#BlackLove! It's a Celebration!

by Kai Storm 2 years ago in love

Melanin at It's finest!

#BlackLove! It's a Celebration!

Black Love. My first experience with the actual hashtag was from Remy Ma & Papoose's song and like most people, I respect them big time for not only representing love like that but for also making it a trending topic. Is love beautiful in every color? Yes. Is love also beautiful when the colors are mixed? I'd say the colors were mixed from the beginning of time, that's how we continue to have/create more beautiful hues now. I'm shining a light on black love in this blog because...well...it's what I have experience with, it's what I know therefore it's what I can talk about.

I want to talk about two different times in my life. Two different times in my life that changed my view on black love. I want to talk about these times in order to show why I celebrate black love.

Walk with me people.

There was a time in my life where I was in love with a man that I would do anything for, he had me at his beck and call, I literally jumped when he said how high. How far did I really go for his love? I had his kid thinking that would keep him, I tattooed his name on me because he asked, I gave him all of my money when he had none, I tried to buy my way into his family, I even moved across the country in order to benefit his life. My own soul told me he was wrong for me every day and in every way, I cut off family and friends that told me every day to leave him and yet I still pursued this relationship hoping to prove everyone wrong in the end. I loved this man knowing full well that he not only didn't believe in my art or expression of it but also that he was jealous of any attention that came my way because of it.

Then BOOM!

The relationship was over. Realization and review of the past opens my eyes to everything I made yourself blind to. I slowly rebuild myself by myself knowing now what I will no longer tolerate.

BOOM again!

I met someone during what I would call the weirdest time of my life. Some similarities matched up quickly, likes are shared and even though there's a space in time/age difference we find out we're on the same path. We support each other, we respect each other's differences and strong arguments, we have each other's backs. My artsy side is encouraged and seeds are planted to explore more. No one's jealous, questioning loyalty or intentionally destroying a bond that is being built on the daily. It's a progression that involves hard work and we're both here for it. We're learning new things about each other always and never once since we've been together has he ever acted like we weren't together. Never once has he ever made me the butt of his jokes with his friends. I have always been and will always be his equal....better yet...his queen. February 17, 2015 was the day that I started my education on real love and like I said it was a weird time in my life, a time where I damn sure felt like nobody was looking at me much less in that way but yet...it happened. Who would've thought?

Yep, that's my black love!

Shoutout to all love out in the world, as I said before love is beautiful in all colors but right now, I'm celebrating black love!

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