Maurice Bernier

I am a diehard New Yorker! I was born, raised and love my NYC. My blood bleeds orange & blue for my New York Mets. I hope that you like my work. I am cranking them out as fast as I can. Please enjoy & share with your friends.

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The Most Beautiful Baby​ in the World!
8 days ago
There a few, but most important events in my life that gave me great joy, a joy that made me feel like I was the king of the universe. These were times that, if I did something else at that point, I w...
The Way to This Man's Heart is Through His Stomach!
9 days ago
I am not a king, a President or the head of a huge organization of any sort. I am a plain person who is just trying to live my life from one day to the next. I am not fancy and do not require special ...
Am I a Bigot?
11 days ago
It has been 16 years since that horrific day. Sixteen years have passed and so have 3,000+ people. Yes, it was just over a decade and a half since four planes were hijacked and used as weapons against...
My Jealousy
19 days ago
I have arrived at a stage in my life where I do not worry anymore about who knows what about me. In other words, there are things that I am going to share with my favorite people on the planet: my clo...
T'was the Night of Our Dinner
25 days ago
(Apologies to Clement Clarke Moore- 1779–1863) T’was the night of our dinner And all through our house Not a creature was edible. Not even a mouse. The plates were stacked in the cabinet And the fridg...
Johnny Soccer: Sports Legend
a month ago
Here is a trick question. Be VERY careful because there is a right answer. Good luck. Look at the following names. Which name does NOT belong in this group: Mia Hamm, Pele, Tom Brady, Terry Bradshaw, ...