Ancient Lovers

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Long Ago

Ancient Lovers

An albino female stood at the top of the stairs, waiting for her husband to get out of his meeting. It was late, the guests had stopped coming in masses to the hotel, and now only a few last minute entries entered the massive place. The female waited quietly, silently wishing her husband would call off the meeting. They were going to be late for her doctor appointment if he took any longer. Suddenly she heard a sound come from under the stairs, where the basement was located.

“I have not said goodbye to Killa, I should let her know I am going out.” The albino said to herself as she started going down the steps.

A wave of dizziness hit the young woman, she caught herself on the railing, balancing herself before looking back at the top of the stairs. She was a fool to think she could get down on her own, now the female was trapped.

“Perhaps I should sit and wait for Charles.” The small female said to herself, thinking of her husband.

Just as she attempted to sit another wave of dizziness hit her. She fell. To the bottom of the stairs. She was rendered unconscious.

Her husband walked out of the Hotel noticing her absence from the top of the stairs. He assumed she had gone to talk with her friend, knowing how bored she gets from staying in one place to long. The raven haired male made his way to the stairs, and saw his fallen wife.

“Dillan call the hospital!” The male yelled out to one of the employees, as he ran down the steps to his wife.

He picked her up, checking over her to see if she was bleeding. To his horror she was.

“Abigail! Abigail wake up!” He yelled to his wife, to no avail.

------30 minutes later-----

“We have to get her into surgery, she is bleeding internally.”

“No. She would not want that.”

“But sir!”

“No! Have a nurse come in every hour, but other then that I do not want her disturbed.”

“As you wish. I will give her some pain meds.”

------2 hours later-------

The albino opened her eyes, her husband was crying in his seat next to her bed. She knew he would be embarrassed if she saw him like this, so she closed her eyes.

“Father what happened to mother?”

A sniff was heard.

“She fell down the stairs to the hotel. I should have been with her. This is my fault!”

The female heard a trash can knock over.

“Father calm down, the doctors can fix her. Can they not they?”


“Father. They can right?”

“No son. They cannot.”

The silence spoke volumes.


“Son sh-.”

“No! They have to fix mother! She cannot die like this!”

The white haired woman opened her eyes. Her adopted son was in the chair farthest from her, his head in his hands. Her husband was trying to comfort him, the best way he could. The older male was rubbing the younger ones back.

“Nicholas. Charles.”The female called out.

The blonde looked up at her.

“Mother!” He yelled out as he ran over to her, hugging her tight.

The albino smiled and hugged her son, ignoring the pain of her body.

“Son be careful with her, she has many injuries.” The raven haired male said to the younger blonde.

“Right, sorry Mother.” Nicholas said as he released his mother.

The female smiled, placing a hand on her son’s cheek. He smiled and sat on her bed.

They talked for hours, the older male staying far from his wife and son. Eventually Nicholas had to leave, he begrudgingly did so. Once the younger male was gone the albino looked at her beloved husband. He smiled at her, walking over to her.

“Abigail.” He said as he claimed her in a tight hug.

“Careful my love, I fear I am more injured then you have led on.”

The blue eyed male let her go and frowned.

“You are correct my sweet. You have a broken arm, a broken leg, a broken hip, and.”

He looked away from her, not wanting to tell her how bad her last injury was.

The red eyed female sat up, kissing her husband’s cheek.

“None of this is your fault. What is so bad that you can’t tell me?”

“You’re bleeding internally.” He said, sounding defeated.

He looked at her, tears flooding his eyes. Threatening to spill over. He looked like his heart had been ripped to shreds and jumped on. She put on a sad smile and hugged him.

They stayed like that for hours.

-----2 days later------

The dying woman was curled up with her husband, she looked frail and weak. She had been growing colder and colder as time went by, even in the blistering Texas heat. Her son had said his final goodbyes, he did not wish to be with her as she passed. It would break him. She understood. Not everyone can handle such heartbreak.

“My love how is it that I am alive?” The wife asked her husband.

“Must you ask such a thing my sweet?” Her husband answered.

“Charles!” She exclaimed as she looked at her loved one in disbelief.

“That’s not my name anymore, and you know immortal energy never runs out.”

The white female returned to the book she was reading, growling slightly.

“I should have known you would do something like that. And that’s the name you had when we met.”

“Then I can call you Abigail as much as I’d like.” The male said, chuckling at his wife.

“That’s not my name anymore.” His wife said as she set her book down and laid her head on her husband’s chest, listening to his heartbeat.

Silence consumed them for a few minutes.

“My sweet you are as lovely now as you were when I first met you.” He said to her, knowing she hated her sickly body.

“Which first meeting?” The albino said as she smiled at their inside joke.

“The very first time. Over 200 years ago.” The raven haired male said as he smiled.

“I was a skinny little slave run away then.” The red eyed woman replied, rubbing her face into her husband’s chest.

“Yet you were still the most stunning creature I had ever seen, and have ever seen since.”

“You have never seen me die.”

“No I have not. I cannot die, but you have died many times. Now I am here for you. Till the end.”

The female smiled, closing her eyes.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“Never forget me?”

“How could I forget such a beautiful woman?”


“Thank you.”

He knew it was time for him to stop giving her his energy. He did. Slowly. Her body would go into shock if he suddenly stopped. He preferred to see and hear her slowly go, peacefully. His wife listened to his heartbeat, it lulled her to sleep.

There in the arms of a man she would love forever, she passed.

-----2 weeks later-----

“Yuuki would you please focus, we have work to do!” Marie told her twin, who was looking around anxiously.

“I’m sorry Marie, but I have a weird feeling.” The cat humanoid told her sister.

Marie sighed and looked up, seeing someone she hadn’t met in over 100 years.


The cat looked at the snake humanoid.


Marie pointed at the person standing in front of them. The albino cat fallowed her sister’s gaze and gasped.

There, in front of her, was her husband.

The feline had two major instincts take over. She ran to him and hugged him.

“Charles! I missed you so much!”

He hugged her back, kissing her. The cat pulled away from the kiss and hit his arm.

“What on earth are you doing here!?”

“Ow.” He said rubbing his arm. “You know the golden rule for immortals. Once an immortal has done what they need to do they can leave the physical plane.”

The cat felt her eyes fill with tears.

“No. Tell me you didn’t.” She begged him.

“I did. But now we can both start over next time. A new life, the two of us.” He said excitedly.

He picked up his wife and spun her around.

“What do you think Abigail? Think we can find each other again?”He asked her.

The female smiled.

“I know we can.”.

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