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No coincidences just synchronicities

By Cynthia M Published 2 years ago 6 min read
The mans face

It’s a Friday morning it’s super gloomy, making the day feel like a drag. I don’t know about you but gloomy days make me lazy and sleepy. Not to mention I work nights and I got off work at 4 am and only slept for a bit. My friend loves to not let me sleep haha but he woke me up to come with him on a delivery around 7 am, he’s a little clingy but I loved it. After the delivery we went to get some coffee at a cute little hole in the wall, I got a mouthful of blueberry muffin and my friend goes “let’s go to a thrift store!” He is super hyper when he drinks coffee. A little hesitant and also chewing I go “You know what yes let’s do it I haven’t gone in so long I use to find gems all the time.” It was my day off so why not. I could sleep later. Also this friend of mines is special to me. We get along so well, we have a great time together there’s literally never a dull moment. Even just watching tv together is fun. Around this time we were watching schitts creek on Netflix. I already watched it but I wanted him to watch it and he loves it. He’s an Aquarius and I’m an Aries, air and fire go well together. Two peas in a pod. Anyways, we go home to clean up and then we head out. We arrived at goodwill and we decide to split up, he goes towards the clothes and I’m always drawn to home decor stuff since I always find unique things, so I head to the back. I came across many treasures but this one particular item for some reason I just felt peace with it, it was a ceramic circle of a man with kind eyes, and a very sweet smile. It just made me feel nice. So I put it in my basket. It had little details of blue flowers that made it pop. It had a very earthy feel and look to it.

The box inside a box

Looking around some more I also found some cool box that had another box inside of it, with what looked to be japanese art on the tops. My immediate thought was “I can put one of my tarot decks in this.” So I got that as well. I had found an incense holder as well but I could not show it since my cats broke it unfortunately. Anyway, Looking around some more I couldn’t really find anything else, I wanted to find a cool coffee mug but the ones I saw were basic and none of the clothes I looked at didn’t really catch my eye so I was ready to go. I love to read so I decided to look at the books but eh nothing intriguing enough for me. I know you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover but I definitely was judging haha they just looked old and boring, and definitely not on topics I cared for. So I just went to look for my friend. It took a few laps to locate him but when I finally see him I see he’s holding an armful of shirts and a chest of some sort, walking up to him I asked “what is that?” “I got this for you because I thought you might like it for your crystals.” I immediately smiled under my mask, cause you know pandemic haha but I got so happy. He makes me happy.

The crystal holder

“Oh my gosh, it’s perfect!! Thank you for thinking of me!” He just smiled at me “I’m glad you like it and it made you happy.” Remember how I told you he’s a special friend to me, I have reason to believe he’s my soulmate. I love him. Still do. It’s a LOONNGG story between us, but I’ve known him since high school, we had a crush on each other back then, and at this time we still had a thing for each other. I should just mention we are actually fooling around and that is why we were together in the morning and here at the thrift store. We’ve been through a lot together. I’m actually working on writing it into a book. Right now in the present we are currently separated unfortunately. Anyway, back to the thrift finds. “It has a broken handle on one of the drawers so I don’t know if you still want it.” “Of course I do we can fix that with glue no biggie.” We walk to get in line to pay and we talked about stuff we saw but didn’t grab. He asked me about what I found and why I liked them. He ended up paying for everything which was very nice of him. But then again I wasnt surprised. My friend was a drug dealer and was always spending money on us and me. He bought me clothes, shoes, AirPods, games for my Nintendo switch. He hardly lets me pay for anything. Only time I do is when I’m able to pull my card out faster than he gets his cash. That’s his love language I think. Fast forward to another time after this, my friend is no longer living with me at this point but one day I bought a new tarot deck right, the day went on and I had looked at all the cards art work. I left to get some boba and I come home and remember the ceramic mans face wall decor I found? Well I put it where I would see it as soon as I would walk into my apartment so I could be greeted by a smile everytime; I walk in and look at him then immediately it hit me! The image of the tarot card popped into my head “Oh my gosh your face is also in that new tarot deck I bought!!” I said to myself. I talk to myself a lot haha, I was so excited I ran to get my deck and grab the card and put the card and mans face together.

“Aha! I knew it. What are the chances you show up again in my life! No coincidence, I was meant to find you and buy you.” I’m a strong believer of things happening for a reason. Whatever the reason is, it’s just a synchronicity. He looks a little different since the artwork on the deck is very earthy and plant like, they made him into a leafy man, but nonetheless it’s the same face. He’s called the green man on the deck and he actually represents the fool in the original tarot decks. I made a whole tik tok on this cause it was just exciting to me. These were just some finds that mean a lot to me. Especially the chest my friend found for me, since we are no longer talking it just has much more sentimental value to it. I plan to keep these things for the rest of my life. Hope you enjoyed my thrift finds.


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