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Apology sentences to girlfriend

Apologys to girlfriend or wife

By Alan JonesPublished 2 months ago 7 min read

1. Although we often quarrel, and what we say to you, are angry words, but in my heart still love you very much.


2. I know. You must be angry. Because I saw it: your hair blew up.


3. my phone will always be open for you, if you are willing to forgive me, you can contact me at any time.


4. I was wrong! My mother is gentle and virtuous, a good family man, know how to read and write, it is I do not know how to appreciate, I am sorry, please forgive me!


5. If my greeting tickled you I am helpless; if you and I get along is a burden I am very painful; if the heart of the distance has been far away I regret; if everything has passed please express.


6. Sorry, I broke your heart, please forgive me, I will love you for life as compensation!


7. I am not good, I review; I am not right, I am guilty; is my fault, I should pass. Honey, please forgive me.


8. husband, I almost did not sleep last night, in addition to reflecting on their own faults, I have to take action to show, hurry up to make the "warm" card, forgive me!


9. I know your work is really tricky now, I'm sorry I should not always take those boring things to wrong you, everything will be smooth up, I will be good and wait for you.


10. from a moment of love to a lifetime of love, need more understanding and tolerance, my dear whether to forgive me?


11. you seem to be angry, my heart is also not good! If I made this mistake, I hope you can forgive! If I can't forgive, I can't forgive myself.


12. after my day and night of reflection, after my deep thought, after my soul's reflection, after my kneeling rubbing board, face to face, I really know I was wrong, dear girlfriend, forgive me, do not be angry again!


13. forgive me! I know I'm wrong, if you can't forgive me, then keep calling and scolding me! I am willing to be scolded by you until I am old!


14. the person who loves me is you, the person who hurts you is me, I would like to heal your wounds with my heart, I would like to hold hands again.


15. I know you are angry, and every time you are angry I am so afraid, understand me, okay? Forgive me, okay?


16. a small woman, but I like it very much. I will never make you angry again, think about you, read you, hate to nibble you!


17. I have completely figured out, maybe I have been giving you too much pressure, I know you are also very bitter, very tired. Some things, you have your difficulties, your suffering.


18. Guilty I do not know how to speak, but still to say sorry.


19. Without forgiveness, life will be controlled by endless hatred and revenge. I really have no intention of hurting you, and I really want to make up with you as before. please forgive me.


20. Although I often make you angry, but this is not my intention. I love you so much that I can even give up my life.


I'm not sure what kind of words can replace my feelings of guilt, how can I get your forgiveness?


I'm sorry, I can't stop myself from thinking about you, I can't let myself forget you, my heart can't live without you, so I'll continue to bother you.


23. tonight the night sky is starless, as if my side is missing you; I didn't mean to make you angry, come back to me, okay?


24. I think the mistake I made was not too big, but it will take a lifetime to explain to you, listen into it?


25. If you are angry, just scold me, do not drop tears on me, then my heart will be broken into millions of pieces.


26.My mistake kept me awake at night, and at midnight I said to you, "I blamed you, and without your forgiveness, I'd rather sleep long in this life."


27. love makes my heart narrow, my dear, all because love you too deep.


28. looking at your beautiful face with faint tear marks, my heart also a twinge, let me say: let it all go!


29. how will you be able to forgive me? You are a road, set up a set, dig a pit, I also jumped into it.


30. maybe it's fate, we don't want to hurt the most unwilling to hurt people, but it still happened, believe me, because I love you, let us cherish each other!


31. your mindless injury, hurt is you, pain is me.


32. Heartlessness makes me hurt you. My heart does not feel good either! I hope you can understand and can give me a chance to change my ways! Start accepting me again!


33. remembering the sweetness we once had, all the gas is dissipated. This is the real intimacy, anything can not cut off our love for each other.


34. It's all my fault for talking nonsense, I'm sorry, I'll never talk nonsense again, please forgive me!


35. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be angry with you yesterday, are you okay? What are you doing at home, not angry with me, right?


36. The goddess of my heart: I'm sorry! I did it because I like you and love you! Want to be with you so much! Please give me one more chance, okay?


37. I should beat, I should scold, I do not listen to you, baby do not be angry again, okay?


38. if a "sorry" can resolve all the resentment, then I say, but, not from the heart; if a "I love you" can express all the emotions, then I say, but, not fake.


39. You seem to be angry, and I feel bad! If I have made this mistake, I hope you can forgive me! If I can't forgive, I can't forgive myself.


40. can't you tolerate a mistake made by a person who loves you? If you can forgive me, I will make up for my transgressions with my practical actions!


41. finally experienced the pain of the five internal burning, only hope that the feeling of falling off the cliff in the sound of the bang landing end!


42. I would like to spend more time with you, but I can't help it. Please understand, I love you!


43. I hope you can answer my phone, what is it, you can say, okay? I'm waiting for your call. I'll wait for your call.


44. please accept my sincere apology! I'm sorry!


45. singing sad songs, looking at the beloved girl. The heart is broken for you, the song is sung for you, the heart is broken for you. I just want you to be happy and joyful, I'm sorry.


46. Maybe it was my childishness that stabbed you in the heart! Don't torture yourself with a painful past! I have no desire to harm you!


47. Here I sincerely ask you to forgive, don't be angry, okay?


48. Don't dismiss me because of this matter, at least put me on home probation for a year.


49. dare not face your gaze, I know I was wrong, you have a lot of adults, forgive me, okay? The person who loves you deeply is repenting


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