Abusing Love

by Jordan B. 2 years ago in advice

Hi, I'm Jordan, and I'm 15 years old. This is just my opinion and feelings on the topic.

Abusing Love

Virtually and in reality I've seen (what it seems to ME) couples claiming to know what love is and believing that they represent the ideal relationship. Posting a video or picture of two people kissing or of other actions that almost every other couple has done on a basis is not a real representation of love (in my opinion). Anyone can "show off" their girlfriend or boyfriend on Instagram, Snapchat or even Twitter or send cute texts to one another, then screenshot and post it so other people will applaud you for finding "love." Which leads me to my next topic: What do I think Love is? Love is the feeling you get that the person in front of you is the one whom you were destined for. When you experience true love, you will be willing to do anything for that person to just smile, and that person the same. Every worry in your life just floats away, and all you want to do is spend time with that person, help them with their goals, and show them your deepest thoughts and feelings.

What love isn't is chasing after a cute guy or girl, not knowing much of the person or what he/she wants, then date, post about each other, talking about how much they mean to you or how much you're in love, when in actuality the person doesn't love you at all. You find out, you guys break up, then you get all depressed and heartbroken, but then do the exact same process over and over again expecting the next one to be different. Then you say, "Why can't I find a loyal person?" or, "Why can't I find Love?" Sounds familiar, right? Don't be in that situation, people! Focus on you, your goals, your family, your education, your training. Don't focus on whether you're ever going to figure love out! Love is very complicated/abstract, and if you overthink it, you're just hurting yourself even more! The perfect match will come naturally, and when they do come, all you've been doing is focusing on YOUR life, not wasting your time getting heartbroken over your own decisions and always chasing after the wrong things. Now, you may not care what a 15-year-old teen has to say about this kind of topic or think that I'm too young to understand what I'm saying, but I'm more experienced than you think.

Every week I go to school, and I observe and learn my peers are actually the primary example of my claim! I've seen that the people in my school and in other schools all around the world all share the same problem: trying to rush Love. For example, I had a friend (girl) who went out with a boy because she told me, "He's really cute." He was actually a really popular student in my school but known to date a lot of girls. Before she started dating him she would always complain about how she can't find the right one or that she can't find love, yet there she is, trying to have a serious relationship with a guy who she doesn't know very well, and I'm also pretty sure that she knows deep down that he's not the right one, but I guess she thinks this one is gonna be different, right? Now there she is crying two weeks later after trying her absolute hardest to change the guy so she can find love. It was painful for me to watch, but funny because her actions were contradictory to what she wanted. She wanted to be in love and be happy, yet she chooses a socially famous, handsome guy who doesn't want anything to do with her love. Now I'm not saying that girls are the only ones who do this because boys are just as guilty as girls.

Pretty much my message in this whole story is that people (especially teens) are misunderstanding love and rushing themselves to find it to a point where Love is almost dead. That seems pretty harsh of me to say, and you guys may think I'm stupid for saying all of this, but I hope someone understands and learns from this.

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