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A story about my best friends life

He was my best friend until he sadly took his life on June the 5 2011

By JackWilsonPublished 4 months ago 5 min read

Once upon a time, there was a man named Michael who was born in a small town in the Midwest of the United States. He was born into a loving family and grew up with two younger siblings. Michael was a bright child and did well in school.

As he got older, Michael became more interested in computers and technology and spent much of his time teaching himself coding and other technical skills. When he graduated from high school, he applied to several colleges and was accepted into a prestigious university where he studied computer science.

During his time at university, Michael worked hard and gained a reputation as one of the most skilled programmers in his class. He graduated with flying colors and was quickly offered a job at a top tech company in Silicon Valley.

For many years, Michael worked hard and moved up the ranks in the company, but he soon realized that he wasn't happy. He felt unfulfilled and knew that there was something missing in his life.

One day, Michael decided to take a sabbatical and traveled to a remote part of the world where he spent time volunteering and exploring some of the most beautiful natural wonders on the planet. During his travels, he met a woman named Maria, who was also on a journey of self-discovery.

Michael and Maria fell in love and decided to stay together, traveling the world and living in different countries for several years. They learned new languages, met new people, and experienced new cultures. During this time, Michael also started a non-profit organization to help disadvantaged children in developing countries gain access to education and technology.

After several years of traveling and working together, Michael and Maria got married and settled down in a small town by the sea. They had two children and continued to work on their non-profit organization while also running their own tech consulting business.

In their twilight years, Michael and Maria looked back on their lives and realized that their journey together was incredible. They had gone from a small town in the Midwest to exploring the world and making a difference in the lives of many people. They felt fulfilled and content knowing that they had lived their lives with purpose and had made a positive impact on the world.

As they sat on their porch, watching the sun set over the ocean, Michael and Maria knew that they were blessed to have each other and their beautiful family. They smiled, holding hands, and whispered to each other, "We did it. We lived a beautiful life."Michael's life had not been easy. As the son of immigrant parents, he grew up in a household that valued hard work and education, but also held onto cultural traditions that often clashed with his American upbringing. He struggled with finding a balance between his family's expectations and his own desires.

In high school, Michael discovered his passion for technology, spending countless hours in front of a computer screen, teaching himself to code and build websites. It was a way for him to escape the pressures of his home life and the expectations of his community. He was often teased and ridiculed for his interests, but he persevered, knowing that he had found something that he loved.

When Michael applied to college, his parents were hesitant. They didn't understand why he wanted to study computers instead of medicine or law, professions that they deemed more respectable. But Michael was determined to follow his dreams and convinced his parents that a career in technology could be lucrative and fulfilling.

During his time at college, Michael immersed himself in his studies, taking on challenging classes and internships that broadened his understanding of the tech industry. He also discovered a community of like-minded individuals who shared his passion for technology and helped him feel like he belonged.

After graduation, Michael landed a job at a startup in Silicon Valley, where he quickly rose through the ranks and became known for his expertise in software development. His career was thriving, and he was making good money, but he felt like something was missing. Despite his success, he still felt like an outsider, a feeling that he had carried with him since childhood.

One day, Michael decided to take a trip to Europe, hoping to find some inspiration and clarity. He traveled from country to country, immersing himself in different cultures and exploring the local tech scenes. It was during this trip that he met Maria, a fellow traveler who was also searching for a sense of purpose.

Maria was unlike anyone that Michael had ever met. She was passionate about social justice and sustainability, and she challenged him to think differently about the impact that technology could have on the world. As they traveled together, Michael found that he was able to let go of some of his insecurities and be more open to new experiences and ideas.

When Michael and Maria returned to the United States, they decided to start a non-profit organization that would provide technology education to underserved communities around the world. It was a huge risk, but they were determined to use their skills and resources to make a difference.

Their non-profit took off, and they were soon traveling to countries like Haiti and Cambodia, setting up computer labs in schools and community centers. Michael and Maria were finally able to use their talents to make a positive impact on the world, and it felt like they had found their calling.

As their organization grew, Michael and Maria decided to start a consulting business that would help other companies develop sustainable and ethical technologies. They wanted to show that it was possible to create products and services that were both profitable and socially responsible.

Their business was a huge success, and they were soon working with some of the biggest companies in the world. But despite their success, Michael and Maria never lost sight of their values. They continued to prioritize their non-profit work and made sure that they were always giving back to the communities that had supported them.

In their personal lives, Michael and Maria fell in love and got married. They had two children, and they raised them to be kind, curious, and socially aware. Their family was a reflection of their values, and they found joy in being able to share their passions with their children.

As Michael looked back on his life, he realized that all of the struggles and challenges that he had faced had led him to this moment. He was able to use his skills and resources to make the world a better place, and he had found a partner who shared his values and his sense of purpose.

Michael knew that his life had not been easy, but he also knew that it had been incredibly rewarding. He had found a way to meld his passions with his values, and he had built a life that was full of meaning and purpose.


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