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Best Wedding Sites for Your Budget

Weddings are expensive and sometimes planning within a budget can be difficult. Luckily there are wedding sites for your budget to help you along the way, keeping the bride and your bank account happy.

By Jus L'amorePublished 7 years ago 3 min read
Illustrated by Alex Marino

Planning your wedding is no easy task. While it is hands down one of the most exciting times of your life, it can very quickly become one of the priciest. So often do brides-to-be set out to keep their wedding within a budget and later find that their budget barely covers half of their grand planned event. Luckily, once again, for the world that we now live in, help is just a download away. Move over wedding planners and bulky wedding binders because your smartphone has everything you need when it comes to planning your big day. Need to get invitations? No longer must you spend hours online or at your local stationery store because now all you need is an app to create, print, and mail your perfect invite. Curious as to what other real brides spend on flowers, food, and music and create your own budget to match? These wedding sites can do all that and more.

Let the best wedding sites for your budget be the starting point for your planning your wedding and the rest of your lives together and allow the experts to guide and support you through the process. Congrats and happy planning!

The Knot

Looking for a free site to help with general budgeting? Then The Knot is among one of the best wedding sites for your budget. It allows you to set a budget and break down percentages for every aspect of your wedding. No longer must you do the math or wonder what the average wedding costs, The Knot can do all that for you and more, for free.


The personal assistant of wedding sites, WeddingHappy, is one of the best wedding sites for your budget. It allows you to save money by tracking payments individually and with lots of detail. It offers to-do lists, payment alerts, and even deadlines for things like book band or mail invites. This information can then be shared with everyone involved in the wedding planning process like say your fiancé, parents, and future mother-in-law. Think about how happy that would make her! You can even shoot emails back and forth within the wedding site itself.


Spend less money and have your guests be your photographer with Eversnap, previously Wedding Snap, one of the best wedding sites for your budget. Not all budgets allow all the extras so keeping your professional wedding photography package to the minimum and let your friends and family take care of rest. This site allows guests to upload and share pictures of the amazing night they had. You can't ask for better memories than that!


Although Mint isn’t dedicated to just weddings, it can be one of the best wedding sites for your budget during the planning process. With the site, you can keep track of all your funds from spending to savings by linking up with your bank account and credit cards. You can also move funds around and receive weekly email summaries with all balances and payments due. The perfect convenient option for one of the busiest times of your life.


Not all wedding planning has to be difficult, take for instance your honeymoon! What’s more exciting than a vacation after one of the best parties of your life? With Honeyfund, one of the best wedding sites for your budget, honeymoon registry guests can contribute cash donations instead of gifts so you can plan the trip of your dreams. Perfect for the couple on a wedding budget who want it all.


Looking for invites on a budget, then Minted is for you. It works with indie artists and graphic designers who create everything from save-the-dates and invitations to ceremony programs and escort cards. While Minted, one of the best wedding sites for your budget, can print your creations on any card size or paper stock you like, you also have the option to purchase the ready-made template and print at home or at your local copy shop. Talk about saving a few bucks!


thredUP is a popular online fashion resale site that allows you to sell your old clothes in exchange for money (or donations). However, they recently have expanded and are on a mission to help brides find their perfect wedding dress on a budget. From bridesmaid dresses to over 30 different styles of wedding themes, you can literally buy a dress in pristine condition and save up to 90%! Remember ladies, you wear this thing once and despite it having a previous owner, there is no price tag on beauty.


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