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7 Signs Your Girl is Cheating

An unfaithful partner isn't always easy to catch, but there are red flags that even the most naive person can't deny.

By Jus L'amorePublished 6 years ago 4 min read

Damn man, I really hate to be the one to deliver this bad news but someone has to do it. You know that wonderful girlfriend of yours, the one with the great sense of humor, perfect-for-you body, and nurturing attitude, the girl you thought would never do you wrong? Well what if I told you your suspicions of her recent shift in behavior weren't due to her supposed "increased work load” or “monthly female hormones”? What if these latest changes stem from a change within her and her wants and desires aka her desire to be in bed with someone other than you? Would you confront them or turn a blind eye? Are you, as a man, equipped to realize when the woman you thought you knew is no longer that woman but rather a liar and a cheater? Sorry dudes, I told you this might suck.

Listen, no one wants to be cheated on, screwed over, or played out, just like no one wants to lose their job, get herpes, or hit by a car, but as we all know SHIT HAPPENS! And while I hope your cheating-inklings are incorrect, here are 7 red flags that may help guide the way to the truth.

Her phone NEVER leaves her EVER!

I shouldn’t have to explain any further, but for those in extreme denial, let me break it down. When you have nothing to hide you simply do not care if you leave your phone on the couch while you run to the bathroom (number 1 not number 2). You also don’t have to sleep with your iPhone tucked under your pillow or carry it every step of the day. Granted, with today’s social media obsession, many of us are constantly typing on our devices, but if her phone fixation is something new and attached to a look of paranoia than you have every right to wonder what the hell she is up to. Does she rush to her phone as soon as an alert sounds? Does she always keep her screen two inches from her face leaving it impossible to see her screen? Has she recently added a goddamn password that you don’t know the code too? DING DING DING! CREEP ALERT CREEP ALERT, your girl is creepin'.

A drawer full of new panties.

God, I wish chicks weren’t so freaking obvious but sometimes we just can’t help it. Girls buy fancy panties for 2 reasons, the first is for vacation and the second is for a new dude. Every new relationship I have ever been in or ruined by cheating, I went out and bought new undies. It’s like our way of saying, “out with the old drawers and in with the new penis”.

Sudden disinterest in sex.

It is said that cheating men actually sleep with their partners more by trying to overcompensate for their wrong doings, however women, not so much. If you have had a somewhat active and healthy sex life and it recently went stale, this may be your cue that she is either unhappy with you or really happy with someone else. Of course, this is one sign that can be caused from a hundred other things, but when you know you know and if your kitten in the bedroom is avoiding your penis like the plague then it's worth questioning.

She no longer nags the crap out of you.

What is worse than a nagging girlfriend? A girlfriend who can give two craps if you’re dead or alive, that’s what. When she no longer asks you how your day was, what you ate for lunch, or what you want to do this weekend, than you might as well pack your bags and move out, because if she isn’t already cheating she probably will soon. Nagging=Love.

She finds every excuse to fight you.

Now that your girlfriend is no longer nagging you, when she does speak to you is it through words of venom and distaste? And I'm not referring to big issues like money and children, I mean everything from the way you chew your food to the way you tie your shoe. You literally cannot breathe without annoying her. Not saying all women are bitches because as a woman, I can't say that, but we do have a helluva an attitude and when we are emotionally and physically disconnected and unsatisfied, we are terrible at hiding it.

She has a weekly need for a girls nights out.

Ahhhh, the good old Girl’s Night Out excuse. Listen, being a lady myself, I know it is necessary to let off steam and act a fool with a bunch of other females but when that monthly occasion turns weekly, it may be time to check her guest list. Why does she need so much space all of a sudden? Is she hanging out with a new crowd of girls? Are these new girls in fact men or perhaps just one man? A man she see's at a local hotel and mostly naked. Just sayin’.

She has a constant interest in your schedule

“Where are you?” “What are you doing today?” “What time will you be home?” These are all common questions linked to a guilty party. What better way to cover her own ass than by acting interested in your every move. Beware, because a chick that can pull this off without a hiccup is a seasoned cheater guaranteed.


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