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I thought Chasity would be the one for me

By Don Anderson IIPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
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Back to junior year, we go! Remember when I talked about Caitlyn, and I mentioned another girl? You're about to know about her is. She was different from Caitlyn, and that was more than okay with me. While Caitlyn and I never shared any classes, this girl and I only shared one. Let's call her Chasity.

Chasity was so damn cute, and I think she knew it. She was the type of gal that was cute, but at the same time, she knew she could step it up and be insanely beautiful as well. I think that's what attracted me to her; I saw how I was able to look past her cuteness and see how beautiful she can be, but then, that's when I got to see how much of a great personality she had. That ended up drawing me in some more.

I was introduced to Chasity by my friend, let's call him... Garth. Keep in mind; this was when I was crushing on Caitlyn as well, and there were points when things weren't going too well between Caitlyn and me. Also, this was the same time when my junior year of high school was going on. The only part about talking to Chasity that sucked was I never got to speak to her as much as I wanted to because we only had one class together; it was the 5th period in Communication Arts; basically, it's English.

Garth was pretty much my wingman since he knew I wasn't going to have any success with Caitlyn even before it clicked with me that I wouldn't have any success. I legit don't remember how we met in class, but I remember a few moments that we had. I loved talking to her and being goofy with her even though Chasity knew Garth a little better than me, but Garth was dating someone that I already knew.

There was this one day where I already had feelings for her, and I was listening to music. I only remember my feelings for her being so strong, and the music was backing it up, so I ended up writing a song for her. I don't remember what I called the song or what I said in it, but I remember it being a love song since I've been writing lyrics since I was 14 and I was 16 during this time. I even asked her if she wanted to sing on it if she sings, and she said yes.

Things didn't work out by the time the school year ended. I didn't see her again, but she became a bit of a party girl from what I remember after we finished high school, I tried to talk to her to catch up with her, but as per usual, she thought I was creepy or whatever because I was caring toward her. I don't even remember what I did for her to think of me that way. I mean sure, I messaged her a little too much, and maybe that's the reason, but other than that, I don't remember what I was saying.

I've come a long way since my high school days interacting with gals. I took advice from watching a YouTuber and observing my brother with his girlfriend. Of course, I'm a little self-taught as well, so I'm picking things up as I go since I'm using what my stepdad used to do with my siblings and me; he'd take mental notes and use them to point stuff out with us, so I ended up doing it back to him while I was learning to do it to other people. I did it so much; I ended up becoming a bit like Sherlock Holmes in the process. I always tell people that I'd make a brilliant detective, but no one pays attention when I say that, so I laugh a little when they're surprised at stuff I tend to pay attention to.

Anyways, I got a little sidetracked. With Caitlyn, I learned what kind of relationship I would want. With Chasity, I learned about the specificity of the dynamics between me and someone else, like what should I say, what CAN I say, should I message now, should I message later, do I need to stop talking now, etc. So in a way, Caitlyn and Chasity played a part in me learning how to interact and what kind of relationship I want while I was in high school. I may have grown past high school, but I'll always remember those lessons with them. I also learned another lesson, which is a critical one, and I still follow it to this day, NEVER WRITE A LOVE SONG FOR SOMEONE.

Short side note: I always find it funny that I can remember things in detail down to the brim, but I can never remember what I ate for breakfast or if I even ate breakfast at all.


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