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Chinese astrology predicts the specific time of world chaos in the first half of 2024

World chaos in 2024 is not a prophecy

By 青木Published 4 months ago 4 min read

On Jiachen in 2024, Mars, Venus, Mercury, and Saturn will successively converge in the Barrier Formation. Although the Barrier Formation represents the Western battlefield, it will also have an impact on the aura projected by the stars in China. In particular, Mars, Venus, and Saturn are regarded as the three disasters. They gather in the barrier formation, thus triggering human disasters on the ground.

The three major stars, Barrier Formation, Tianbao City, and Yulin Army, are distributed in the two star regions of Weisu and Xusu. According to the law of classification of stars, Weisu and Xusu fall under the jurisdiction of the ancient Qi State and Qingzhou, and correspond to modern provinces and cities mainly including parts of Shandong and Hebei. I remember that many disastrous horoscopes in the second half of 2023 are related to Henan, Shandong, Hebei and other regions. On the occasion of the New Year, vicious criminal cases occurred one after another in Shandong Province, including the village annihilation case in Rizhao and the bombing case in Xingtai. In 2024, the Weixiu and Xuxiu star areas will be very lively, indicating that more disasters will occur in this jurisdiction. From the beginning of February to the present, there has been a strange spectacle in the sky above the celestial bodies. Pluto, Mercury, Mars, and Mercury are all gathered in the three constellations of Dou, Ox, and Fei. And formed a convergence and traversal, causing a series of impacts on the three major star regions. At this time, the Kinmen ship collision occurred. At first, both parties dealt with it in a low-key manner. However, as the astrological convergence intensified, the situation suddenly escalated, which may lead to a breakdown in the relationship between the two parties.

On Jiachen in 2024, ancient Chinese astrology calls the astrological pattern of celestial bodies "military and dangerous", which means that there will be more solar and lunar eclipses, and there will be a dense gathering of disaster stars. The stars on the celestial sphere collided fiercely, projecting people and things on the ground, triggering chaos in the world. In 2024, the most important celestial event will be the solar eclipse, especially the first solar eclipse on April 8-9 in the first half of the year, because the entire United States can view this solar eclipse. Once the national destiny of the United States is affected, it will inevitably cause the global world to fall into turmoil and unrest, and political, economic, financial and other fields will be affected.

Stargazing must look at the overall situation and have a broad vision of multiple dimensions. Although China will not be able to see all solar eclipses this year, the location of the first solar eclipse will still have a corresponding impact. Of course, the solar eclipse cannot be seen in these areas, and its counterattack power will be much weakened, so that a major disaster will not break out.

On April 8-9, 2024, the first solar eclipse will occur between the Lou and Albiru star regions. According to the law of division of stars, Bisu belongs to the jurisdiction of Weiguo and Bingzhou, while Lousu belongs to the jurisdiction of Lu and Xuzhou. The corresponding modern provinces and cities mainly include Shanxi, Gansu, Shandong, and Xuzhou, Jiangsu. There may be "anomalies", vicious social incidents and criminal cases in these provinces and cities. At the same time that a solar eclipse occurs on April 8-9, on the other side of the star, Jupiter and Uranus are gradually approaching in the Pleiades and will be conjunct on April 21. Jupiter governs the nature of growth and innovation, and Uranus governs the nature of innovation and breakthrough. The combined force of the two represents the astrology of revolution. The division of Pleiades happens to fall in the area of Hebei Province, where BJ belongs.

At the same time, Comet Ponzi-Brooks/Comet passed through the star region of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. The comet has an orbital period of 71 years and was discovered in July 1812 by Jean-Louis Pons at the Marseille Observatory. It was later discovered by William Robert Brooks in 1813 and confirmed to be the same comet shortly afterwards.

The next time Comet Ponzi-Brooks/Comet passes perihelion will be April 21, 2024, which is the time when Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct. It can be seen that the solar eclipse, the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus, and the appearance of comets are all connected, and should be regarded as one astrological entity with the linkage effect of this solar eclipse.

The ancients called comets broom stars, also known as comets. Xingjue says: "Comets are a taboo of heaven."; "If you cause trouble, comets will appear." When observing comets, the days of the Five Yins (Jiayin, Bingyin, Wuyin, Gengyin, and Renyin) should be used as standards. , April 21, 2024 is Yimao, and April 20 is Jiayin. This is the best time to observe the comet.

The sun represents the king and the ruling class, and a tengu eclipse (solar eclipse) is certainly not good for the ruling party government. Jupiter conjunct Uranus will spark a revolutionary storm. The comet crashes into the star area where Jupiter and Uranus conjunct, which will cause man-made disasters. It can be seen from this that civil strife exists both abroad and domestically, but the severity is different. In the year of Jiachen in 2024, the "war and danger" also includes the most important horoscope. In late May, in the Pleiades and Aldea areas, the sun, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, and Mercury gathered together. Ancient Chinese astrology called it the "five-star gathering." According to the global national divide, the location of this five-star gathering falls exactly between the United States and Europe, indicating that there will be a change of dynasties (regimes), which will lead to chaos in the world.

Domestically, it is also difficult to be alone. According to the Tianxing division, Pleiades and Bisu belong to the jurisdiction of Zhao and Jizhou, which corresponds to modern provinces and cities including Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Henan, Shandong, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning and other regions. Regarding the specific good and bad situation of the five-star gathering astrology, the final judgment needs to be made through real-time stargazing.


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