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Childhood fantasy

by MerleVillalobos 4 months ago in literature
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An incident in my childhood greatly enriched my view and understanding of the world,

Childhood fantasy
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An incident in my childhood greatly enriched my view and understanding of the world, and as I grew older, I continued to refine and change my perspective.

I remember when I lived with my grandmother, and because she was older, the people I knew around me were generally older as well.

Once my grandmother and I met an acquaintance on the street, and subsequently, in the conversation between him and my grandmother, I heard him say whoever was old and then how it was. I was very naive at the time, and I later asked my grandmother why that person was old and what it meant to be old.

Grandma heard me these questions, smiled, and said to me: "You are still young, you do not understand, old is leaving this world to another world, each of us will be old, you will know when you grow up."

In daily life afterward, I was often filled with infinite reverie. Where do people go after they die? Do people have souls after death or not? Is there a heaven or a hell?

I have to say, people are innocent and cute when they are young. I don't know if others have a feeling that they feel very young, but they feel that time flies by. In the blink of an eye, I'm almost an adult.

I used to think that there must be the so-called "aliens" outside this universe, but they are far away from us, I think several light-years of light-years.

Once I was reading a news article about the impact of human activity on the Earth and the natural disasters that occur on the planet, and suddenly I felt like I understood something.

I thought that the Earth must have a life of its own, so it can react to external stimuli, which is one of the basic characteristics of living things, and it also explains why the Earth "retaliates" against humans.

I went on to think that the Earth is round, somewhat similar to animal cells, perhaps the Earth's creatures are only invading the Earth like "bacteria", other planets are not easily "invaded" because they can maintain their security, so the Earth may be a cell The Earth may be a cellular lesion, its internal creation of a good living environment, which is why there are so many creatures only on Earth.

As I gained more knowledge, I realized that there was a big problem with my previous view, and I seemed to find a more reasonable explanation. In chemistry, we realize that matter is made up of protons, neutrons, and atoms, and that all three movements in a non-interfering trajectory, much like the Earth and the other planets in our solar system revolve around the Sun.

If we consider the entire solar system as a whole, as a point, perhaps it is orbiting the Milky Way.

In this analogy, perhaps the real extent of the universe is not what scientists in the laboratory have estimated, but perhaps it is even more vast, just not detectable with the current technology of human beings.

Maybe the universe we know is actually in another universe, only here, too, it is just a speck of dust in another universe, and then the other universe is just a speck of dust in the other universe.

Or maybe there are infinitely many universes in our bodies as well, equivalent to their infinite infinity, just like Einstein's theory of space-time relativity says, fading away the moment we lift our hands.


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