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5 Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back

Sometimes a breakup can lead to a fresh start.

By Jessey AnthonyPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

My family friend, Lisa, was deeply in love with her long-term boyfriend (now husband) since her 2nd year at the university. Lisa is very beautiful and humble. Her husband adores her and he's always stood by her no matter what.

family friend, Lisa, was deeply in love with her long-term boyfriend (now husband) since her 2nd year at the university. Lisa is very beautiful and humble. Her husband adores her and he's always stood by her no matter what.

They had been dating for four years and when he proposed, everyone kind of expected it. Both families were thrilled.

They started making marriage arrangements, attending marriage courses and fixing the house they intended to live in after the wedding.

As a procedure during the marriage course, the couple was sent for several medical tests. The problem began when their genotypes turned out to be AS and AS.

Lisa was broken. She didn't know whether to risk giving birth to SS children or let the man go. The man didn't care about the implication of their genotypes and wanted to push through with the marriage, but Lisa refused.

She begged him to marry her younger sister instead. She said the man was too good to let him fall into the hands of women who would take advantage of his kind heart.

After much persuasion, the man agreed and they broke up. He legally got married to Lisa's sister and she moved in with him. The man didn't love Lisa's sister but he showed her the respect and care she deserved as his wife.

Four months later, Lisa found out she was pregnant. She hesitated to tell her ex the big news but her mum convinced her it was the right thing to do.

The man was overwhelmed with joy, but now the complication was his new wife. What was he going to tell her?

Lisa decided she was going to be the one to break the news to her sister. The man was ready to give his wife anything she wanted if she agreed to divorce him.

He never stopped loving Lisa and saw this as a sign that they were indeed destined to be together.


After a breakup, we often release a different side to a person we never saw when we were dating them.

Sometimes, we start to feel like we have really missed our one chance at happiness. But the truth is, a breakup is not always the end of a relationship.

In fact, studies have shown that about 50% of couples have broken up and got back together at one point in their relationship.

So if you want to know if you have a fighting chance with your ex, here are five clues to watch out for.

Your family likes him and his like you

Meeting your partner's family is a big step up in relationships. Families can be a source of fraction or it could be a source of connection for the couple. So if you get along with his family and he gets along with yours, this could be a sign in the right direction.

You still have a strong emotional connection with him

I do recommend no contact with your ex, but sometimes destined hearts always find a way to meet again after some time apart. It appears that the time you spend away from each other helps you process the breakup, or stops further conflicts between you two and also prevents you from falling into the friend zone trap.

You never gave up on the relationship

The truth is relationships don't end after a breakup, they end when you stop trying to make it work. Let's say you broke up with your ex two years ago, but you still had hope that things will fall into place and you two will get back together. More often such dreams do happen. This does not mean when you get back together, you will stay together till death do you part. However, hope is a strong magnetic force that attracts the things we want in life.

The break-up was more of a sacrifice

Some breakups can be tough, especially when one person is making a sacrifice for the other partner. In this situation, the attraction and love between the couple are so strong that even a breakup couldn't keep them apart. More often you will get back together, no matter the years you spent apart. Sacrifices for love make the other partner realize how lucky they are to have such a person who would do anything to make them happy.

He made you a better person

It's really tough to forget someone who brought out the best in us. A partner who pushes you out of your comfort zones and encourages you to reach your goals will always have a special place in your heart. Even if you spend time dating other people after the breakup, you will feel an emptiness inside. And when you do, chances are you've found a keeper for life.


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