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Climate Eulogy


By Aaron Michael GrantPublished 2 months ago 6 min read

Scientists have declared that “there is no climate emergency” in the World Climate Declaration. 1,100 of them have signed the document in an attempt to stop the politics of the issue; a place where there ought to be no politics at all.

Not long ago I saw my first episode of “All in the Family.” I loved it. On the television all through the 1970’s, I was shocked that even then, before the year of my birth, people were talking about the “climate crisis.” For at least sixty years it has been a topic of discussion. Sixty. I gaped at ‘the meathead’ as he told his benefactor Carrol O’Connor that he was disconnected from the reality that we were destroying our planet. What a show!

In the nineties I was a huge fan of “Captain Planet.” The cartoon molded my brain to never cut down a single tree when I built my forts in the woods. What a sponge I was! Like all other children I was very susceptible to the idea that the world needed my help. I spent days cleaning up neighborhood trash, and was an impeccable recycler. To this day I consider these positive experiences in my life not only to beautify my neighborhood, but a civics lesson that even a small child can make a difference.

Not long ago we laughed that “cow farts” had become a topic of discussion. That was twenty years ago. Now, entire countries are mandating the slaughter of these life-giving creatures because of it. At a time when we know that food prices will drastically rise, there are thousands of farmers across the world blocking highways and rightly protesting the culling of cattle for no reason. It is surreal. It would be laughable if it were not for the fact that killing cows will cause people to go hungry. What the hell is going on here?!

Let’s put the whole issue of the “climate crisis” to bed. Though it was nicely done by the World Climate Declaration, it will most likely be ignored. Why? Because most people today will put those brilliant scientists in a small box in their mind labelled as “disinformation.” It is a tragedy of society where people are presented with real, hard evidence and refuse to believe it. They will shout in your face just to shut you up. That’s how you know they have no argument. That’s how you know they’ve lost when the opposition resorts to juvenile noise and name calling. Yes. Let us proclaim a eulogy for over sixty years of hysteria. Let us put it to bed.

Most will not care about the Declaration. Most will just keep on their crusade. It is fun and exhilarating to protest with signs. Some people have spent a lifetime on the climate crusade and will never stop because it has become part of who they are. It is so hard to change a person’s mind. So when the 1,100 scientists are cancelled and willed out of existence, I suggest you present the following eulogy because there is a much greater threat on the horizon that deserves our attention:

In fifty years there will be a third less people on earth. In fifty years people will come from all around to see a newborn baby.

The climate will be the least of our problems. Two billion less people will cancel out all argument of global warming. How? Birthrates. Human beings are not having children nearly as much as they were. In order for a population to remain the same in any given place, there must be 2.1 children born per couple on average. Here are the birthrates of a few nations as of 2014. Portugal: 1.23. Germany: 1.38. The USA: 1.6. Most people don’t want to have children. Indeed, all of Europe has not been at the 2.1 level in over twenty years. It is logical, if the trend does not improve, there will be much less people on earth very soon. Yes, the climate will be the least of our problems.

Fertility. No one is really talking about the horribly low level of fertility rates. Not only are people having less children, many who wish to cannot conceive. Why? Obesity (diet), vaccine side effects, even government intervention. These factors currently affect 1 in 6 couples. As of 2021, a full third of the USA is obese, affecting both male and female in the avenue of diet and the extraordinary level of complex carbohydrates, estrogen and synthetics in modern foods; especially fast food. Estrogen kills sperm count, and it is everywhere especially found in soy products. Vaccine side effects include that as well. The ugly truth is that the covid mRna experiment has disrupted fertility rates, and if we continue to be bombarded by all these things, the year 2050 will be marked by people coming from all around just to see a baby and hear its laughter.

And abortion. The awful amount of abortions in the last fifty years ought to pain every regenerate soul on Earth. Look it up.

Make the connection. In the not-so distant future there will be less people on earth, and the whole concept of climate will be shuttered as we deal with much greater problem: the survival of the human race. With less people comes less pollution. If these things come to pass, if we don’t deal with the greater issue at hand, the whole “climate crisis,” if it ever really existed, will have solved itself. Less people, less cars, less industry; less everything.

Not to mention that the climate moment fails to recognize a single fact: that a single volcanic eruption not long ago put more pollution in the Earth’s atmosphere than all of mankind has in thousands of years combined. Look it up. It’s true.

Remember the massive oil spill a few years ago in the Gulf of Mexico? It was an awful disaster when a crude oil pipe burst and flooded the entire region with crude that floated to the top. This disaster was a real climate crisis. The climate folk spoke of the years and trillions of dollars it would take to clean it up. But then, something amazing happened. Right after the oil pipe was sealed, a curious, and rather unknown microbe in the Gulf multiplied at an astonishing rate. It multiplied because it consumed the crude oil. In a matter of months, the whole region was literally eaten up and the microbes saved the day. Don’t believe in God? Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Let us return to the cows briefly. In the mid-19th century, all accounts of history tell us that buffalo blanketed the horizon out in the American west. There were more buffalo than any time in history until opportunists poached them for hides. Thirty to forty million buffalo are a conservative estimate. If there were a genuine effect that a massive amount of (larger) beasts had on the environment, it would have, or should have been seen then. According to our records. The climate then is largely the same as now.

So, let me offer a eulogy. The “climate crisis” is dead. Everything you hear now is little more than white noise. The protests and advocates of climate have had their day, and indeed have accomplished some good work, but now it is time to recognize a real humanitarian crisis. Let us advocate where it is due: for the survival of the human race. Picket against abortion, picket against hunger, and picket for common sense: that we may turn the storm that is certainly heading our way.


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Aaron Michael Grant

Grant retired from the United States Marine Corps in 2008 after serving a combat tour 2nd Tank Battalion in Operation Iraqi Freedom. He is the author of "Taking Baghdad," available at Barnes & Noble stores, and Amazon.

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