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7 Major Warning Signs That Lead To Divorce

Identifying the biggest indicator of divorce or a break up can help improve and save your relationship.

By Silena Le BeauPublished about a year ago 4 min read

Not every relationship always end with a huge blow-up fight, sometimes things can change slowly before you even realize what's happening.

Many dream of the perfect fairy tale relationship but unfortunately for some it doesn't always end up that way. Despite the outcome, there are things that transpired that you may not have paid much attention to. There are many reasons you or your partner may ignore some apparent red flags at first. But as time goes on the longer any issue is not addressed to more potential it has to ruin your relationship between you and your significant other.

Relationship don't get unhealthy at the end. There tend to be telltale signs throughout some point in the relationship that may have gotten overlooked. Two of the major signs is non communication and lack of respect.

However, it is important to know that Red flags do not only show up in conversations around toxic or abusive relationships. Toxicity can show up itself in any close relationship, whether it's friends, colleagues, family members, or your partner. Fighting or lashing back is not going to fix the problem but learning to identify telltale signs is a start in the right direction.

There are many different factors that lead to an unfavorable outcome, most of which we will learn about. As you continue to read below. we will delve deeper into a few telltale signs of unhealthy relationships.

7 Major Warning Signs That Lead To Divorce

Lack of Respect: Studies have shown that a lack of respect is one of the main indicators of a breakup. When respect starts to fade or respect is not present, partners tend to feel angry, unloved and deeply resentful. We all must keep in mind that unfortunately so many of us were raised in toxic environments and what may seem like chaos to you is perfectly normal for them and vice versa. Many of us, also, have no idea what respect is, or we never received any so identifying it can be difficult. Although one would think that maintaining and having respect in a relationship would be a no brainer, sometimes this is not the case.

Lack Of Trust: A lack of trust may stem from prior childhood experiences. Such as post traumatic stress, being abused in the past, cheated on, or suffering from family issues such as a parent walking out. When athe relationship lacks trust, it allows things to development like harmful thoughts, actions, or emotions, such as negative attributions, suspicion, and jealousy. Over time, this can lead to bigger problems, such as emotional or physical abuse.

Lack of sexual intimacy: In any marriage, there is a potiential that sexual desire will change over time. This can be due to any natural occurence. For example, pregancny often changes sexual desire for a woman and sometimes for the partner, An accident or life threatening disease can also change things. But it's how you handle the situation and lack of desire for your parnter because noone like to feel unwanted or undesirable. That can bring about a form of resentment and definitely an argument or worst case scenario it can even spark abuse.

Lack of communication: Poor communication is a disaster for any kind of relationship. platontic or sexual. A lack of communication can lead to blame, relationship anxiety, depression, and resentment in marriage or relationships, and may increase the likelihood of a breakup, separation, or divorce. Although a lack of communication can happen in all relationships, and if ignored, cit will more often than not often lead to bigger issues for couples.

Frequently angered by your spouse: Anger is the body's natural reaction when something isn't right.It can cause lasting scars in the people you love most and get in the way of friendships and work relationships. Although anger is something that we all experience, it can destroy relationships, and cripple the ability to build deep connections with others because we push people away from getting close.

Dreading spending alone time together: At times this is something you may dread doing. When it has gotten to this point this is an ultimate red flag and an uncomfortable situation to experience. If this becomes the case, someone isn't interested in the relationship anymore, even if you they once were.

You're not a priority: Putting your partner first means his or her needs, feelings, and wellbeing take priority over other people or things. Making your partner a priority means their emotional needs are as important as your own. When someone starts to feel unimportant problems arise.

Visions of the future not including your spouse: When you begin to dislike your partner your union is headed for failure. There's a difference between needing space and not wanting to spend time with your partner. you start to do things separately to avoid them. After a while resentment starts to kick in and random blow ups.

One extremely important factor to note is to never plan a future with anyone who doesn't have future plans!


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