Be an Artist

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Paint A Beautiful Love Story

Be an Artist

The art of a relationship comes in many forms. The heart is a masterpiece that should be admired by the painter, adorned like jewelry and valued at such a price, that the reward would be high for its return. Just like a valuable piece of artwork created by only one artist that it has to be put on display at the museum. You must take great pride in your work to reap the benefits.

One who doesn’t value something of such great worth will be mediocre at best. There are tools to accomplish this feat along with patience and determination. I will give you insight on how to be the painter and the muse. It’s up to you if you want to appreciate a work of art, or to toss it in the trash.

The painter needs a canvas. Your heart will be transformed into a masterpiece. You will need to understand if the heart has been broken, stolen, loved, or in need of improvements. This will guide you to what needs to be done. Something that is broken will be our mosaic. We will need to use our words carefully as the heart heals. Tread lightly as we move forward and to give positive reaffirmations. To understand what has taken place and strive for that not to happen again. What you choose to do or don’t do will be the determining factor of how bright your colors will be for this mosaic to appear.

A stolen heart doesn’t give much for a canvas. However, attempting to steal what has been stolen is a great challenge. Just as any artwork, a true masterpiece will captivate you and leave you awe-inspired. You must understand the challenge that lies before you just as you would in knowing your enemy. Tools are vital to bringing something to life or giving it a new life. You can always re-purpose what was or enrich its beauty.

A heart that has been loved or one that needs improvements; just needs the right color to make it bolder. You must desire a change to make it the best it ever was. The painter can take something of no substance and turn it into something worthy of admiration. The factors in doing so lie solely on what actions you are willing to take.

In being the muse you must desire to have substance and to be changed into something beautiful. You must work with the painter in perfect harmony. Any friction in not doing so will leave you dull and unwanted. Everything requires work. If you don’t want to work at something then it will reflect on who you are. An effort to work speaks volumes. To work at something shows you have a desire and willingness to try.

A beautiful relationship requires work on both parts. Compatibility, how well you converse, level of work ethic, perception of things and your desire to make it work; will have a huge factor in a successful relationship. People aren’t meant to be the same. Having differences give the relationship water for it to grow. If you and your partner are too different then that can cause the relationship to suffer. How each other views things and how well you can converse is part of that. There has to be some balance to make it work.

There are many options out there for two people to become one. It becomes less of a challenge if you can find the painter to turn your heart into a masterpiece and treasure it. Relationships and our hearts are beautiful if done right. For someone to want to view you or your heart as trash, is a clear indication of incompatibility and lack of appreciation. You, my darling are worthy of the museum and a price tag of great value.

Scarlett Price
Scarlett Price
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