Breaking Up With Social Media.

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Free Yourself From The Matrix

Breaking Up With Social Media.
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Since the revolution of technology exploded in growth years ago, it has become so overly driven to keep you stuck in the loop. With all of the ways to find knowledge, find friends, chat, life has changed, communication has become digital and this has taken away what it means to be human. How can you really connect to others electronically? If you do not know them in real life, words can become deciet. Anyone can say anything. It’s only the truth that matters!

I stepped away from social media in 2017. It was a time in my life that I knew needed self reflection and less screen glare. I was away from it all for over a year having zero social media. The first few weeks you do feel the need to check your pages and posts but it was revealed to me that it was infact just that, a habit. I wasn’t gaining anything but sitting on my phone or computer scrolling. Wasting precious time. In that year off social media I filled my time with things that I had always wanted to do. I wrote and published two books. I started taking my photography seriously and began selling my photos around the world. I took walks. I spent my time in nature and recharged not only my mind but my soul. I became more self aware. I made self care a priority, again. It was pure serenity. You don’t lose anything when you break up with social media, you gain more than words can even express.

People have become so dependent on people liking their pictures or comments that they can actually go into a downhill spiral when this doesn’t occur. Instead of having real interaction, people rely on someone clicking a button not real human interaction. This is causing unrealistic expectations as well as mental health issues, depression and so on, just because of a click or not.

Others want attention so desperately that they will post whatever they feel like will draw that attention closer to them. Could be their “latest vacation”. Some “extravagant item” that was just purchased and so on but all of these things are to make them seem like they are living their best life but are they really? Think about that!

If you know these people in real life you can get a sense if it’s a draw for attention or they actually are just having a better time than most but this too is just a need to be the center of attention, meanwhile you are scrolling on a screen, reading all about the incredible life this person lives. While they may be living their best life, how does this make you feel? If you are struggling to make ends meet, watching others live “their best life” this can also make you feel depleted and wonder why it’s not happening to you.

First, you must take a look at you and your life to see if these things would even make you happy. If not, be happy for them and move on. Never let a post from anyone take away from you and your place in this world. The matrix is all about money! The bigger home, the fancier car but in reality do you really want that bigger home? If so, why? To impress others or is that something that you genuinely want? More money means more responsibility, period. If you’re dreaming of that, money is all around, go get yours but money, no matter the amount will never create ultimate happiness. All you have gained is more zeros in your bank account and a bigger home to care for, that’s it! If it takes a bigger home or more zeros to impress, those aren’t the people who belong in your life anyways! True impression comes from your heart and your soul!

You are the “scroller” you get to decide if you want to like a post, love a post or the latest, care about a post. On the other side of the screen there is a person who find their validation with a like or a love and is depending on you to validate them through a tiny click of a button. The matrix. The maze of illusion.

Now we get to followers. If you’re like most people in life these days you’ll have more than one of these social media accounts. If so, you’ll understand just how “important” it is to have people that you don’t know follow you and your posts. Follow, unfollow, follow again. Vicious cycle. So you have a million followers, now what? You have a hundred followers, now what? What’s the difference? You don’t know these people and unless you’re someone who has a brand who wants to promote a product, what does a million followers really bring to your life?The only thing that it brings is a million followers hoping that you’ll follow them so they too can have a million. that’s it! It brings nothing into your life except for a constant pull one way or another about strangers following you or not. Again, the real human connection is being lost. Worried about quantity over quality.

These platforms were created to keep you living in a virtual reality and keep you stuck. Keeping you so concerned about living up to others standards, not your own.

People fight with and bully others to the point of idiocracy but would they ever do this in person? I’m going to have to say not! People who troll the internet, living their worst life, jealous of others living their best! This too is the matrix.

Electronic communication has severed the real human connection. It’s so easy to like a post but never speak to the person. It’s also just as easy to follow someone that you have no intention of ever really knowing, just trolling their account to disrespect their posts and their life. Commenting their opinion on every aspect of their life just because they are miserable in theirs.

It truly is a war of fake popularity to see how many clicks a post will get. Selfie after selfie just trying to receive the validation from others that they are unable to give to themselves. Self love is desperately needed in these situations, not sitting around all day taking pictures of themselves to post to get fake love! Self care is needed, not taking that hundredth selfie of the day and posting it to get the love they need so desperately in the real world, through a click of a love emoji.

The only person that you need validation from is you! Seeking validation externally will never bring you the love and peace you seek.

Social media is useful and can be helpful in certain circumstances, however you need to really step away from it for a while and look at the bigger picture. Is it consuming you and your life? Are you relying on it too much? Does it make you feel inferior and insecure about you and your own life?

The matrix wants to make you think that you must live up to the fake standards of everyone else! Honestly, when the truth is revealed the person you may have been so envious of is literally broke and miserable, not living the incredible life that they post about! Social media is deceiving. Never get caught up in what others are doing or saying. Stay in your own lane, it’s much more peaceful. Drive yourself right out of the matrix to peace & serenity.

Unfriend. Block. Delete.

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Angela Fosnaugh
Angela Fosnaugh
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