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Among The Grapevines

You Can't Fall in Love In LA On A Saturday Night

By Misha AlslebenPublished 3 years ago 5 min read
Kira & Jayce

Pouring her Merlot Jayce looked at Kira. The sun bounced off her shiny red hair almost as dark red as the wine he just poured. Setting the bottle down he grabbed a cup with two ice cubes and pour himself a rum and coke.

"Beautiful harvest this year," Jayce said The vineyard was quiet as all the tastings tours were done and a majority of the employees were on their way home.

"It is but we need to figure out what's going on in the eastern vineyard"

"I'm just hoping it's something like berry moths and not mites or rose chafers" her honey voice responded as she touched and examined a group of grapes and their leaves.

"Any are bad, but we will handle it like we always do" Jayce mentioned handing her the glass of Merlot he had for her.

Kira frowned taking the glass

"I thought we were going out tonight" A faint look of disappointment crossed her face as she finished her sentence taking a drink of her Merlot.

"We are, well sort of, I have a surprise. You know how you said when I first started working with you that if you ever couldn't be found you were probably hidden away in the grapevines. "

Kira laughed remembering telling him that a few years back, also knowing that he didn't know that this vineyard and the acres upon acres of grapes have been her haven since she was a little girl, almost any major life change, including her parent's death had led her to run and hide away within the vineyard. It was quiet and relaxing. Nobody to bother her while she processed whatever emotions she had.

Jayce took her hand and led her down the vineyard lane they were in weaving in and out until they were near the center of the vineyard surrounded by wine and grapes with a gorgeous LA sunset in view.

Jayce had meticulously planned the night, he had expected a no from Kira when he asked her out, she surprised him with a yes and he was determined not to ruin their existing relationship and instead grow it, just as they had the dying vineyard after Kira's parents passed away.

Kira noted that he had taken the time to listen to her over the years, one of the many reasons she said yes to Jayce when he asked. She had sworn off dating a year ago after a slew of bad first dates. Dates that ended badly for her, for them, or were just a general disaster. The ones that made her end her night with a pint of ice cream while watching the Notebook dreaming of a love she wasn't sure existed.

Jayce grabbed a blanket out of a basket nearby all the things he had set out and told Kira to sit down and get comfortable. There were at least 15+ pillows on the ground, some items she couldn't yet distinguish as they were wrapped up still and she watched as Jayce adjusted a couple of things in front of them and was shocked when she watched a projector screen unroll from the stand he had placed in front of them.

Grabbing a remote from his back pocket he sat down beside Kira and smiled.

"There's a couple of movies here, they are new, but pick one and ill get the fondue set up."

"Fondue?" Kira said happy but once again shocked at the offering

"Yeah, It's still one of your favorites, right ?"

"It is" She grinned happily snapping the DVD out of its case and putting it into the projector.

The movie played but went mostly unwatched as Ryder and Kira talked about something other than business and grapes for once.

Jayce showing a side of him that is most rarely seen and Kira finally opening up to someone other than a bottle of wine and her cat.

As the sun set further Jayce stood up to roll up the projector screen and turned on some music.

If you love her played quietly in the background while he poured them each a glass of Merlot from the bottle he had tucked behind the barrel holding the projector.

"Kira, thank you for tonight and I'd like to use this moment to ask you what you think about that wine and also if you would like to dance"

Kira took the wine and giggled. "Dance? Here?"

"Where else? Clubs aren't exactly either of our chosen places to hang around."

"Fair enough " She smiled taking a sip of her merlot before setting the glass down and taking Jayce's free hand.

"That's not our wine is what I think" her voice sounded sleepy but content

" It's not, I figured even though we make amazing wine, we needed something special for the occasion."

"Mmm and what wine earned the title of special enough for this occasion?" she asked happily wrapping her arms around Jayces neck

"Mojave rain, it is from a small winery hard to get from them its sold-out often but easy through Bright Cellars."

" I see ads for them all the time, guess I underestimated them"

"When was the last time you had a wine other than your own?"

"A while ago, I feel like I'm cheating on myself" she laughed

"Ah, well your not but I hope you don't mind me bringing it instead of getting a bottle of yours."

"Not when it tastes like that, I don't, if it tasted gross then yeah, sorry I'd mind," She said coming to a stop as the music did, walking over to the barrel she grabbed Jayce's and her wine handing him his glass.

"To our first date. growing this business more together and that stunning sunset " her honey voice finished as she drank the last of her wine then met Jayce's blue eyes with her green as she set her wine glass down.

Jayce smiled at her toast setting his glass down he grabbed Kira's waist and pulled her closer to him, looking into her bright green eyes he gently brushed stray hairs from her face behind her ear and rested his forehead on hers.

"You know the best kiss is the one that has been exchanged a thousand times before ever touching the lips," Jayce said in a husky voice making Kira smile

"Well what does that make this then? " turning her head slightly left she pushed her lips to his kissing him before pulling back to look at his reaction. Jayce stood stunned but quickly came back out of his thoughts and shock.

" A perfect ending to a dream first date " He smiled as Kira let out a quiet giggle.

" And they say you can't fall in love in L. A on a Saturday night " she joked as the song that was playing ended and they sat together watching as the sun settled in for the night leaving a clear night sky littered with stars and a full moon behind.


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Caffeine & Gratitude, when I’m not writing you’ll find me raising awareness about our planet’s needs , in the kitchen ,outside with the family, taking photos or in a bookstore.

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