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4 ways to address people in the workplace to see will certainly make people feel very useful address has the skills

No matter what your profession

By Clemmens CroftonPublished 4 months ago 7 min read
4 ways to address people in the workplace to see will certainly make people feel very useful address has the skills
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No matter what kind of profession you are in, we all encounter times when we communicate with strangers. An appropriate name can sometimes affect the whole effect of the communication, and an inappropriate name can make others upset when they hear it, so the communication will not last as long as you want.

No matter what your profession is, we all encounter times when we interact with strangers

In our social life, addressing people is an essential thing, the first thing you have to do when you meet someone is to address them, and in the case of greetings, people are often very sensitive about how they are addressed. When we meet someone for the first time, the way we address them is a key to open communication, and if we address them appropriately, communication will be smooth, otherwise we will lose an excellent opportunity. The usual way to address a stranger is: Mr., Ms., Mrs. or Miss, etc. These names give me a sense of affection when I hear them.

The usual way to address a stranger is: Mr., Ms., Mrs. or Miss, etc.

People in the workplace must pay attention to the address when dealing with people, some people think their work content is the first priority, address is not considered what social, simply will not work on the address, in fact, address others, so that others listen to a more pleasant mood in order to ensure that the next conversation project to make progress, if you do not work on the address, the first impression of others on you is that you are shallow do not know workplace etiquette, of course Some people simply do not intend to have deeper communication with you.

People in the workplace must pay attention to how they address people when dealing with them

There is such a social joke: there is a surname Wang Zhe procurement staff, he is tall, his body is also very fat, their own beer belly is also very obvious, when he entered the door, you first see is his stomach rather than his face. Therefore, colleagues send nickname "belly first", after everyone habitually called him "old belly" which has become a habit. Once, another department of a new employee looking for him to do something, when he met Wang Zhe, he thought Wang Zhe's name is not called Wang Zhe but called "belly first", so he went up and said: "belly worker, I'm looking for you to do something" Wang Zhe a face of displeasure, turned around and walked away. The new employee was very puzzled to go back to his own team, said this to his boss, causing his boss to laugh, when his boss told him everything, he could not help but laugh out loud, the boss said he did not introduce the situation beforehand to make such a joke. From this incident, we learned that when dealing with people, you should first ask for their surname and address them.

Office workers

The first impression of a conversation is very important

For example.

Our own: "May I ask your surname?"

The other person: "My surname is Wang"

Ourselves: "Oh, how do you do Mr. Wang? ......"

So greeting in the first conversation is very important, are not clear what people's surname will be addressed to who will be very angry, this is in this enterprise, if this is a business negotiation, like this new staff practice will bring great loss to the enterprise, sometimes others will not give you a second chance, especially when we beg people, we are too late to flatter people, not to mention saying Wrong words, that will become an irreparable mistake.

Business negotiation is more about addressing people

How should we address people appropriately?

1, use more polite address

I have a very good people colleague, he himself in the work and life made a lot of new people, I asked him: "How do you communicate with strangers, why are you so good people?" He told, "Before you plan to communicate with strangers you have to think about how to address them, it's important to address them so that they have a good impression of you and will get along with you." I went to see him once when he had a work injury and apart from colleagues coming to see him, there were many friends sitting with him and a steady stream of people visiting him, and after he was discharged from hospital and recovered, there were several tables of treats. Everyone knows someone from strangers to familiarity to friends, so the ability to socialise for the first time is highlighted by how you address people.

Use more polite terms of endearment

What he says is also very true, just like when we ask for directions in a strange place, if you meet a stranger and then you ask for directions, "Hey, how do I get to XX?" 99% of people won't talk to you, why? Because you don't know how to say hello and how to address them. I want to go to XX, how do I get there?" If you ask this way, others will certainly give you a reply, first of all, your address seems very polite, the first impression is very good, give people a sense of cordiality, who will be willing to communicate with you more deeply.

2、Distinguish the order of addressing

We in the workplace to address others also divided into priority and age characteristics, etc., if in a social to many people to address, then should be the first long after the young, first up after the next, first sparse after the pro order is good, we are in the banquet, generally is: Ms., Mr., friends such as the address. This polite way of addressing people makes them feel affectionate and will make them feel happier.

Distinguish the order of address

3, in the workplace as far as possible to the job title

Everyone has to vanity, always thinking that they want to be better than others, but also want to listen to others to say good things, close the relationship between people there is another point is in the workplace to the position of each other, such as: "leader hello?" The other point is to address each other in the workplace by their position, such as: "Hello, leader?", "How are you, instructor?" The team leader, "How are you?" Bring his position to call him a kind of respect, respect so that others will be more like to get along with us.

In the workplace, we address each other with special, we generally meet with the boss are serious, solemn, formal, so we better is to use each other's position address more practical.

In the workplace as far as possible to position to call each other

4, close to the hometown to call each other

Recently we have been saying that people who kiss ass are capable people, do you believe this sentence? Indeed, I think this is really a survival skill, ass-kissing is now not considered a villainous behavior, more inclined to workplace skills, you have ass-kissing people around you? If there are you take a closer look, their biggest feature is that they are a bit thick-skinned and not afraid of what people say about him, rather he is very focused on interacting with his target, and we feel that if we can't get on, they can achieve it by getting close.

A leader is talking about eating noodles: "Recently I feel that Dan Dan noodles are very good"

An employee overhears: "Hello, leader? Are you from the north? I'm from the north, I grew up eating Dan Dan noodles."

A leader: "Is that so? Do you know which local noodle restaurant is good?"

An employee: "Yes, I know, I often eat noodles, let's have noodles together some day"

A leader: "Great! Great! We'll definitely go some day."

In this way they became familiar with each other, which is called getting close, so that you can also establish a good relationship with others.

Get close to people by calling them hometowns

In the workplace to address others is also a kind of respect for people, our respect for others is to their own respect, do not think we call others is to demean themselves, some people have strong self-esteem is not willing to call others, which is a psychological disease, we have to be bold to call. We follow the 4 address law to address others is also in the promotion of their own, do not be afraid to lose face, how to address how to address, workplace etiquette also teaches us to address is also helpful to you, at least will not take a detour.

As long as it is good for us, we have to go for it. There is a colleague, he and the relationship between the boss is very close, he used the name is the boss called "brother", so he can do things in front of the boss to do properly, some colleagues do not like to call so in front of the boss to do things is not very easy, that is a will call, a will not call the reason. The workplace social skills, if all can be addressed in this way, it will certainly make people feel very useful.

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