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A Love Letter

Little things that I love about being with you

By Grace Gettys Published about a year ago Updated about a year ago 4 min read
Top Story - February 2023
A Love Letter
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Dear You,

I more than often would catch myself staring at you wondering how I caught you. I must have tricked you somehow, I must have put on some illusion that was better than the real me. You ask me why I stare at you, and I always respond with “I just like looking at you,” but it’s so much more than that. I used to remind myself over and over again that I would find someone who loved me and would be with me forever; that there was no need to long for love, cause it would come. Now, I would look back at my younger self and say, “I told you so”. That moment is here, it’s been here all along. I know I didn’t trick you or fool you into believing I am someone I’m not. It’s truly me and I love you and you love me.

I struggle with putting my love for you into words, ironic I know since I say I’m a writer. There are many ways that we express, “I love you” rather than by simply repeating the phrase and they are some of my favorite things about us. It’s shown in the way that early mornings turn into late ones because we don’t want to get out of bed. It's when we finally get out of bed when you make coffee for the two of us. It’s when I show you another cute cat video and you entertain me when I say we should get at least five more cats. It’s seen when we watch cooking shows together to inspire us to cook; and then us cooking our own meal by doing our unassigned assigned tasks. It’s being the taste tester for the final product even though we usually cook the same things every week. It’s stopping whatever you are doing and coming to me when I call. It’s going to the local bookstores and convincing me that I deserve more books even though I have plenty of unread books. It’s felt when you allow me to put my cold hands and feet on you to warm them up even though they are ice. It’s being the one that drives everywhere in a new city because you know I get stressed with new roads. It’s seen when we go the farmer’s market and being excited to try new recipes with the fresh veggies we buy. It’s laughing together when we get soaked from the rain from said farmer’s market.

Loving you feels like drinking a fresh cup of coffee while watching the sun come up from a quiet porch. Nothing can disturb that peace and tranquility. It’s satisfying and fulfilling like seeing your own plants grow from seeds to producing large amounts of never-ending produce. Its that feeling of deep accomplishment like when you’ve won something big and that’s how I feel when I’m with you; like I have won big at life. Being by your side makes me feel secure, like nothing can happen to me as long as I’m next to you. The world seems to slow and contentment takes the place of the worries of life. I know it’s cliché to say that I feel like I am the luckiest girl in the world, but it’s true. I feel like I can go out and buy a lottery ticket and win a million dollars. Honestly, I’m not quite sure why I haven’t done that yet, because I would be the next winner. Our love feels satisfying and complete, but when you kiss me it feels powerful and wondrous. Every time you kiss me, I am running through a flowery meadow while wearing a billowy ball gown that’s trailing behind me. I am barefoot, but I’m not worried about stepping on anything harmful. I just feel soft grass cushioning me with every step. There’s symphonies playing in the trees and birds are chirping along to the melodies. Flower petals float through the air and entangle in my hair that is becoming looser with every step until it’s fully down flying in the wind. It may look like an endless run, but I see my destination and it’s you every time. That feeling is never fleeting and I can’t get enough of it.

I guess I can express my love for you in words, but it still doesn’t do it justice. I could write novels about you, but for now I’ll just say, “I love you.”

From, Me


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Grace Gettys

I am an avid storyteller that likes to write about anything that inspires me whether that comes from visiting the beach or blogging about what is on my mind.

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  • Simeon Mogakaabout a year ago


  • Aeriousabout a year ago


  • Mashooque Aliabout a year ago

    Many people seem to think that "latter" means "better". We think that this is not always the case, and in some cases it can actually mean worse.

  • sai jamesabout a year ago

  • suman mohanabout a year ago


  • Grace Gettys (Author)about a year ago

    Thank you everyone for your nice comments 😊

  • Lauraabout a year ago

    Awesome ..

  • Kent Kobiabout a year ago

    You've captured quite well the euphoria and gratitude of discovering love. Had me nostalgic and hopeful that I will find it again!

  • Scott Fowlerabout a year ago

    And I love you random girl!

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