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by Jayson Rich 5 years ago in love
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Guy & Girl Story

Guy is driving behind the wheel, watching Girl sleep as the horizon changes behind them, in the midst of day shifting into night. He wonders if he should wake her, but decides against it for possibly the fifth time in less than an hour, the iridescent light shining off her impossibly beautiful peaceful face. He'd turned off the radio for fear of waking the sleeping goddess beside him. Out of boredom, Guy begins to keep himself company.

"I love you," he says tenderly, during quick glances at what he knows as Girl's flawless features for possibly the millionth time. It all seems so new to him.

Guy drinks in the sight of the road ahead, thinking of the hundreds of miles down, and hundreds to go.

"This isn't the type of love that will ever end, either." Guy's hand slowly drifts from the wheel to brush Girl's hair from her face and behind her ear.

"I've actually always wanted to do that. I know, I know, such a cliché movie moment. But I want every single movie moment I can have with you, my little one," he chuckles, thinking that he can't believe he's become such a sellout.

Guy listens to the soft but steady inhale and exhale of Girl's breath with the rise and fall of her chest. He spends another few minutes looking out into the night sky, thinking about how amazing the natural scene of it all is. Taking it all in, he lets out a deep, content sigh.

Guy begins again. "I don't think there's anywhere else I'd rather be than here, in this modern marvel with you...going anywhere, everywhere, just as long as we're together. Men and women years ago wouldn't have ever thought this possible. They would be..." He pauses, stumped.

He frowns at his unusual loss of words when the headlights of a passing car blind him and, almost like a lightbulb, spark his thought process again. "They would be blown away. Blinded by the awesomeness of this all. Something that can travel across cities, states, countries, and, hell, even planets! No one would have ever imagined this at all. How far we've gone in this, and how much farther we will go!" Guy whispers in an excited tone, bouncing in his seat.

He emphasizes this by jamming his finger in the dashboard pointedly and beginning to slam his palm. He stops his palm midair before smacking the dash. Girl stirs slightly in her sleep, moaning as she shifts position, getting more comfortable and falling deeper into her sleep. Guy clears his throat and imagines her now, wide awake, staring at him with those bright eyes that practically smiled waiting for him to continue.

He laughs, but gladly obliges. "I wasn't, uh, talking about the car. Haha. In case you were wondering. I meant this relationship. This bond. This mysterious and undeniable tie to each other. This love. We jumped on so long ago, rode it out together. Were there some bumpy roads, some broken pieces here and there?"

The guy shrugs to himself, nodding while reaching out for Girl's hand to hold, squeezing it as he grips it while she sleeps. Even in her unconsciousness, she feels the familiar warmth, touch, love, heartbeat in the fingertips. Girl squeezes back, reaffirming him with such a simple motion, comforting him down to his bones by her unassuming declaration of the same love Guy had for her, so present and strong she didn't even need to be awake to show it.

"But a ride we'll stick out together. Always and forever, you and I. Right?" Guy begins to consider whether that even made any sense.

Smiling to himself as he drives, Guy ponders whether he's sane or crazy in the worst ways over Girl sleeping not feet from him. He wonders if Girl loves him so much that she dreams of Guy and his impractical, unreasonable, silly stories in her sleep. He starts to quietly snigger to himself, imagining that scenario, happy that he can bring Girl joy even when he doesn't know it. Guy begins to rub the back of Girls palm with his thumb, moving it in a circular motion or side to side against Girl's impossibly soft and soothingly warm skin. He exhales again, looking longingly from the stretch of pavement to his better half.

"I do have something to admit," Guy says slowly, looking her over again, memorizing her every detail like it's the last time. He notices how the light of each passing car plays off each and every one of Girl's serene features.

The whole spectacle just mesmerizes him again and again in an infinite loop. It makes Guy feel whole again.

"I want you to remember that every night, every single night, that you are the stars in the night sky to my moon. Floating amidst it all, lost in them, like I am you. I'm completed by nothing in this world or the next except you, and I'll whisper to you every night that I love you through the moonlight. Shining through the window or reflecting off a surface, wherever you are that it reaches you," he finishes.

The last of his words resound with immeasurable amounts of passionate conviction. Guy lets go of Girl's hand to stroke her cheek with the thumb of his now open hand. After seconds of lingering in the gesture, enjoying the moment and savoring the emotion with his twin flame, he looks away, halfheartedly pulling his hand away to place it back on the steering wheel. Guy is startled to feel another smaller, softer hand grasping his, tightly holding it against Girls face. In momentary shock, he turns to see her, now barely awake but groggy-eyed and gazing back at him.

"And with the starlight through your window, I will always whisper, 'I love you more,'" Girl says, yawning—which, as he had learned, meant she wasn't fully awake.

Guy smiles wider than he has the entire ride, his eyes taking on a profound glaze.

"So, don't let go," Girl whispers, kissing his hand and placing it back against her cheek.

Just before he can respond, Guy notices what seems like the headlights of a car that haven't dimmed and passed like all the rest, but instead brightened until they're all but blinding. He squints, raising his hand to shield his sight, but it doesn't help at all. With neither of Guy's hands on the wheel, the vehicle continues forward on its path with no one controlling it…

Guy hears Girl's voice calling to him. "Wake up, Sleeping Beauty." Opening his eyes, Guy sees Girl now standing in front of him, the sunset behind her outlining her silhouette, making her appear as magical as he has always seen her. Girl teasingly holds up the keys for Guy, and as he reaches out for them, she reaches out, getting hold of him. Girl pulls on Guy's collar, pulling him in close for a kiss. While embracing each other fully with interlocked lips, Guy uses a soft touch to place his hand on Girl's neck, lengthening the affectionate seconds to minutes. When they finally pull away from each other, they rest with their foreheads pressed together, looking into the other's eyes.

"It's your turn to drive, my king," Girl says, finally giving Guy the keys.

"King?" Guy says curiously, raising a single eyebrow.

"Yes," Girl responds, with a huge, impish grin. "You sure snore like a king," she says, exploding with laughter.

"I do not!" Guy retorts, snorting while settling into the driver's seat, focused on adjusting the settings.

Suddenly, Guy straightens up and asks, "Do I really though?"


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Jayson Rich

People have always loved to read what I write, and I've always loved to write what people want to read. From research to romance...

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