The two of you are out and it's starting to downpour like crazy. And with just one umbrella, the two of you share it for dear life. This means hugging tightly under the umbrella, practically grasping each other's body, while walking in the rain.

Even when the rain is literally nothing threatening... it's just water, this is the perfect excuse to hold onto each other tightly. Their scent comes off, their physique in your arms, and overall body warmth rubbing off on you. Times like these certainly remind you why you love your partner, which is why it's among the relationship goals for every couple.

Just Cuddling, Hugging, and Snuggling in Bed

Lastly, from the really adorable relationship goals for every couple, simply cuddling in bed is one of the best aspects about being in a relationship. No one can say no to cuddling! Oh but cuddling in bed under the blankets and surrounded by pillows calls for naps, too.

The two of you don't have to show your love by constantly going out to lounges, out to eat, or going out in general. Spending time with your partner means wholesome, deep conversations, and just being in the presence of them. And nothing makes you feel more loved than being in the arms of someone who want to cherish life with.

Lizzie Boudoir
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