A Letter to My One and Only Love

by Maurice Bernier about a year ago in love

If Only She Saw It Way Back When

A Letter to My One and Only Love

123 Any Street Anywhere City, USA 00000 February 1, 2019

Dear Beloved Angel of My Heart,

Allow me to say something to you that I should have said such a long, long time ago. I LOVE YOU! I STILL DO AND ALWAYS WILL!!!

I simply cannot believe that it took me so long to say it. Did you know it? Did you suspect it? Did you even have a clue? Perhaps you did, but I never knew it because I never told you. I really wish that I did.

When did it happen? I remember it well. We were both in high school, a rather large one at that. We attended classes there for four solid years. While you were quiet and relatively unknown, I was brash and loud. Everyone had to know that I was in the room. You were always the quiet one, the one with grace. You carried yourself like a lady then and for the rest of the time you were alive.

We spent four years at that majestic high school campus, but I never noticed you until our very last year. We were walking in opposite directions until we happened to meet. You were leaving what was formerly the rambunctious boys’ side of the building. I was departing the elegant girls’ side of the building until we met in passing. At that moment, our eyes met! Other than movies and fashion models in the magazines, I never met a lady so beautiful before! Many girls and women try to aspire to look like those models and movie stars. You didn’t have to. You never did have to do it. In fact, I am sure that those movie stars and models tried to look like you. You were truly beauty personified.

When I met you that sunny April day in 1974, you committed a crime. Now, normally, one is supposed to report when a crime has been committed, but I did not. Why? Because it was a crime that I am glad that you committed. You stole something from me and I am still extremely happy about it. People are required to return what they stole, but I wanted you to keep what you stole from me. What did you steal from me? Honey, you stole my heart and I am still so very happy about it.

Ever since that wonderful day, I never forgot your most beautiful face. How could I? You were, without question, the most beautiful lady in our class, school, city, state or country, bar none. In fact, I would go as far as to say in the entire universe as well. No one—past or present—was able to come even close. You easily beat them in the beauty department. Even Miss Universe must have been jealous of you as well. You had it all.

You were one of the most remarkable ladies I have ever met. You kept to yourself. That is not to say that you had no friends. You had a very nice following. Back then, I could see that we were polar opposites. I wanted to say something to you right then and there. The big difference is that you were always quiet while I was not. You did not seem to brag whereas I did. You were a very smart lady. I was a rather dense guy. I still am. I think that you get the point.

Then, after we graduated, we entered college. During that time until school started, I honestly thought that I would never, ever see you again except at our high school reunions. You had that kind of effect on me. It was awesome!!!! What can I say? You left an end, indelible mark in my memory. It was hard to forget you and I never even tried to forget you are all.

Imagine the joy I truly felt when I saw your beautiful face sitting at a table in the cafeteria of one of the colleges within the university. My prayers were finally answered. We were in the same school again!!! You would have thought that I would have grown some and shown some maturity and intelligence. I had four long years to tell you that I love you, but I didn't. Why not? I was still living the child within me. All I did was play around. You would have thought that I had not grown up mentally. You'd be right. I was just living my delayed childhood, just too foolish to see the love I always wanted, the love who was permanently meant for me.

Yup. This Joker was a fool.

As time went on, we graduated again. This time, we went our separate ways. You took your path in life and I took mine. I don't know about you, but I thought about you quite often. While we attended college together, I thought about your future. I was able to easily see that you were probably engaged. I figured that you would be married in the same college graduation year and then have a child or two. Why not? All beautiful and glamorous ladies do. That is why I never looked you up all those years in between. By the time I worked up the nerve to do so, it was shortly before you died in 2008. I had my chance and blew it. Even though I dated a few (and I really mean a few), nobody was able to hold a candle to you. You were then, now, and always will be my ultimate love beyond any comparison.

It is now 2019. I am still alone. I have not dated anyone since you died. I have honestly not even tried. When I see an attractive lady, the first thing I do is to see how much she resembles you both physically, mentally, and emotionally. For other women, that is an extremely high, tough, and difficult standard to meet. I didn't care. If they consider themselves beautiful inside and out like you were, that is the standard that they need to pass. So far in the eleven years that you have been gone, no other lady has even come close.

Now, I look back with great remorse at your grave. Do you know I am there when I visit? Can you hear me talking to you? Can you see the tears rolling down my face when I think of you? Can you feel my tears when they reach the ground to touch you? Are you aware of how much I love you even though you are no longer here? Did you know that I really wanted to marry you?

I miss you. I want you. I wanted another chance, but that will not happen anymore. I know that I had my chance and that I will never get another one. You will always be the greatest love of my life. There will never be another one like you. Of all the romances ever told in this world, there will never be one that would have been greater than the one I dreamed about with you.

Honey, I love you!!! I love you always until the end of time and a day.

Love always,



Maurice Bernier
Maurice Bernier
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